Future Storyline - One Piece by Gohdroger

Last updated: 31-JAN-2024 (Part 99)

Table of Contents

  1. Part 1 (Luffy Back in Time Pt. 1)
  2. Part 2 (Luffy Back in Time Pt. 2)
  3. Part 3 (Luffy Back in Time Pt. 3)
  4. Part 4 (Luffy Back in Time Pt. 4)
  5. Part 5 (Elbaf Pt. 1)
  6. Part 6 (Elbaf Pt. 2)
  7. Part 7 (Ancient Kingdom)
  8. Part 8
  9. Part 9 (Zunisha)
  10. Part 10
  11. Part 11 (Log Pose)
  12. Part 12 (Mariejois)
  13. Part 13 (Energy source)
  14. Part 14 (The Final War Pt. 1)
  15. Part 15 (The Final War Pt. 2)
  16. Part 16 (The Final War Pt. 3)
  17. Part 17
  18. Part 18 (Uranus)
  19. Part 19
  20. Part 20 (Enel returns)
  21. Part 21 (The Many Theories of Vegapunk)
  22. Part 22 (The Reverse Mountain)
  23. Part 23
  24. Part 24 (The Final War Pt. 4)
  25. Part 25 (Marines SWORD and SHIELD)
  26. Part 26
  27. Part 27 (The Final War Pt. 6)
  28. Part 28 (The Final War Pt. 7)
  29. Part 29
  30. Part 30 (The Birth of 4 Gods)
  31. Part 31 (The Birth of the Devils)
  32. Part 32
  33. Part 33 (The 4 Gods of the Current Era)
  34. Part 34
  35. Part 35
  36. Part 36 (Thousand Sunny)
  37. Part 37
  38. Part 38 (The Voice of All Things)
  39. Part 39
  40. Part 40 (The Sun, The Goodbyes, and the Strawhat)
  41. Part 41 (Laugh Tale and Gol D. Roger)
  42. Part 42 (Red Leg Zeff and Queen the Plague)
  43. Part 43 (The Fishman Island, and the Joyboy's Promise)
  44. Part 44 (Marshall D. Teach and Monkey D. Luffy)
  45. Part 45 (Laughing Mushrooms)
  46. Part 46 (The Memories We Shared Over a Cup of Sake)
  47. Part 47 (The Last Farewell)
  48. Part 48 (Will of D.)
  49. Part 49 (Dr. Clover Discovery)
  50. Part 50 (The Day The Two Strawhats Meet)
  51. Part 51 (The Soul of Devil Fruit)
  52. Part 52
  53. Part 53
  54. Part 53.5
  55. Part 54 (Nami's Dream and the One True World Map)
  56. Part 55
  57. Part 56 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 1)
  58. Part 57 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 2)
  59. Part 58 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 3)
  60. Part 59 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 4)
  61. Part 60 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 5)
  62. Part 61 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 6)
  63. Part 62 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 7)
  64. Part 63 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 8)
  65. Part 64 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 9)
  66. Part 65 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 10)
  67. Part 66 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 11)
  68. Part 67a (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 12)
  69. Part 67b (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 13)
  70. Part 67c (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 14)
  71. Part 68 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 15)
  72. Part 69 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 16)
  73. Part 70 (The Sun Rises from the East)
  74. Part 71 (The God Valley Incident Pt. 1)
  75. Part 72 (The God Valley Incident Pt. 2)
  76. Part 73 (The God Valley Incident Pt. 3)
  77. Part 74 (The God Valley Incident Pt. 4)
  78. Part 75 (The God Valley Incident Pt. 5)
  79. Part 76 (A Scientific Explanation of Chapter 1089 and Kuma's Death Pt. 1)
  80. Part 77 (A Scientific Explanation of Chapter 1089 and Kuma's Death Pt. 2)
  81. Part 77-2 (A Scientific Explanation of Chapter 1089)
  82. Part 78 (A Scientific Explanation of Chapter 1089 and Kuma's Death Pt. 3)
  83. Part 79 (A Scientific Explanation of Chapter 1089 and Kuma's Death Pt. 4)
  84. Part 80 (Kuma's Death Part 1)
  85. Part 81 (Kuma's Death Part 2)
  86. Part 81-1 (Kuma's Death)
  87. Part 82 (Kuma's Death Part 3 (plus Imu's Flashback and Goddess of Earth))
  88. Part 83 (Kuma's Death Part 4 (plus Imu's Flashback and Goddess of Earth))
  89. Part 84 (Kuma's Death Part 5)
  90. Part 85 (Kuma's Death Part 6)
  91. Part 86 (Laugh Tale and Gol D. Roger Pt. 2 - The Lies within Oden's Logbook)
  92. Part 87 (The Man with the Flame Burns)
  93. Part 88 (The Final Red Poneglyph)
  94. Part 89 (Admiral Kizaru)
  95. Part 90 (Bartholomew Kuma Kuma Inbound!!)
  96. Part 91 (Continuation of Part 36)
  97. Part 92 (Bartholomew Kuma)
  98. Part 93 (Bartholomew Kuma)
  99. Part 94 (Bartholomew Kuma)
  100. Part 95 (Nico Robin)
  101. Part 96 (Kuma's Memories)
  102. Part 97 (Luffy's Fuel)
  103. Part 98 (Afterall, you Buccaneers...)
  104. Part 99 (Slight Addition/Elaboration to Previous Parts)
Part 1 (Luffy Back in Time Pt. 1)

In Chapter 1100+/-, Luffy will go back to the past, 900 years and 9months ago, and meet two brothers. He will time travel back with the help of three devil fruits - his own, Franky's, and Bonney's. Franky will get Kuma's fruit, who died saving Bonney.

(EDIT: Might not involve Bonney.)

Luffy will meet two brothers. Older Brother - Crown Prince Im. Younger brother Prince Dyras (future Joyboy). Dyras is known as the "monkey" while Im is the wise one. Im is secretly working with outsiders (20 nations) to set up coup to steal the crown because he found out Dyras will be the next heir.

Part 2 (Luffy Back in Time Pt. 2)

Short narration by author: The kingdom (present day Laugh Tale) is massive. The continent in which this Kingdom governs spans across nearly half of the world. It includes current places like Elbaf, Wano, all the way to Whiskey Peak.

(EDIT: Seems like the Ancient Kingdom will not be as big as what I mentioned above.)

Road Star island is not part of this Kingdom but is a place where you need to pass through in order to reach the capital of the kingdom.

Back to story line. Luffy wandered around but missed meeting 18 year old Dyras, who is running across the palace trying to catch a rare butterfly. Both of their silhouette look very similar. Main difference is Dyras has a scar on the opposite eye. Im and Luffy sensed each other's presence and Im was shocked because this is the first time he heard two similar heartbeats.

Part 3 (Luffy Back in Time Pt. 3)

One of the chapters will be called "I'm sorry". It is said by Luffy to Dyras.

Dyras is the user of the Nika Nika no Mi from 900 years ago.

Part 4 (Luffy Back in Time Pt. 4)

These are the last words Luffy said before getting pulled back to the future. The helmet that Luffy was wearing (similar design as the robots guarding the palace) at this point dropped. Im didn't see Luffy's face but saw the strawhat that was hidden in the helmet.

Back to the present - Room of Flowers. Im remembers the first time he sees young Shanks wearing a strawhat and being sure that he is the man he saw talking to Dyras 900 years ago.

Part 5 (Elbaf Pt. 1)

The next island is Elbaf.

The main theme in Elbaf is basically fable (as many of you know, spells backward is Elbaf).

The fable/lore drop here is where almost all questions in One Piece world will be answered. Not much fighting but in my opinion is one of the best mini arc in One Piece.

This is the true base of the special science group (unknown faction from the Navy SSG we have seen so far). It consist of many fruit users training and awakening their power. True awakening is when different users combine their powers to create a new power. This is what Vegapunk did with Luffy Franky and Bonney.

Part 6 (Elbaf Pt. 2)

Luffy meets Dragon. Vegapunk gives Kuma's memory chip to Bonney. Vegapunk's brain is now parked on Dragon's ship.

Robin meets Saul.

Luffy meets King Loki, who recently became the King from his grandfather. No news about Loki's father but Loki mentioned that he has been missing for 60 years.

Part 7 (Ancient Kingdom)

A little bit more on what happened to the Ancient Kingdom.

Uranus is a spaceship capable of travelling to the moon. However, it is a weaponised spaceship capable of mass destruction and it uses electricity as the main energy source (Vegapunk's current technology uses only heat energy).

Uranus was used on the ancient kingdom 900 years ago. It was not enough to destroy the ancient kingdom although the kingdom got fragmented. However, the impact destroyed the frozen ice (which was like a dam holding on to an immense amount of fresh water). The destroyed ice led to this fresh water being released and water level rose drastically. Many fragmented parts of the ancient kingdom drifted apart and many sank.

This is the start of an ice age beginning 900 years ago. Abrupt seasons across the one piece world started too.

Part 8

The impact of Uranus together with the great flood led led to earth materials being ejected to the sky, covering much of the sunlight. The world subsequently experienced a 100 years of winter in darkness.

With the help of Agashi (Poseidon from 900 years ago), Noah carrying important relics from the ancient kingdom were taken away to be hidden to the Fishman island.

One of items is the Apology Letter from Dyras for being unable to keep his promise to Agashi. He speaks to Agashi and that he is sorry, and to let her know that in 900 years, a man will appear and fulfil that promise. The promise to let her people see and feel the warmth of the sun.

Part 9 (Zunisha)

Zunisha is 100 years old now. He is one of the guardians of the Ancient Kingdom. His master is the Kozuki Clan. He is ordered to protect something but he failed to do so. It indirectly led to (... PM me if wanna know, coz I think it is a big spoiler). A devil fruit power was used on Zunisha which caused him to fail.

The head of the Kozuki Clan ordered Zunisha to never return to Wano. Not for another thousand years (more like 900 years?). Wano closed its border about 100 years later, after having settled some important events and after being forced to.

Part 10

Around middle of the void century, Im got the immortal operation performed on him but after de-aging himself.

Joyboy is defeated.

Words begin to spread that in 800+ years, Nika will re-emerge.

The Great Cleansing begins for the next few decades.

Ponegliffs begin to spread across the world. Wano is closed.

World government is formed.

Uranus is kept hidden. Poseidon is no longer around. Pluton went missing after being sank.

Part 11 (Log Pose)

Creation of the first Log Pose. This is explained by Vegapunk.

Even though the Ancient Kingdom was a massive supercontinent, different parts of the supercontinent have their own unique earth materials (I think this meant the unique magnetic materials or something, not entirely sure).

The area that has the highest density of magnetic material is Road Star island. In the past, when water flows downstream from Road Star, some of the materials flow downstream as well. The landarea of the supercontinent nearest to Road Star thus received the highest deposit/density of the material earth materials while the farthest end of the supercontinent has the lowest deposit/density.

