How to open sites blocked by the government or internet filtering system with SecureDNSClient

This software is not a VPN or Proxy and your data is not sent anywhere. (Do not try to do anything illegal)

Note: If there is no picture in this guide, connect with VPN .

1)Enter the GitHub site SecureDNSClient and download it by clicking here.

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Make sure you have the necessary software installed for it to work.
.NET Desktop Runtime .NET Core Runtime
❤️x64 ❤️x64
x86 x86

2)Install the software.

3)Do these steps.

Alternative Way 1

Parts to go.

Values to be changed.

It may vary from computer to computer.


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Alternative Way 2


You can use it as you wish.👍

Some antivirus apps raise alert as PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application) for WinDivert which is used by GoodbyeDPI. If your antivirus detects WinDivert as a threat, add it to your exclusion list to ensure SDC functions as expected.

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