S2 ROUND10 changes (v1.6)#

Read previous round changes about Capture The Flag and Victory Points system https://rentry.co/sklone-s2-r9

Passive probes income on steroids#

  • This is main round change. Instead of fixing probes income to 1 or 2 gold per probe, we will have dynamic value.
  • Total Universe probes income will be equal to total land multiplied by 30 (30 income per land).
  • Probes income will be evenly distributed based on your probes count.
  • If your probes to land ratio match Uni average, you will make 30 income/land from your probes. If you double that, you make 60/land.
  • PT and other income bonuses do not apply to probes income!
  • You will be able to see current 1 probe income in Probes room.
  • Maximum 1 probe income is 10. However it's more theoretical number, real numbers will start from approx. 4-6 and slowly will decline.
  • During newbie mode probes will NOT generate passive income.
  • Robs against small food will not be allowed after kingdom grows above 1K land.

Passive probes income should enable probes as viable income source, however going too high on probes may not be so efficient in a long run. Removing food banking should enable players play hassle free game and focus on interactions against other human players.

Food change#

  • We retain foodless game philosophy with one exception. The food will reset to 250 land with only 1 tick delay.
  • Kingdoms above 1K land will be able to grab only 10-12 land (12-15 land in Offensive state).
  • Foods average defence will grow up and reflect Universe average defence (this logic doesn't change)
  • Grabs on food will reward players with 4 VPs per grab.
  • The food will have lowered income, and kingdoms above 1K land won't be able to rob the food.
  • The food will be capped to 1M bank (if stays untouched for looong time).
  • The food will exit with close to 0 gold

Small food remains an option for late starters and ones who recreate their kingdoms.
Eventually we will introduce VP scores per player across multiple rounds.

CTF (Capture The Flag) changes#

  • Flag holder will have +10% income and +10% population bonus
  • rest remains the same (single flag, one food kd starts with 2K tanks defence and holds the flag at the start).

Victory Points (VP) system changes#

  • VP Levels advancement will be 2.5x cheaper (starts at 400 VP per level). Note, sectors will have fewer kingdoms.

Sectors changes#

  • We will aim for 7 sectors opening with 6 kds cap to freely switch [done]
  • Will temporarily disable NAP status. [done]
  • You can declare peace if only war is declared on your sector. [pending]
  • I may introduce maximum length and cooldown periods for NAP, Peace and War states (under consideration, but no decision made yet). [pending]
  • When game starts sector can recruit other kingdoms above initial 6 kds cap limit, if sector NW doesn't grow above largest sector nw. [pending]

Other changes#

  • Probes Armor should take ~ 30K points to research (subject for discussion).
  • We upgrade HGL to 6/6 (same as in S1), however HGL will be ~ 6-10% more expensive per point compared to Tank unit.
  • DW gets -20% discount on all offensive units including TFs scientists
  • No other PT changes planned yet (subject for discussion).

Key changes from the past rounds#

  • Normally defensive loses are 5%, however at war it's 10%, in war+peace = 8%, war+defensive=8%, war+peace+defensive=6%. Grabs on small kds also lower loses to base line of 5%.
  • Kingdoms may opt for pre-build newbie mode, you have to self tick only last 24 ticks
  • Spy missions probes defence is lowered to [land x 1 + defender probes].
  • Food should be available at very first tick, we can expect 200-300 tanks defence and 250 land kds. Each grab against food kills 12.5% defence!
  • You can change sector 3 times after the game has started.
  • Check game help for kingdom states (recommended) advantages and disadvantages.


Pub: Jan 05 2022 20:21 UTC
Edit: Jan 09 2022 17:32 UTC
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