One day, a geographer proposed that by using a magnet, the magnet will always point in the direction of the lower density to the higher density. People will be able to travel the whole place without getting lost!

Thus the first Log Pose is formed.

Part 12 (Mariejois)

(Add on one more info to Part 11: This is why the islands furthest away from Road Star island only need 1 compass to travel to the next island while the islands nearer and nearer to Road Star need 3 compasses.)

The Hidden Treasure at Mariejois. But let's go back to the dark winter that lasted 100 years, 900 years ago.

During the 100 years, many allies of Dyras were hunted down and eliminated across the different fragmented lands. Similarly, many allies of the 20 nations were eliminated too. There were too many dead casualties on both sides of the war. The bodies were buried but due to the 100 years of cold winter, the bodies did not decompose. They froze.

The bodies of certain individuals were honoured in secret and words start to travel. Words reached the ears of Im and The Great Cleansing lasting almost half a century started.

The bodies of these individuals were stolen and stored in the current ice chamber in Mariejois.

BUT. The real secret of Mariejois is actually a man made energy source. Something like a battery, but more advanced kind. This energy source is able to generate electricity on its own and is the only way Uranus is able to function.

Part 13 (Energy source)

When not in used, the energy source is stored in the ice chamber as well because the coldness helps with preserving the lifespan of the energy source.

However, over the millennium, temperature of one piece world is slowly recovering and is much higher than during the void century.

The power of the energy source is slowly experiencing power leakage. The last time the ice chamber is "re-frozen/restored" again, was by the previous user of the Hie Hie no Mi.

Just when the world government is about to ask Kuzan to freeze the ice chamber (Kuzan is unaware of the energy source but he is aware of the frozen bodies), Kuzan deflected to the world of pirates. πŸ˜‚ This is probably one of the funniest side story.

Donflamingo is aware of both the frozen bodies and the purpose of the energy source.

The world government now is panicking because the energy source may get depleted over time if the chamber does not get restored soon.

Vegapunk is not made aware of this energy source. This knowledge was explicitly kept away from him.

The situation at Mariejois was made worse by Sabo, whose flame at the recent Reverly war hastened the melting process. They deemed Sabo as one of the critical individuals that must be eliminated at all cost.

The Gorousei felt relieved that Sabo is dead at Lulusia (spoiler: Sabo lives on)

Part 14 (The Final War Pt. 1)

Short narrative on the origin of Road Star Island.Road Star Island originates from the heavens. It is a celestial body with composition vastly different from those in the one piece world. (Read more in Part 11)

The Beginning of the Final War.

The beginning of the final war in One Piece is triggered by the clash between two yonkos - All fruit users BB Crew Vs No fruit users Red Hair Crew.

(I was writing the full spoiler headcanon for the war between the two crews. But I deleted it after thinking about it. Because I feel it will be a disservice to all fans by spoiling it right now. It will be much better to actually watch or read it. Trust me.) (PM me if you want to be spoilt early and risk not enjoying this manga as it slowly develops every week...)

So the below will be all that I am willing to spoil theorise:

i) There will be a somewhat unexpected ally fighting alongside RH crew midway.

ii) There will be deaths.

iii) There is something that Shanks said to Buggy a long time ago - it will come true.

iv) Immediately after the clash between BB and RH, we will finally know the lineage of Shanks. And his ancestors' role 900 years ago.

Note: The clash between BB and RH is in parallel with other clashes as well. It doesn't mean other clashes only start after BB and RH finishes.

Part 15 (The Final War Pt. 2)

The Final War Pt. 2

The time to open Wano's border is finally here. Under the command of Momonosuke, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi set sail to Zou. An relic from the past was shown to Zunisha. A flashback to the history 900 years ago is shown. It revolves around Joyboy, Kozuki Headmaster, Zunisha, and the relic itself. There will be a touching love story involved. (spoiler: prepare some tissues, you will cry). (spoiler2: no, the love story is not between Joyboy and Kozuki Head).

Back to present. Zunisha arrives back at Wano and opens the border. His trunk was used the smash the rocks/bounders that surrounds the whole of Wano. Rainwater came pouring down onto the sea below. The Wano from 900 years ago is revealed in all its majestic.

Momonosuke addresses his people. The whole history of Wano is revealed, which is recorded in Oden's notebook. With the help of Zunisha, citizens started to head down to the Wano below.

Pluton is revealed a few chapters later. It is a majestic warship of mass destruction and it is half buried. Carved onto one side of the warship is a letter written by the Kozuki Clan Head nearly 900 years ago. Pluton is sank by the Kozuki Clan.

There are three ponegliffs beside Pluton.

Part 16 (The Final War Pt. 3)

The Final War Pt. 3

Blackbeard arrives at Wano. His plan is to steal Pluton for his own use.

Pluton cannot be absorbed by Blackbeard's body. Pluton is coated with condensed Kairoseki.

Navy arrives with Seraphim Kuma (not sure if is the only Seraphim). It is led by Fujitora. Coby and Helmeppo are present as well.

Samurai + Mink Vs BB crew Vs Navy

Fujitora has spoken to Kuzan recently.

Back to Mariejois-

Im is speaking to a man and a woman. They are from the Figarland family.

900 years ago, the Figarlands were the ones who initiated Im to crown himself as the king of the world.

Part 17

Vegapunk joins the Revolutionary Army.

Vegapunk needs Dragon to provide him with some White Den Den Mushi. He is going to create a special breed of Grey Den Den Mushi that is able to sync up with his brainwaves. The grey Den Den Mushis will be able to transmit waves to many other Den Den Mushis. Vegapunk has something important to share with the rest of the world.

Part 18 (Uranus)

Uranus is a ship that sails the sky.

More than 900 years ago, a group of space people sailed down to the Blue Sea below. Sharing the same descent is another specie from the Fairy Vearth. The space people had shared very close bonds with this specie - the specie is the ancestor of the people in One Piece we now know as Minks. Minks originate from Fairy Vearth.

Before descending, the King of Minks told the leader of the minks travelling down to never forget the help they received from the space people. The gift of electricity that saved their whole specie. Most importantly, to never forget they have families back here (on Fairy Vearth) waiting for their return. No matter how long it takes. If they (the minks travelling down) ever miss them, look up to the night sky on a full moon day - that's where their families are, that's where their loved ones are, and that's where their roots began.

As a parting gift, a baby Zunisha was given to them to bring down below.

Uranus does not originate from Blue Sea - it originates from Fairy Vearth.

Part 19

Fast forward a few hundred years later.

The minks escaped and has been hiding/living on Zunisha ever since the fall of the ancient kingdom.

Uranus was stolen by Im and the 20 nations. They call themselves the Gods. To symbolise their status, they started wearing air masks (those bubbly thingy they always wear around their body suit) and ascent to the top of the Red Line. Gods always ascent. (This is after the ancient war is over.)

Mariejois is built. Uranus is hidden in it and only taken out to used when necessary.

The Lunarians were once part of the space people who travelled down to Blue Sea. Lunarians are like a branch family as opposed to the main family. An incident caused them to leave and settle on top of the Red Line.

Dyras had previously travelled to Red Line to persuade the Lunarians to return. They are all friends afterall.

Back to present. King finally understood something he heard his family once mentioned when he was young.

Part 20 (Enel returns)

A really short spoiler just for fun:

Enel returns. He will play a major role in:


Part 21 (The Many Theories of Vegapunk)

The Many Theories of Vegapunk

Long time ago, Reverse Mountain did not exist. However, what lies beneath the current Reverse Mountain is a really large sea volcano.

Due to the usage of Uranus subsequently during the ancient war, the impact of the bombardment resulted in the sea volcano erupting for many many years. Over the years, especially coz of the winter, the lava that splurt out cooled rapidly and a "mountain" made of lava rocks formed.

Panel shifts to the 3D model of the One Piece world as envisioned by Dr. Clover.

The 3D model of the world by Clover shows One Piece world as being the largest celestial body with many "moons" revolving around OP world. We finally get to see the other side of the model: there lies the sun. Based on Dr Clover's theory, not only does the many "moons" revolve around OP world, the sun itself revolves around OP world too.

Vegapunk explained that over the years, he has reached a conclusion different than the one arrived by Dr Clover: All celestial bodies revolve around the sun! He proudly shows his new 3D model of the One Piece world - the sun being the biggest body now with various other celestial bodies revolving around the sun. He goes on to explain that perhaps without the sun, there could be no hope for us. The sun is what we see the first thing we wake up to see everyday - the sun brings hope!

Part 22 (The Reverse Mountain)

Panel shifts back to "Lava Rock Mountain"

Because of the impact of the bombardment, the One Piece world axis tilted ever so slightly.

The tilted world resulted in a "force" being more concentrated in the middle of the lava rock mountain.

Over the next few decades, the "force" resulted in water from all four seas flowing towards (and upwards) the lava rock mountain. The paths taken by the water erode parts of the lava rock mountain and flow down from a 5th pathway (this is the pathway the Strawhat crew took to enter grandline).

Over time, this area is known throughout as The Reverse Mountain.

As more and more water flows down this 5th pathway, this consistent gust of water pushes aside the surrounding. Calm belts are thus formed due to the equilibrium reached between the "forward" flow of this water brushing/pushing against the "backward" flow of the water from the other four seas. (Not sure if I make sense - sorry I'm not Vegapunk, please wait for him to explain, it will be much clearer πŸ˜‚)

To travel around the world, people no longer can simply cross from one sea to another. They have to make the perilous journey down the grandline/new world.

Part 23

Another real short spoiler:

At the end of one piece, there will no longer be any fruit user.

Part 24 (The Final War Pt. 4)

The Final War Pt. 4

Fujitora makes a decision.

Prior to arriving at Wano, Issho is contacted by Kuzan. Kuzan questions the good and evil of this world. If the Marines and even the World Government truly represent all the "good" that are of this world.

In his time away from the Marines, he has travelled to many places and spoke to many people for the past two years, something that he was unable to do so when he was a Marine Admiral.

Start of one of Kuzan's 3 flashbacks-

It seems that there are some "truths" of this world that the world government is desperately trying to cover up.

Kuzan met up with Dragon and learnt some of the history of the world.

Dragon's tattoos represent events important in his life. Each of the inner squares represent a "core", and the outer square represents his conviction to protect the "core". The first "core" is the Ohara incident.

End of Kuzan's 3 flashbacks-

Kuzan told Issho to always question the world. The worst form of blindness is blindness of the heart, not the eyes.

Back to present-

Issho questions why the World Government decreed that they have to do everything in their power to obtain Pluton. Shichibukai has already been demolished. The strongest legends of the older generation - Whitebeard, Kaido, Big Mom are long gone (this is before Kaido and Big Mom reappears in later chapters). The Seraphims are under their control. The research results of the SSG are in their hands. WHY does the world government continuously seek power and leaving deaths everywhere they go?

Issho thinks back to the report he heard about Wano and the alliance led by Luffy. He thinks back about Luffy and Dressrosa.

Issho decided to protect Pluton and not let the world government get their hands on it.

Part 25 (Marines SWORD and SHIELD)

The History of Marines SWORD and SHIELD

The SHIELD (aka CP0) main purpose is deterrence and denial. It is to deter the continuation of the ancient kingdom's ideology and denying the freedom of action and knowledge associated with the kingdom.

Their secondary purpose is to serve as a early alert system and eliminate all potential dangers/dangerous person even if there is no substantial evidence against them.

They are also activated to stand at sidelines of major wars (Dressrosa, Wano, etc) to observe and to report. Gorousei, under the order of Im, are the ones who directly ordered them to Wano previously.

They are also involved in major assassinations across the one piece world. They have infiltrators in all affiliated countries under the World Government.

SHIELD members are the ones who assassinated Cobra. SHIELD members are the ones who kidnapped Vivi.

Their core value is absolute justice and swift retaliation on all fronts.

The SWORD is created after SHIELD, as a more aggressive/active faction as opposed to the more passive SHIELD faction.

The bad blood between SWORD and SHIELD is merely due to "competition" between both factions, to see which faction has more achievements and which one is more redundant. There will be panels detailing some more details but not very interesting in my opinion.

Back to SWORD. Their main purpose is punishment - swift, decisive, and devastating offensive action using any and all means.

The SWORD members are all by referral, for eg Sengoku picks X-Drake, X Drake picks Coby, Coby picks Helmeppo, etc. The SHIELD members are all picked by Marine Top Bosses (eg Sakazuki) and even World Government (eg Gorousei).

SWORD members do not believe in Absolute Justice.

The Final War Pt. 5

SWORD members "betrays" the Navy and World Government.

The Navy starts to split into two factions: Those who follow Absolute Justice and those who do not.

Part 26

Another really short spoiler to end the workweek off:

Franky's backstory upcoming sooner than you think.

Part 27 (The Final War Pt. 6)

The Final War Pt. 6

(I contemplated revealing the full backstory of this character. Do not read it if you wish to continue enjoying One Piece.)

The Man Who Does Not Believe In God

Narrator: 55 years ago, somewhere in West Blue

(EDIT: North Blue, not West Blue. Please note that there isn't a "storyline" written out for me by Oda so that I can translate word for word, life isn't that smooth LOL πŸ˜‚ Thanks to the folks who corrected me~)

A kid is born in a war torn country. Due to the war, the country is left in poverty with not much resources, financially and militarily. The kid's father had died just one day before he was born. There were lots of pillages and murders were rampant around the country.

Growing up, the kid is raised by his single mother. Regardless all that is happening, the single mum never fails to do one thing: telling her baby that she loves him and then rocking him to bed/sleep every single night. This continues as the kid grew older... 3yo.. 4yo.. 5yo.. and so on.

The kid grew up being bullied and having his things taken by other people. Over time, anger welled up in him. Together with some of the other kids, they started strategizing on how to retaliate and fights ensued for quite a while.

The kid and his gang began pillaging from those who once stole from them. Food and water were then shared with people who needed them. The kid believes that justice and kindness should and will always exist in this world. Just as his own mum believed in. And if there is no God who can serve justice, then he himself will serve justice instead.

Part 28 (The Final War Pt. 7)

The Final War Pt. 7 (continuation from Part 27)

For some reason, the people whom this kid shared the food and water with, one day betrayed his trust. These people were took turns to kick/hit the kid's mum when he was out.

These people were threatened and forced to do so by the people whom the kid had retaliated back against. The mum was left bleeding furiously on the floor. Beside her was a nearly finished knitted dog toy that she wanted to give to the kid. It is now covered in blood red.

Carrying his mum to the bed, he reciprocated his mum's love by rocking her on the bed, just as she has always done, as she laid there. After a short while of rocking, the single mum entered into an eternal sleep.

From then on, he never believes in the kindness of people. Everything happens for self interest. He vowed absolute justice and to eliminate all potential sparks of evil, regardless how small the sparks might be. Better to kill a hundred innocent people than to let one evil person escape.

With his face and body covered with the blood of his mum, he attacked everyone involved.

Back to present:-


"Perhaps everything happened for a reason. Seems like God indeed does exist afterall.."

The man, better known as Fleet Admiral of the Marines, Red Dog, Sakazuki, has died.

Part 29

Zoro Vs Kizaru Round 2

Part 30 (The Birth of 4 Gods)

The Birth of 4 Gods

Long time ago, before/at the dawn of the Ancient Kingdom's civilisation, the environment was much harsher than present.

Across the whole supercontinent, the Space People (SPs) saw many Blue Sea Dwellers (BSDs) living in harsh conditions: lack of warmth, lack of food, lack of water, etc. Famines due to drought were common. Diseases were common. Deaths were common.

The SPs shared with the BSDs plant seeds from where they came from. The seeds are uniquely found on Fairy Vearth. These seeds later grew into many trees that we now call Tree of Adam and Tree of Eve.

Over the years, people started to give thanks and at the same time pray under the trees. Life, although slightly better, was still harsh.

One day, a special fruit is borned. Then the second. Then the third. Then the forth. They are borned directly out of the strongest desires and dreams of the collective people. (There is also the backstory/chapter on Haki.)

Fruit #1: Ability to create

Fruit #2: Ability to nurture

Fruit #3: Ability to sustain

Fruit #4: Ability to live

The users of these fruits, in time to come, are all known as God of Earth, God of Forest, God of Rain, and God of Sun respectively.

Part 31 (The Birth of the Devils)

The Birth of the Devils

Over the years, as lives improve drastically, people desire more and more. Greed grew as a result.

Then came a period known as The Great Fall. (Can't recall the exact term, so I'm using "fall" as a proxy.)

Many fruit started to give weird abilities depending on what the people desires.

It is during this period where certain devilish fruit are borned.

One of them is the Ability to Destroy. This is later known as Yami Yami no Mi.

The Birth of the Guardians

Subsequently, many guardians were borned, such as Okuchi no Makami, for example.

Part 32

A great war ensued.

Outcome of the war:

i) The Guardians defeated the Devils.

ii) The 4 Gods defeated the Ultimate Devil.

iii) Yami Yami no Mi is hidden (and many others actually)

iv) Ancient Kingdom is borned.

A few hundred years later, a Prince of the Ancient Kingdom, named Dyras, is the user of the Nika fruit.

Later known as Joy Boy.

Part 33 (The 4 Gods of the Current Era)

The 4 Gods of the Current Era

God of Sun: Luffy

God of Rain: Dragon

God of Forest: Not yet revealed. It is not Ryokugyu. It is a female.

God of Earth: Not yet revealed. It is related to Shanks. It is a male from the Figarland family.

The Devil of the Current Era: Blackbeard - he will awaken all his fruit power.

Im has the power to command the seas.

The first time we see Im's face will be when the Strawhat Crew reaches Road Star Island.

God of Earth is on Im's side.

With this, Im has control over the sea, land, and sky (Enel captured + Uranus).

Blackbeard allied up with Im.

Part 34

(Good luck to whoever reads the next sentence. READ IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.)

Shanks... will die at Laughtale

Based on my source, Oda is still finalising the storyline for The Final War. Once I know more, I will dedicate a long post specially to reveal details about the war, from start to end.

Part 35

Another short (but heavy) spoiler to start the week off:

Something really really sad will happen between... Luffy and Law. This will happen much later, at the end of the One Piece manga. About 5-10 chapters before the last chapter.

Part 36 (Thousand Sunny)

Thousand Sunny

The technology of the Gaon Canon is like a baby when compared to that of the ancient kingdom's technology.

Franky is sad because Vegapunk laughed at the ship's strongest weapon.

With Vegapunk's help, Thousand Sunny undergone a rather major upgrade in its strength.

This is further improved using certain aspect from Pluton's blueprint.

It is said if a certain unknown fuel or energy source can be used instead, Thousand Sunny might even be able to obliterate a small island.

Tony Tony Chopper:

Finally awakens "correctly".


Fully masters Observation Haki.

All Seraphims:

NONE will be able to use Haki.

Part 37

Also, towards the end of the One Piece, Luffy finally experiences swimming for the very first time in his life πŸ₯Ή

Oh, he still ends up "drowning" LOL

Part 38 (The Voice of All Things)

The Voice of All Things

The Ancient Robots are "connected"/"guided" to all the people that carries the same blood as the direct descendants of the people from the Ancient Kingdom.

It seems to have something to do with what is now known as lineage factor.


This is why different people/objects can sometimes find other people/objects that are related to himself/herself/itself.

This is why the Ancient Robot went to Mariejois 200 years ago.

This is also why Luffy so easily finds the Ancient Robot.

This is also why, in major events around the world, people somehow appear at the right time.

This is also why Dragon appeared to save Luffy back at Loguetown.

This is known as... THE VOICE OF ALL THINGS.

Part 39

Short and maybe not that interesting spoiler:

Sanji is next to awaken COC

On a separate note since MADS is the cover page for Chapter 1070, I'll reveal something that MADS did:

The MADS scientists clone many things. Tashigi is cloned from Kuina with the knowledge of Shimotsuki Koushirou. Tashigi is taken away from Koushirou (somewhat willingly) so that she (Tashigi) has a chance to live the way she (Kuina) always wanted.

Part 40 (The Sun, The Goodbyes, and the Strawhat)

The Sun, The Goodbyes, and the Strawhat


Long ago when sailors set off into the unknown to explore uncharted territories, they always wave back to the families they leave behind at port of their home islands.

Slowly, as the ship sails farther and farther, their home island becomes smaller and smaller, disappearing into the horizon. What is left, is just the image of the big sun at the far horizon, guiding the sailors into the unknowns with its bright sunlight.

Many years later, towards the end of the Ancient War, as Dyras and his friends set sail away from their fragmented homeland, Dyras pointed out "Look at the sun setting down tonight. When the sun rises again from the sea, this is when all of us will be back together again. Families, friends, food, lots of laughter and drinks. Doesn't the sun on the surface of the sea look just like this Strawhat that I'm holding?"

Since then, the Strawhat symbolises the coming of the dawn. When the dawn comes around again, that millennium old dream will come true.

Part 41 (Laugh Tale and Gol D. Roger)

Laugh Tale and Gol D. Roger

Upon setting foot on the lost island of Laugh Tale (or what's left of the Ancient Kingdom), among many things that they saw, one of the things is an ancient (his)story of the Ancient Kingdom. From the birth of the civilisation there, the people living there, the struggles they faced, the new technologies discovered, and the fall of the civilisation. All these are stored in an ancient "snail" - but is a robotic one.

At the end of the recording, as Roger is about to walk away, the recording lit up again. It is the last message recorded by Dyras. Dyras is "directly" talking to Roger. He spoke of his tales during his travels, and the friends he made.

Dyras also spoke of destiny, fate, and dreams that connect people across time. As long as there are people who seeks freedom, as long as there are people who are enslaved, there will be things and people who will be connected/linked (?).

Towards the end of the recording, Roger laughed. However, as he sailed away later, he mentioned to his crew that he is also filled with regrets because he is unable to see a world where freedom is the norm. He wished that he could have lived during Joyboy's time and shared a sake or two with him.

Dyras also mentioned a boy from the future. A boy carrying a strawhat representing the coming of the dawn. He will be the one carrying all the weight of everyone across the thousand years and saving everyone from those who represent the opposite of what freedom truly is.

With this in mind, Roger lit up the fire of desire at his execution.

Part 42 (Red Leg Zeff and Queen the Plague)

Red Leg Zeff and Queen the Plague (Note that this backstory will most likely not be shown in anime or manga)

For those who can't remember who they are - Zeff now resides in East Blue (Baratie) while Queen resides in Grand Line and is an idiot.

They are brothers who grew estranged from each other due to differences in values, with the most prominent difference being that Queen attacks women without any qualms.

Their mum's death played a part in them separating from each other during their teenage years.

Anyhow, this is the origin of how and why Zeff never hit a woman. And thereafter, passed this value to Sanji.

Part 43 (The Fishman Island, and the Joyboy's Promise)

The Fishman Island, The Sea Forest, Joyboy's Promise, The Tree of Eve, and The End of All Devil Fruits

900 years ago, before the destruction of the ancient kingdom as well as before the great flood (see Part 7), the sea level was drastically lower.

Fishman Island - The Sea Forest

The Sea Forest was originally a land forest 900 years ago. Due to the flooding, sea level rose drastically and consumed the whole of the land that is now known as Fishman Island.

Joyboy's Promise

The promise made by Joyboy was not to bring the whole Fishman Island up 10,000 feet above to the Sun. The promise was to destroy the Red Line and bring the water level down back to the original level so that the Sun directly shines on the people who dwells at the Fishman Island. However, without the right people and right items, Dyras was not able to do so. This is one of the biggest regrets he holds in his heart, for which he apologised to the Poseidon Agashi ~800+ years ago.

The Tree of Eve

The Tree of Eve was not originally that tall. However, in the centuries being buried under the sea, it has never die. However, it continuously seek the sunlight and over nearly a thousand years of seeking the sun, the Tree of Eve has grown ever so tall.

The End of All Devil Fruits

At the end of One Piece, there will no longer be any devil fruits power. The reason for devil fruit users becoming a "hammer" and sinking whenever they touch the sea is not because Mother Nature hates them (Edit: what I mean is that the true reason is not as simple as "because Mother Nature hates DFs" as per what VP said) or because of any random "anime logic" - the true reason is because of the eternal yearning of the "fruits" wanting to return back to the original soil/land that is thousand of feets below the current sea level. All fruit users have an innate yearning to go back to where they are "born", an innate intuition that has been lost to time.


I purposely exclude talking about Noah. Solely because of the fact that I know if I were to write about it, I may as well write out the whole ending of One Piece.

Part 44 (Marshall D. Teach and Monkey D. Luffy)

Marshall D. Teach and Monkey D. Luffy

Blackbeard's awakening will not involve absorbing other people's devil fruit powers into his own for his own usage.

Blackbeard's ability to use more than one devil fruit power is due to him having more than one heart and blood circulatory system. Each system does not commingle with the other.

Luffy will pull Blackbeard into a Dreamland, in which both of them will fight in the land of dreams. The battle will end with Blackbeard falling asleep forever.

Luffy is the one who will will all devil fruit powers back to "nature", thereby ceasing all devil fruits forever.

Part 45 (Laughing Mushrooms)

Laughing Mushrooms

The powdered laughing mushrooms are used as one of the ingredients for making SMILEs.

Part 46 (The Memories We Shared Over a Cup of Sake)

The Memories We Shared Over a Cup of Sake

(Just a short spoiler).

The importance of Kuma's abilities cannot be understated. The ability to convert the intangibles to tangibles is VERY significant to the current/upcoming arc.

Memories from the ancient past can be frozen and it will not disappear even after the user dies. The frozen memories can be forcefully inputted into another object.

This is how Dryas (See: Part 41) "recorded" his stories into a "den den mushi", which after 800 years is found by the Roger pirates who then know the whole history of the void century.

This is why Oden in his journal said that "on that day, we discovered everything..."

Part 47 (The Last Farewell)

Tribute to Akagami no Shanks - The Last Farewell

In the panel where the final curtain closes on Red Hair Shanks, these are the final words that he speaks:

"Luffy, in the land of dreams. You know, that place between sleep and awake, that place where you remember dreaming of all the things and people you love? That's where we will always remember you. That's where we will always be waiting. If it's you, I know it's possible. Dreams, will definitely come to pass."

Shanks passes back the Strawhat back to Luffy. And with that, with a bright smile on his face, his hand falls.

Part 48 (Will of D.)

(Short headcanon)

Will of D =/= Will of D.

"D" is not "D."

It is not an alphabet; it's a symbol. It has been shown in both anime and manga a couple of times.

The "." is the (insert 4-letter word here, IF it is an English word).

It is not a person's name.

Part 49 (Dr. Clover Discovery)

(Short headcanon since work is getting busier...)

Since one of the Gorousei's name has been revealed now, I'm pretty many people can guess, in hindsight, the relationship already between the 5 Elder "Stars" and the "Celestial Bodies" revolving around Dr. Clover's 3D Model. So, I guess it's time to revisit this post:

See Part 21

And this image, which has more significance than you would think:

Click to view

And this image:

Click to view

Before Chapter 1090, we will finally know the identities of 2 more Elder "Stars". 2 of the Stars lack raw strength but have absolute monstrous power.

Shortly after, our most beloved Dr. Clover will make a debut (with Dr. Vegapunk as a "supporting role").

Dr. Vegapunk will proceed to talk about the discoveries made by Dr. Clover, who is actually both historian AND astrologist.

Many years ago, an astrologist wannabe posit that the One Piece World is flat, with just a singular island floating on a big body of water (this is why in Part 1 or 2 of my headcanons I initially mentioned the Ancient Kingdom is a big landmass, a supercontinent, which I then corrected). When the first explorers start to finally leave the supercontinent and explore the unknowns, they then discovered new islands and species they never knew existed.

Finally, during Dr. Clover's time, their numerous undercover exhibition out to the unknowns. It was only, by a stroke of luck, a fateful "accident", that after a party one evening with a lunar eclipse, that Dr. Clover said:

"Guys. Why is the shadow of our world, the reflection which then cast upon the the cold dark planet (i.e. moon) high above, spherical in shape?"

On that day, they discovered the world is round.

Part 50 (The Day The Two Strawhats Meet)

The Day The Two Strawhats Meet

The owner of the Strawhat in Mariejois belonged to Joyboy from the Void Century.

Before the ancient war, the water level is much lower. Imu, related to God of Earth, who has the power to manipulate the earth around us. The red line was actually erected as a fence to separate one half of the world from the other half, and then water comes filling both halves during the Great Flood.

People has this started trying to cross from one half to the other half after the Great Flood not long after. This was to be achieved via the original Tequila Wolf Bridge Project. But somehow water level (and even the earth itself) keeps getting manipulated. So much so that even after 700 years of constructing the bridge, people can never reach the final destined point. They are unable to.

Luffy is the current owner of the other Strawhat. This is what inspired Joyboy to start carrying one 900 years ago. If we combine two strawhats together, we get a full circle with a line cutting across it. This is symbolic. In this sense, the Strawhat that Luffy currently holds, is one half of the world. The other Strawhat in Mariejois, owned by Nika, represents the other half.

When the day the two Strawhats meet each other, it symbolises a complete world. A unified world in which there is complete circle of life, representing all the freedom that have been deprived for many people over a millennium.

Part 51 (The Soul of Devil Fruit)

There is a reason why fruit users, regardless friends or foes, who came into close contact with Luffy experiences extreme growth in strength.

Everytime a fight occurs, everytime the fists of the opponents come into contact with Luffy, the soul within the fruit eaten by Luffy is "calling" out to the souls within the other fruits eaten by other users, thereby triggering a certain form of "awakening". I'll probably call this a "pre-awakening".

The souls of all devil fruits are interconnected, with varying tiers between them. The Hito Hito no Mi (Nika) is the fruit that reigns most supreme among all, being the one that connects all.

This element is crucial in how Luffy will will all fruit powers back to zero, thereby ceasing all fruits from being "born" again.

Part 52

(Building on to Parts 21, 33, and 49)

What I'm writing next probably is no longer a spoiler/headcanon since, I assume, most people can already theorise about it. I'm just putting in words here what I suspect many people can already theorise based on the reveal in the past few chapters.

The old model of the One Piece world is what the World Government's envision an ideal utopia world look like. This model represents the state of affairs, knowledge, facts, politics, EVERYTHING that the World Government wants every citizen in the world to believe - which is that everything revolves around the Earth (read: related to Im). And that all the power (read: the celestial bodies) revolve around the Earth and to do its bidding. Without the Earth at its core, everything will fall to pieces.

(Note that as of now, I am still not saying Earth is Im but rather Earth is related to Im. Which is what I originally said a month or two ago under Part 33, before the reveal of one of Gorousei's name. I still stand by this statement since this is... factual as per my headcanon source.)

This has been the goal since before the dawn of the Void Century.

However, years later, during the Void Century, the ideal vision is shattered by newly discovered powers, who "refuse" to bow to "Earth" and do its biddings. They are the Uranus, Pluton, and Poseidon.

Even more threatening is the fact that the Power of the Sun is rivaling, or even superseding, the Power of the Earth (synonymous to new World Model being the true state Vs the old World Model). This is associated with the fact that Dyras will be crowned as heir to the Ancient Kingdom, mentioned in Part 1.

Thus, the millennium hatred and coverup is borned...

Part 53

Short post:

In Part 6 I mentioned Vegapunk will give Kuma's Memory Chip to Bonney (actual: Kuma's Memory Bubble was forcefully taken by Bonney from Vegapunk).

In Part 44 I mentioned that Luffy and Blackbeard will enter into a World of Dreams (fruit for thought: I wonder how this World of Dreams is related to the... xxx... in Chapter 1074. Hmm... Probably zero relation 🫠).

Part 53.5

In Part 44 I mentioned that Luffy and Blackbeard will enter into a World of Dreams (fruit for thought: I wonder how this World of Dreams is related to the World of Memory in Chapter 1074. Hmm... Probably zero relation 🫠).

If Bonney is able to travel to a world of "past memories", I wonder what will happen if a certain person with a power to make things from intangible to tangible COMBINED with a certain person with a power to stretch...

Maybe that person can make an intangible concept like TIME become tangible and than that person can stretch this "tangible time", thereby triggering a forced return back to a World of the Old Past...

Who knows~?

Part 54 (Nami's Dream and the One True World Map)

Nami's Dream and the One True World Map

Towards the end of the One Piece manga series, there will be destruction/reconstruction/manipulation of many areas, such as Red Line, water level globally, Reverse Mountain, etc.

The map that Nami has drawn so far is therefore "wrong". Upon the world returning to how it somewhat was during the Void Century, Nami will greatly revise the map she has drawn so far.

The whole Strawhat Crew will (happen to) reverse travel its original route, somewhat like what the Roger Pirates did, giving Nami a chance to revise and redraw her map.

And hence fulfilling her dream to create The One True World Map.

Part 55

Repeating again what I said nearly 3 months ago: Kuma will die. He has to die.

Correction to what I mentioned about Uranus in Part 12 and 13: The "Uranus" that Im currently has control of, is not the actual ancient Uranus. It is a replica of the actual Uranus with nearly the same power. The actual Uranus will be revealed thereafter the pseudo Uranus is revealed. In the ancient past, Uranus is known as the Flying Golden Bird. It is powered by solar energy + the ancient energy source. It is golden in color. (Note: The two energy sources may actually refer to the same energy source. Will share more when I have further info from my headcanon source.)

On Pluton: Pluton functions on solar energy as well, but the equipment to convert solar energy into mechanical energy has been taken/destroyed. Moreover, with it being buried so deep under the current Wanokuni, there is no sufficient solar energy to power it, even if the equipment hasn't been taken/ destroyed.

On Poseidon and Neptune: Well, they just want the sun.

The reason why Lucci and Kaku were shocked at the impossibility of Pluton being able to be built (when Franky quickly showed them the Blueprint at Enies Lobby) was because the blueprint noted that Pluton runs on solar energy. The craziness of such a technology being able to exist caused them to be in huge disbelief.

Part 56 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 1)

Long ago in the ancient past, the King of the Ancient Kingdom has foreseen the destruction of his Kingdom of the Sun. He is the one who ordered the Kozuki Clan to construct the indestructible book known as Poneglyphs to preserve their knowledge and to spread the book, in many parts, across the seven seas.

The Ds are the direct descendants from the King.

The Prophesized Time to open the Wanokuni's borders has arrived, which is signified by "reading" one of the two Strawhats. To read each Strawhat, it has to be first destroyed:

Click to view

The current known people who can decide and read the ancient language are Nicole Robin and the awakened people from the Three Eye Tribe.

The message, decoded by Robin, reads as such:

"Pluton, the Solar Ship of the (Insert Name of Ancient Kingdom here), lies dormant deep in the depth of Mount Fuji. When the thunder in the sky high above roars once again, the seals will break and Pluton the Solar Ship of (Insert Name of Ancient Kingdom here) will be born again the in seven seas."

The other Strawhat in Im's control is...

Part 57 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 2)

The message decoded by Robin above, in Part 56, belongs to Luffy's Strawhat. For the message to appear, the Strawhat has to be first destroyed and then the pattern of the knots along each straw pieces will then finally be revealed.

The Strawhat Crew returns back to Wanokuni. Under Luffy's direction, Momonosuke ordered Zunisha to open the country's borders.
The destruction of the borders resulted in a thunderous roar that resonated across the seas and towards the sky above, and the walls surrounding Wanokuni finally falls.

A large part of the New Wanokuni falls into the sea as well, and the Old Wanokuni appears in all its splendid glory. Pluton emerges from the deep depth onto the sea after a long 800 years of sleep.

The other Strawhat in Im's control is "big" not because the previous owner is a giant. The previous owner is Joyboy as well, who is of similar size to Luffy. Joyboy's Strawhat is bigger than Luffy's Strawhat because it contains a greater amount of knowledge. The act of "reading" it can greatly change the fate of the world depending on the owner of this knowledge.

Blackbeard Crew appears at Wanokuni. World Government appears at Wanokuni. With the help of Luffy's allies, they have been fending off the attacks from these enemies. Using the "Coup de Burst" powered by the Solar Energy on Pluton, the Strawhat Crew, together with Thousand Sunny, escaped.

Part 58 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 3)

After escaping, the crew finally explores the ancient Pluton.

In a central room, it appears to be the main control room. There is a lever. Upon pulling the lever, the normal sail of the ship closes itself up and lowers down. And in its place, a metallic sail appears.

This metallic sail is the solar panel that powers the ship. It is part of the equipment that helps to propel the ship even on the most windless days. Part of the equipment, as mentioned in Part 55, has been lost. Nonetheless, the remaining equipment is sufficient to propel the ship, across even the windless area known now as the Calm Belt.

The Strawhat Crew is now back at Elbaf. Upon seeing Luffy's gear forms, they are now hailing him as the God of the Highest Sun, Sun God Nika. Elbaf will be allies of the Strawhat Crew.

The World Government, after failing to acquire the Pluton, is now in total panic mode. They have to capture Nico Robin at all costs. The second Strawhat must be decoded in order for the World Government to destroy all those they deemed as enemies.

Robin was subsequently captured (omg, again!) by the World Government. To save Robin, Luffy has to make a tough decision: To exchange Pluton in return for Robin.

(Sidenote: Luffy accidentally pulls another lever and a solar beam was blasted at the World Government Ships, destroying almost the entire fleet.)

Part 59 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 4)

The Strawhat Crew is now at Road Star Island, the island that must be reached in order to "access" the Ancient Kingdom. This is why the island is the "road to the star (Kingdom of the Sun)".

The Road Star Island is an island that is heavily connected to the Ancient Kingdom. Within the island itself hides a secret island. There is an individual who is currently living there, living alone since the death of his parents years ago. He prefers calling the Road Star Island "Lone Star Island".

Before his father died, his father mentioned to him a prophesy that has been long passed down from their ancestors.
It was prophesized that in near future, a group of individuals will arrive. And so, this boy has been waiting ever since, for the fateful day these individuals will finally arrive.

The boy is finally introduced in the last panel of the chapter. He has a "D." in his name as well.

Part 60 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 5)

The boy reveals to them a series of ancient relics of, as well as untold knowledge/information about, the ancient Kingdom of the Sun.
The last time these relics and knowledge was shared with the outside world, was by his father to the Roger Crew. Because without knowledge of these relics, artefacts, and knowledge, "normal people/pirates" will not be privy to what must be done in order to reach the final island in which the Kingdom of the Sun once florished - now known as Laugh Tale.

This is why, upon setting foot on Road Star Island, and equipped with the knowledge given by the boy's father, the Roger Pirates had to greatly revise their travel route, going back from The New World to The Paradise, to retrace certain routes and revisit certain areas. This is why it is said that, only upon reaching this island will a person finally be made known of many things, such as the history of the Poneglyphs, etc. (Read Part 56 for more info. I probably should have started Part 56 talking about Road Star Island first... Oh well.)

And with this, the bov of "D." loins the Strawhat Crew.

Part 61 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 6)

(I probably should include an important information in Part 58 - The Strawhat Crew are in a face to face confrontation with the World Government Fleet. In order to get back Robin, Sanji jumped onboard Pluton alone and sailed towards the WG fleet in front of the Strawhat Crew. The pseudo Uranus is with them right now as well. Onboard Pluton, Robin is returned to Sanji. However, in order to protect the world from Pluton that is now in the hands of the WG, and with the permission of Luffy, Sanji self destructs Pluton, taking down the pseudo Uranus with it. Sanji and Robin escaped back to the Thousand Sunny via Sanji's moon walk. The metallic solar panel sail is already onboard the Thousand Sunny.)

The Strawhat Crew are now on the way back to the Red Line in which Mariejois is currently sitting on top on. This is also the place where the Lunarians used to reside.

In the ancient past, beneath Mariejois and within the Red Line walls itself, a secret underground temple has been built. This is currently partially used by Im as a prison of sort to hold certain people as prisoners. A Priest of the Sun is currently held as a prisoner there. Though the Priest of the Sun is a prisoner here, she is able to roam around freely in that few small areas that she is locked up in. Here, she reveals a secret to the Strawhat Crew.

The area of the land upon which the Mariejois is currently sitting upon, is supported by a ceiling of ice. The only way to destroy this ceiling of ice is via a concentrated solar beam from the sun, which the underground temple has a hidden mechanism to do so. The Priest of the Sun is also the Priest of this underground temple, the Temple of the Sun.

Part 62 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 7)

Note: I am not sure when, whether is it now or in the future, the mechanism to project the powerful beam of the sun onto the ice ceiling under Mariejois will occur. I will write more when I have more information. My personal opinion is that it should be on the same day that the Priest of the Sun reveals to Luffy and Gang.

Nonetheless, regardless when this destruction finally occurs, one thing is for certain. The Priest of the Sun will die along as well. Not because she is killed, but because her faith and duty as the Priest of the Sun Temple makes it such that she will never forsake the temple no matter what happens. If the temple goes down, she is going down along with it as well. (Spoiler: You will most probably cry at this scene.)

Another short spoiler: In the future, Blackbeard will utilise the fullest awakening of his Yami Yami no Mi to block out the sun, rendering the solar powered weapons temporarily useless. More about this soon...

Part 63 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 8)

(Short sidestory: Seeing how Luffy has been forever frowning for a long while, Nami smacked Luffy to snap out of it and asked what is bugging him. It is then revealed that Luffy is sad that he is now unable to return to Shanks his Strawhat when the time for them to meet arrives. Nami facepalmed and proceeded to spend the afternoon fixing the Strawhat from scratch, straw by straw. ❀️)

More than 2 decades ago, Monkey D. Dragon sails from the faraway land in the East around various parts of the world. In one of his journey, Dragon meets a woman who is the daughter of a "Guardian". The daughter is in fact a princess. The two fell in love, which is a love that is forbidden. And a child was borned not long later. The Guardian was greatly angered, and casted out Dragon and the child out to the seas far, far away. And the princess was locked up. The love was forbidden because she currently has a duty to fulfill, which only she herself can do so.

And now let me tell you why you will cry, as per what I mentioned in Part 62. The Priest of the Sun is the woman that Dragon loves, and is the biological mother of Monkey D. Luffy. (Just released the word should be "Priestess", not Priest. Oops my bad.)

When Luffy and the Priestess parted way, there was a sense of feeling between the two of them in that short moment. Something that made the Priestess smile while the temple collapses on her. But at the same time, something that made Luffy dropped a tear, trickling down his cheeks. (Spoiler: Sorry but if you aren't crying at this scene, you probably should quit reading One Piece... 😭😭😭😭😭😭)

Part 64 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 9)

The Strawhat Crew arrived at an enormous island with an underground cave with an underwater passageway. Following the path, they reached the the foot of a gigantic waterfall.

It has been passed down, as legends, that long ago on a dark cold night, a gigantic mountain was suddenly erected at that place overnight. The waterfall has been flowing down ever since.

From high above the clifftops, the crew were suddenly ambushed by giant arrows. (Note: This part is talking about the first time the crew landed on this island and so they have not yet allied themselves with Luffy.)

This is the land of the giants, Elbaf.

Thereafter, the crew encounters a little giant girl. She was meant to be sacrificed to one of the gods by the revered elders. Long story short, the girl was saved. Pointing to the gigantic mountain (much taller and bigger than Mount Fuji), the little giant girl said: That is the sacred Mountain of the Highest Peak."

The Strawhat Crew explored the nearby valleys towards the direction of the sacred mountain. As the sun falls, the remaining sunlight bounces off a few of the mountain peaks and reflected off something on the Mountain of the Highest Peak.

The crew finally arrives at the point of reflection. There, they find, the giant statue of the God of the Highest Peak, Goddess of Earth.
(Correction to Part 33: God of Forest - Not yet revealed. Related to Shanks. God of Earth - Not yet revealed. Is a female. From Elbaf. Take note!)

Part 65 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 10)

Upon reaching the giant statue of the Goddess of Earth, the boy of "D.", together with Monkey D. Luffy, places two ancient relics onto the breasts of the Goddess.

One of the relics was from the boy of "D." and the other piece was from the Priestess of the Sun.

(Note: There is another piece of the ancient relic held by the Kozuki Clan, which will be inherited by Momonosuke from Sukiyaki.)
Part of the mountain caved in and opened up, revealing a majestic ancient city from Joyboy's era.

At the top of the ancient city, there lies an Emblem of the Sun. This is similar in design to what we saw on the flags of Alabasta, Shandia, Fishman Palace, Kozuki, etc.

Luffy takes the Emblem of the Sun. And with that, an underground chamber opened up and a light of brilliant gold shines from it.

And it appears. The Ancient Weapon - Uranus, the Flying Golden Bird powered by Solar Energy. Since the destruction of the Ancient Kingdom of the Sun, the Elbaf Giants have been tasked with the protection of one of the ancient weapon Uranus the Golden Bird.

Part 66 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 11)

Panel shifts back to Joyboy talking to the Leader of the Giants from 800+ years ago. The ancient people of the Kingdom of the Sun, upon entrusting Uranus under the protect of the Elbaf Giants, told them that under no circumstances can Uranus fall into the hands of the enemies, else the world will forever not escape the darkness and see the sun ever again.

As such, the giants from 800 years ago, when hiding the Uranus in the ancient city, built a trap. When the day the Golden Bird awakens once a again, the mountain volcano will erupt and the people who awakes it will be consumed by Mother Earth.

Panel shifts back to the present day where Luffy and crew awakens the Uranus. At the mouth of the flying bird, there is series of words written in the ancient language of the Sun deciphered by Robin:

When the Great Golden Bird sees the brilliance light of the Sun once more, the great Mother Earth below will erupt again in jubilance, and the fly shall soar high in the sky high above."

Immediately thereafter, the earth beneath Luffy and crew begins to tremble and shake. An earthquake is happening. Before long, the ancient city starts collapsing. The volcano eruption is starting as well due to the earth below shifting and breaking up. With no way to escape, Luffy and crew are at a loss. At that moment, Luffy hears a voice. To give command to the Golden Bird. Luffy combines the two ancient relics together, and became a gear of some sort that resembles the Sun β˜€οΈ. This gear is then placed in the "brain" of the Uranus and is activated.

After nearly a thousand years, the Golden Bird soars high once more shining with brilliance rays of Run.

Part 67a (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 12)

The Strawhat Crew is now at Laugh Tale, where part of the Kingdom of the Sun once florished.

Being guided, the crew walks down a brightly lit corridor leading to what is possibly the biggest library in the world, of immense magnitude that even the Library of Ohara cannot even begin to comprehend.

According to the guardians at Laugh Tale, the library contains every single book written by mankind since that birth of writing, a place where knowledge is revered and protected.

Long ago, there were two great supercontinents, each ruled by two great kingdoms. One ruled the East and one ruled the West. Both kingdoms mastered the ability to harness the power of the Sun. Though both kingdoms were nearly equivalent in power, the Kingdom of the Sun, ruling the East, was slightly more powerful. As a sign of peace, the King ruling the West sent his one and only son to the King ruling the East. The name of this son is Im, who grew up not knowing about his actual lineage until slightly more than two decades later.

Im is now 20 year old, which is the coming of age where one can officially be crowned as the heir. However, some time after turning 20, he discover his true lineage and why he cannot be crowned as heir. This is the beginning of the great ancient war between the two Kingdoms of the East and the West. The Kingdom of the West, together with other nations, under the charge of Im, waged war against the Kingdom of the East.

Part 67b (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 13)

he Great War was an event that the King of the has long foresaw, which he told Dyras in advance before dying. If the global war were to break out a solar weapons taken out to used, not only will ma kingdoms and nations cease to exist, but the who of mankind itself will be in peril. To stop this from happening, one thing must be done: The Kingdom the Sun must disappear from the face of this world.

The Strawhat Crew now reaches an immense indestructible gate, which leads to an inner city th has laid hidden for nearly 900 years. The gate is made from the same material as the Poneglyphs. This is where the Roger Pirates stopped in their journey at Laugh Tale. They were unable to proceed further. But for the Strawhat Crew, with the necessary relics now at hand, they unlocked the indestructible gates and proceeded into the inner city which even the Roger Pirates were not able to access: The Main Chamber of the Kingdom of the Sun.

The reason why Roger Crew were unable to open the gates was because Dyras has set up a test which must be passed before the secret of the Kingdom can be obtained. Dyras knows that the secret of the Kingdom holds immense power which, if fall into the wronβ€’hands will devastate the whole world.

Part 67c (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 14)

During his time, such power were not harnessed for peace because rivalry existed between different people of power. As such, Dyras split up his keys into multiple parts, which are the ancient relics that the Strawhat Crew now holds, and spread them across the seven seas.

Because Dyras believes, only when there are true friendships, the different protectors of the relics will be able to come together and agree to open the gate. Only with this friendship and bond will Dyras feel safe revealing and passing the secret of the Kingdom of the Sun. With the test now passed, the gates finally open up after 900 years of sleep.

In the most brilliance color of gold anyone has eve seen, the city is now revealed. It is a city made of pure gold. With the sun now shining through it, it reflects all the sunlights, blinding the eyes of almost every one there.

And there, sitting in the center of it all, lies the grey treasure that people call One Piece. An item that is unparalleled. The Great One Piece is a Fusion Reactor, a source of energy that rivals the Sun.

Part 68 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 15)

he Key to opening the Main Gates of the Kingdom of the Sun was split into 11 ancient relics, 10 of which were held by 10 different allied nations since ancient times.

Some of these nations have been revealed long ago, such as Wanokuni, Zou, Lunarians, Elbaf, Merfolk, Shandians, Kuja, Alabasta, etc. (See their national symbol/flag.) They are various groups of people, under the command of Dyras ~900 years ago, to leave and spread themselves across the seas.

~900 years ago, in order to protect all living beings and ensure peace for all descendants, the King of the Sun Kingdom, made the decision that the his Kingdom needs to be eradicated from the face of the world, a will inherited and realised by his son Dyras.

When the Main Gate of the Sun Kingdom is closed, 10 of the small ancient relics are each given to the 10 allied nations before they travel outwards. The relics have been protected and passed down from generations to generations. This is why at the end of major arcs, the people of the allied nations always said: "Perhaps they are the people whom our country has been waiting for. The people who will guide us to the dawn."

However, they have yet to take out the ancient relics that they have been protecting to give Luffy, partially because the knowledge that these ancient relics are "part of the full key" has been forgotten. The day will come where these ancient relics see the light of dawn, when Luffy sees each of these protectors again. The light of first dawn has now approached.

Part 69 (Reveal of The Great One Piece Pt. 16)

(Note: We obviously have to dedicate "69" to Shanks... πŸ˜‰πŸ€€)

I am not entirely sure about this part, but I'll share what I do know for now.

Years ago when Shanks left East Blue the final time, he has already given the Final Ancient Relic (i.e., the Final Key to the Main Gate of Sun Kingdom) to Luffy. Not sure whether this scene was withheld but this next paragraph is what I am guessing:

The Key is actually the Strawhat passed from Roger to Shanks to Luffy. The Strawhat isn't technically the key itself but rather is a guide to the actual key (upon dismantling the hat and reading the code within).

Essentially this is what Shanks is telling Luffy: Become a strong pirate one day and uncover all the truths that this world is hiding from us. When that fateful prophesied day finally arrives, return this key to me and I shall fight to claim the One Piece.

In Shank's journey thus far, powerful as he might be, he lacks the one main quality to claim One Piece - the power to attract everyone to become his allies. This is the main quality to pass the final test that Dyras has set for anyone wishing to claim the One Piece.

And when he finally hear the same words again, the same words that his Captain Gol D. Roger once said, he is willing to bet on these words, the words of a boy's dream who inherited the will (fruit) of Joyboy.

Part 70 (The Sun Rises from the East)


The main reason why One Piece story starts from the East is because the Sun rises from the East. The Sun Kingdom, once the strongest and ruled the Eastern World, was made the weakest by the World Government Allies 800 years ago.

And therefore, this is where our main protagonist, Luffy, starts his journey. As is with Roger.

Long before the catastrophic event caused by the ancient war, the world was spinning on its axis but at a different angle. The war resulted in the world being tilted, resulting in the current NSEW. In the past, the actual E to W route is same as the current route along The Paradise to The New World.

Dawn rises from the East and sets in the West.

East - Dawn Island is where Luffy comes from. West - ... is where Akagami no Shanks comes from.

The day Luffy travels to the West is the day something big between Luffy and Shanks will occur.

Part 71 (The God Valley Incident Pt. 1)

38 years ago, West Blue.

In between the two highest peaks on an island, where a river flows in between, lies a castle by one of its sides. Dating back to the ancient times nearly 900 years ago, the castle holds one of the many secrets hidden by Im and the World Government - bodies of the dead.

Just as the frozen men from the Void Century that currently lies beneath Mariejois, this castle also contains frozen men (though most of the bodies there are after the Void Century), where cells implantation technology has been experimented on for centuries.

The technology is required for two main reasons :

Immortality for the World Nobles

To cure a disease that Im currently has, that prevented him from being in the outside world where temperature is high.

This Island is known as God's Valley, also known as Dead Man's Valley.

This Castle is currently sailing in the New World now, known as Thriller Bark. Thriller Bark is part of God's Valley Island that comes from the West Sea.

Part 72 (The God Valley Incident Pt. 2)

(Sidenote first, important later: There are a few "round" islands / islands where the kingdoms are "round" in the One Piece world - Fishman Island, Skypiea Island, Old Wanokuni, Zou, etc. - they have all been carved out to move outwards during Void Century. They each represent the "smaller circles" part of the various Sun symbol that we on the flags of these kingdoms. Those kingdoms with this symbol will play a very important role in the Final War).

Back to God Valley.

Every 2 years, World Nobles gather at God Valley, under the ground beneath a Temple, for cells implant/ transplant.

The World Nobles are told that receiving the cells transplantation will lead to longer lifespan, and that in no time at all, will achieve longevity.

However, the World Nobles are actually guinea pigs being experimented on, to see the effects of the ever changing cells implantation technology. For the future benefits of Im himself.

Due to their lineage factors being changed, the physical bodies of World Nobles have changed drastically. Their physical body becomes more easily exhausted, they cannot move too much and/or too long without feeling tired, their body temperature decreases and is lower than normal humans, and their heartbeats beat slower. The drums of their heartbeats grow softer as well. Life is seeping away the more they alter their lineage factors.

The suit that they wear helps to regulate their body temperature and heartbeats. The one way to save themselves is to stop altering their lineage factors.

Part 73 (The God Valley Incident Pt. 3)

And thus this is why Doflamingo hinted by saying, "Isn't it time to reveal what it is already... afterall, power rots quickly in no time!"
Rising temperature is causing both the man-made energy source and the frozen bodies under Mariejois to degrade and rot quickly as time passes by (as mentioned in Part 13).

50 years ago, Village, God's Valley - Gecko Moria

Every single soul living on the Island have went through genetic modification for generations due to the contaminated spring water coming from the ground, attributed to the centuries long experiments conducted on the island by the World Government.

The people living on the island experiences early ageing, with the average lifespan being below 50 years of age. 12 years later, 38 years ago from present day, on the fateful day in which the God Valley Incident occured, Gecko Moria is (should be) the sole survivor of his village. The Kage Kage no Mi is a fruit native to God's Valley. Not entirely sure, but seems like the previous user of the Kage Kage no Mi plays an important role in helping out with the World Government experiments on the island.

Being the sole survivor who happened to be near the castle playing when the pseudo Uranus blasted God's Valley, that part of the island broke off, with the impact of the blast sending the broken island drifting miles away. A while later, Moria found a funny looking fruit which he then ate out of hunger. This fruit is the Kage Kage no Mi.

Part 74 (The God Valley Incident Pt. 4)

It is from there that Moria started to recruit crew members which later was all obliterated by Kaido. From then on, Moria decided to make a crew that cannot be killed. (Lolol still ended by Luffy 🀣)

38 years ago, God's Valley - Rocks D. Xebec, Monkey D. Garp, and Gol D. Roger - Fateful Meeting of the Ds

When the sun shines upon the whole of the river that flows up between the two peaks at a certain time and date, it will cause the whole river to shine in a golden brilliance. During such an occurrence, the river has another name:

Ascension to the Heavens - The Path of the Dragon

Every fixed number of years, when position of the Sun is at its highest, a path along which, if viewed from the sky above using Uranus, will appear in the shape of a dragon. By following the path of the dragon from the tail end to the head, at the end of the path, we can see that the light of the sun shines down through the crevices of an odd looking rock.

And from the light of the sun that shines through these crevices, a symbol appear : the hoof of the celestial dragon.

However, part of the crevices has actually been blocked, thereby resulting in the symbol of the hoof of the soaring dragon appearing. During the Void Century, when the sun shines through the crevices, the symbol that appears is this: Symbol of the Sun.

Part 75 (The God Valley Incident Pt. 5)

Years ago after the end of the ancient war that resulted in the Kingdom of the Sun disappearing from the Eastern Sea, Im gave an order to remove all symbols associated with the Sun Kingdom. It was done by modifying part of the symbol which now is the Hoof of the Soaring Dragon.

38 years ago, Rocks was there to claim an ancient technology - an ancient submarine that runs on really strong "brain waves". By wearing a special helmet, one can control the ancient submarine. The name given to this brain waves is called The Voice of All Things". The current whereabouts of this ancient submarine is unknown.

Rocks was there to kill off the cells transplantation technology and all the associated equipments as well, in order to not let the World Nobles achieve what they wanted - immortality.

Shanks was there, brought by his family, to receive the first dosage of his cells transplantation treatment. Shanks was one year old. And the first born son of the Figarland Family. The Figarland Family has association with Rocks D. Xebec.

Shanks is not a "D." Shanks is the only World Noble not born in Mariejois and is the only World Noble not to have received any cells transplantation treatment. Shanks is borned in the West where the Sun sets.

Roger was there, upon following the guidance of a Poneglyph, to collect an ancient relic. The current whereabouts of the ancient relic is unknown.

Garp was deployed as part of an emergency to protect the World Nobles. The shipguards protecting the World Nobles have been disappearing one by one, getting nearer to where the ships of the World Nobles are. Fleet Admiral Kong gave order for Garp to set off.

Part 76 (A Scientific Explanation of Chapter 1089 and Kuma's Death Pt. 1)

Let us first refresh our memories from my previous posts (Parts 7 and 43, tweeted Q1 2023, if anyone wishes to read them again...) where I explained how and why water level rose drastically after the use of the ancient weapon during the void century. And how the adrupt seasons start to begin around the world.

After over 10 thousand consecutive blasts from Uranus, the fresh water that was released swallowed up the fragmented land masses of the ancient super continent. These fragmented land masses that sank now formed a "new/secondary" seabed level, which is 10 thousand meters below the current sea level.

(Filler: A giant air bubble was used to float an island and entrusted to protect important relics and a certain red poneglyph. Noah's Ark was used to pull the floated island to the current location beneathe Red Line. This floated island is thereafter known around the world as Fishman Island......)

Part 77 (A Scientific Explanation of Chapter 1089 and Kuma's Death Pt. 2)

I will now attempt to explain the "science" based on my source. Once again, this is something that Vegapunk will explain in the future so ignore me if my explanation is... not understandable hahas.

Ok, back to the "new/secondary" seabed level - Please refer to the childish diagram I drew. This secondary seabed is still slightly above the original seabed.

Click to view

  1. Lulusia's original location on the sea surface. 2. When Mother Flame was used to destroy Lulusia, the force of the blast created a cavity/hole beneathe where Lulusia originally was.
  2. Waters from the surrounding flow into this cavity/ hole because of water displacement. However, because of the "artificial" secondary seabed that was sunk and subsequently rested above the original seabed, there are air pockets / airways formed between the secondary seabed and the original seabed. Because the original seabed contains limestone, what this means is that the water flowing down from the sea surface (at Lulusia) towards the original seabed actually travels around/through the airways rather than seeping through the original seabed into the outer/inner cores.
  3. Water continues flowing along the airways and gets pumped out from other side of the globe. This water displacement phenomenon led to earthquakes felt around the world as well as water level rising.
Part 77-2 (A Scientific Explanation of Chapter 1089)

(This is a second follow-up post for Parts 77 and 77-1 as more PMs than expected.)

The mechanics/science of the Mother Flame leading to "earthquakes" and "water falling into an abyss" has actually been drawn.

Please take a look at the last few panels of Chapter 743 and the first few panels of Chapter 744.

In Chapter 743, before Sabo used Dragon's Breath, he mentioned that everything in this world has a core. After blasting the ring floor, the core at the bottom is revealed and he traveled to this bottom core.

This is similar to one of my previous parts where I wrote Luffy in the future will lower the water level around the world, globally, and bring everything and everyone back to the original core at the bottom of the current sea, where people once lived on.

In Chapter 744, after Sabo destroyed the ring floor, water level at the surface fell into the abyss. Fire fist attack was also used by Sabo to reach the bottom core.

This is similar to how the Mother Flame resulted in the destruction of a "landmass" and waterfalling into the abyss core.

Thereafter, in Chapter 744 as well, upon reaching the core, light is finally shone on the darkness down there. Usopp is depicted as creating this "miracle" and hailed as a God.

Similarly, when water level is finally lowered by Luffy in the future and light finally shines upon the original land below that has not seen the sun for 800 years, Luffy will be known throughout the world as a God and bringing (sun)light and miracle to everyone.

Part 78 (A Scientific Explanation of Chapter 1089 and Kuma's Death Pt. 3)

As mentioned in Part 13 (tweeted Q1 2023), the energy source that Imu possesses, is explicitly kept away from Vegapunk's knowledge. Because, and just as Dragon said, Vegapunk is a peace loving person and is impossible for him to build such a destructive technology for the World Government's usage. However, VP's love and admiration of ancient technology led him to study and replicate ancient power, which is then secretly leaked by York to WG.

Pseudo Uranus' Mother Flame ability uses intense energy per blast and has to be cooled down immediately. This pseudo Uranus is now flying back to Mariejois underground ice chamber for maintenance till its next usage. Lulusia was chosen because the flying distance to and back the ice chamber is the shortest.

(Random filler for future post: The next time Strawhat crew reaches Long Ring Long Run island again, they will have to turn the gears of the island.)

Part 79 (A Scientific Explanation of Chapter 1089 and Kuma's Death Pt. 4)

-- Back to Figarland Family first --

As mentioned in Part 16 (tweeted Q1 2023), the Figarlands were the ones who initiated Imu to crown himself as the king of the world, and assisted in this quest to kingship.

As such, the Figarlands are given a very special status even amongst the World Nobles - the right to judge other celestial dragons, the right to judge these "Gods". They have the rights to punish and experiment even on the bodies of the fallen Gods in an underground ice chamber experiment room. This room is part of a castle sailing in the New World.

This castle is Thriller Bark. Thriller Bark is part of God Valley that comes from West Blue.

With the full scale attack by the Rocks pirates and his fleet of pirates, together with the war with Garp army and Roger crew, the whole island was obliterated. (Read more from Parts 71 to 75)

(In Part 73, I wrote that the pseudo Uranus was used on God Valley - this is a wrong info. God Valley was destroyed by the all out war that broke out there.)

With the God Valley destroyed, the Figarland family no longer has any land to govern and as such, 38 years ago, Figarland Garling stepped down as king.

Part 80 (Kuma's Death Part 1)

As mentioned in my very first post Part 1, Kuma will die. I mentioned that this will happen around 15 chapters after posting Part 1. Around 17-18 chapters have passed since then. It is finally time to revisit this post again. Tribute to our beloved Bartholomew Kuma 🐻❀️

Many has questioned then, how will Kuma arrive at Egghead, somehow dies, and Franky gets his fruit.

Let's begin by understanding how Kuma's ability work, putting aside the more crazy stuffs like materialising his memory chip/bubble and making the intangibles into tangibles.

Kuma's ability, at its very core, is the ability to displace. Displacing a physical object/human to a desired location occurs only in a straight line from Point A to Point B, via the shortest possible distance.

The downside of this is that, if there is a tall object between Point A and Point B, the displaced object/ human will smack right into it.
This is why, during the Sabaody Archipelago arc when Kuma sends the 9 strawhats to the various locations, all 9 locations are located within the first half of the Grand Line - Paradise, East Blue, and South Blue.

Sending any of the Strawhats to any locations in the second half of the Grand Line will cause them to be directly smacked right into the Red Line.

Part 81 (Kuma's Death Part 2)

Out of all the Seraphims, only one original host was directly experimented on - Kuma.

As mentioned in my Part 46, the ability to convert an intangible into tangible is very important to the current arc. Part of Kuma's consciousness and reasoning were embedded into S-bear.

S-bear, out of all the current seraphims, is a very special one - it possesses subconscious connection with its original host. When the order was given to S-bear to displace itself and CPO to Egghead, Kuma himself picked up the order and hence displaced himself directly to Egghead as well.

But alas, because Kuma is displacing himself from Kamabakka Kingdom (Paradise) to Egghead (New World), the Red Line that is ever so tall blocked Kuma's straight line travel.

As a result, Kuma smacked into Red Line and had to climb up before continuing his final journey.

Part 81-1 (Kuma's Death)

Additional info for Part 81

For those who wants more proof that Mariejois is not the destination - relook at Chapter 1071 again.

Usually, once a displaced person arrives at the desired location, the person lands on the floor marked with a paw print.

For Kuma's case, he crashed into the wall and fell to the floor. No paw print seen, either on wall or on floor - meaning travel journey halted halfway unexpectedly.

Part 82 (Kuma's Death Part 3 (plus Imu's Flashback and Goddess of Earth))

Further information for Chapter 1072 - Kuma's injury was picked up by some sensory sensors at Egghead. Which led to a sound being heard by Bonney, which in turn is how she discovered the Kuma room. In the same panel showing Kuma's memory bubble, a piechart depicting Kuma's health has been drawn as well. His current health is at 15%.

Immediately after this panel, the next panel shows Vegapunk talking about how there is a theory that after a person dies, 21 gram of mass is lost. This theory will be validated by Vegapunk himself upon Kuma's own death... (prepare some tissue paper - Kuma's past, memories, flashbacks, and everything else will be revealed by both Vegapunk and Bonney).

... ...

(Flashback from Imu)

800 years ago, the user of the Paw Paw Fruit during the void century is planning to scatter the Poneglyphs of Truth around the world. The user of this Paw Law Fruit during the void century was an ally of Joyboy.

Imu was aware of this plan and ordered one of the 20 sovereigns to set sail and block all possible paths of travel (of the Poneglyphs).

However, unbeknownst to Imu, this sovereign is a close friend of the giants. The giants owe a great debt to this sovereign for the sovereign's help. Through the king of the giants, the sovereign is made known of the truths of this world and of Imu's true intention. With this knowledge, a counterplan was erected (literally).

Part 83 (Kuma's Death Part 4 (plus Imu's Flashback and Goddess of Earth))

The counterplan by Imu was for this sovereign to erect a wall tall enough to capture all the flying Poneglyphs and thereafter, hide or even destroy all of them.

However, the erecting of the wall was "delayed" by 1 hour by the sovereign. As a result, instead of having the wall erected in time to capture the Poneglyphs, many of the Poneglyphs instead managed to fly/ escape to the other ends of the world. With the wall erected ONLY AFTER many of the stones escaped, the wall ended up preventing Imu's allies from crossing it to retrieve the escaped stones.

Knowing that this sovereign blundered up his plan, Imu decided to remove all history and existence of this sovereign.

This sovereign, 800 years ago, was known as the Goddess of Earth.

Also known as Queen Nefertari D. Lili.

Part 84 (Kuma's Death Part 5)

(Just to clarify on the previous few tweets - User of Paw Law Fruit and Lili are two different person)

Back to present-

Kuma will finally arrive at Egghead despite being heavily injured again at Mariejois because of the stupid wall.

(Not even gonna attempt to estimate which chapter it will happen, the last time I guesstimated 15, it didn't happen 🀣)

With Kuma's arrival, his backstory is finally revealed - from his childhood experiences, him being experimented on by WG, him joining RA, him going undercover, and his ultimate sacrifice to bring in the dawn of the world.

One of the experiments being done on Kuma (before Vegapunk joins WG) was to see if it is possible to reverse the path taken by the displaced objects done by even previous users of the Paw Paw Fruit. So as to potentially reverse the escaped Poneglyphs back to where the current user desires.

There are two storylines planned out that I am aware of, but I am not sure ultimately which storyline will prevail. What is common across these two storylines though, is that Kuma will die. I will share both storylines nonetheless.

Part 85 (Kuma's Death Part 6)

Storyline #1 (in my opinion the less exciting version):

Upon Kuma's arrival at Egghead (if all goes as plan, should be by end Sep), Kuma will be commanded by Gorousei to attack the Strawhat crew. He will simply be a heartless killing war machine and attack all his enemies. Even his own daughter, Bonney.

The final clash will be between Luffy and Kuma. Luffy will apologise to Bonney.

Bonney will jump in front of Kuma to prevent Luffy from destroying what's left of her dad, because she still wishes to ask him a question.
Kuma recalls who Bonney is, and stops attacking. Gorousei commands Seraphims to destroy the Strawhats... as well as Kuma. Because a machine that doesn't listen to his master's command is useless and as good as dead.

Kuma takes the critical blow that is coming towards Bonney.

One of the Vegapunks (most likely Stella) will explain a bit more on Kuma's ability, which is displacement, and on how Blackbeard is able to take Whitebeard's Gura Gura no Mi at Marineford.

Vegapunk warned that time is of essence, and if they wish to inherit the will of Kuma as well as the will of the people from 900 years ago, someone must take over Kuma's ability.

Franky officially inherits Kuma's ability.

Part 86 (Laugh Tale and Gol D. Roger Pt. 2 - The Lies within Oden's Logbook)

(This is an edit to Part 41 based on latest information I just received.)

Upon knowing the whole history as well as hearing the final recordings of Dyras, the Roger crew all cried. There was 0 laughter unlike what was recorded in Oden's Logbook.

The first part of the final page of Oden's Logbook contains the following words:

"We set foot on the final island that lies beneath the sea thousands of feet below. But alas we were too early and the King's Keys are not yet ready. We were not able to proceed further."

The Roger's Crew left the island of "Laugh" Tale without knowing what the One Piece actually is.

Part 87 (The Man with the Flame Burns)

Short spoiler: The man marked with scars of flame is confirmed to be Jaguar D. Saul. 100%.

Part 88 (The Final Red Poneglyph)

Another short spoiler I received recently: It will not be on Elbaf. It will be immediately after Elbaf.

Part 89 (Admiral Kizaru)

Borsalino will be defeated at Egghead. Gorousei will not be defeated at Egghead.

Part 90 (Bartholomew Kuma Kuma Inbound!!)

Appears in the last panel of Chapter 1094/5/6.
At Egghead.

Part 91 (Continuation of Part 36)

Just a random info - someone asked if Kuma is able to still Haki, given that in Chapter 1092 Akainu said that Kuma has lost all his will and mind.

I've answered it in the last sentence of my Part 36

Part 92 (Bartholomew Kuma)

(Continuation of what I wrote all the way in Parts 1, 6, 46, 55, 80 to 86, and 90)

Franky and Bonney will stay as a group going forward until roughly Chapter 1100.

When Kuma regains his consciousness for the one last time, it will be with Luffy, Stella, Bonney, and Franky.

This is when his past will be revealed. The final action that Kuma will be doing, is to repel the devil ability from his own body.

However, because there is no medium to contain the power (e.g., when Caesar Clown's Smiley dies, a nearby fruit turned into a devil fruit), Kuma's devil fruit retained/materialised itself as a bubble.

Without a medium, Kuma's power will be reborned anywhere in the One Piece world and the hope of finding and inheriting his power will be almost impossible.

Part 93 (Bartholomew Kuma)

The only suitable candidate here to inherit Kuma's fruit is Franky, the only one among the four without an ability.

Back at Dressrosa Franky rejected Luffy's suggestion to eat Ace's Mera Mera no Mi because he wants to continue being able to swim.

Franky still has the same mindset - he wants to be able to swim. However, Vegapunk has a new theory.

While devil fruit takes away a person's ability to swim, but does it matter to a person who is half robot half human? The human side of the person may lose the ability the swim, but robots are the dreams of the future. They can go beyond the limitations that bound humans.

Equipped with the right technology, even a submarine can swim thousands of miles without any issue. What more for a robot of dreams? It will definitely break free from such limitations and allow even a human to swim beneath the Mother Sea.

Part 94 (Bartholomew Kuma)

With Bonney sharing of what she learnt from Kuma's memory chip/bubble as well as some revelations of Kuma shared by Stella, the spark of "romance" of Kuma's will gets fired up.

Franky consumes Kuma's devil fruit bubble and officially inherits Kuma's will.

Part 95 (Nico Robin)

(Note that this is currently unconfirmed but I trust my source. Will update again if have further info.)

The Blackbeard crew members who are currently at Egghead (Catarina and Lafitte) - they are after Nico Robin.

The Blackbeard pirates currently are in possession of three of the Red Poneglyphs, same as Luffy, Law, and Kidd.

The Red Hair pirates currently are in possession of all four of the Red Poneglyphs.

The Cross Guild members currently possess none of the Red Poneglyphs.

Catarina's devil fruit abilities, after awakening, can even mimic the heartbeats of the person she is mimicking. Although she must first looked into the eyes of the mimicked person first.

Laffite was the one who captured Nico Robin for Catarina Devon, who then flew off with Robin.

Part 96 (Kuma's Memories)

Ginny died so that Bonney can live. This is after RA saved Ginny (age 37) from World Government.

(14 years ago from present day).
Ginny died/missing, age 37. Iva was 39.
Kuma was 33.

This memory that Kuma wants to hide (the bubble in Egghead) is the truth about how Ginny died. It is related to saving Bonney.

Bonney actual age is 14 years old (present day).

Part 97 (Luffy's Fuel)

Previously mentioned in a couple of parts (e.g. Parts 43, 44) that near the end of the journey, Luffy will will all devil fruit back into the nature all there will not be any devil fruit power thereafter.

Slightly correction to the above: it seems that many of the devil fruits with wills of their own will somehow goes into/be absorbed by Luffy, giving him the appearance of an ancient devil king. To fight against someone.

Towards the end of the current arc (Egghead), it will be hinted that for some reason, many of those people who has come into contact with Luffy somehow gets "awakened", regardless whether these people are devil fruit users or not. Strength of haki increased tremendously, devil fruit powers get awakened, etc. It seems almost like Luffy is a catalyst for people's growth and awakening, like a fuel of sort.

Vice versa, the will and faith of the people also in turn boosts Luffy's strength and vitality.

Part 98 (Afterall, you Buccaneers...)

were the group of people possessing the strongest ability to hear and emit the voice of all things ("waves") and are the "fathers" who created the ancient automatas and imbued them with the ability.

Part 99 (Slight Addition/Elaboration to Previous Parts)

Part 97:
As the series progresses, there will be more and more panels drawn in which we can see people praying- such as praying to Luffy for help to liberate them.

Part 64:
God(dess) of Earth of the Void Century will be revealed in Elbaf. She was from a faraway land (i.e., not a native from Elbaf).

Parts 41, 86:
The Roger crew cried (instead of laughed) upon knowing the true history of everything as well as from the final recording of Dyras. Oden lied in his written logbook that the Roger crew laughed.

Roger crew actually knew what One Piece is (spoiler - read Parts 67a-c). But the technology of the current world then (during Roger's time) was not yet ready. As well as those things we know - Poseidon not yet born..., the group that will surpass Roger crew not yet born..., truth of world affairs not yet revealed to general public (read: Part 17)..., etc.

Part 100 to be continued.

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