update log for rose's resources

( larger resource updates will be logged here )

29/08/2023 : added new templates , also
added my retrospring link for questions and a
beginner's guide to rentry a short while ago !

06/09/2023 : fixed all the rentry and carrd inspo
links , added a large rentry template collection too ^^
added lots of standard rentry graphics + LOTS of
new symbols in bookmarks section

12/09/2023 : added a go-to section , mainly for
the most basic essentials that are useful for editing graphics !

12/09/2023 : listed some apps and websites for
editing in the tips section , not a huge update but
it could be useful for many people so I'm mentioning it
here :D

15/09/2023 : added a link to a rentry collection with
lots of super cute rentry templates !

15/09/2023 : also added a made by me section , for
random things I've edited that can hopefully be useful too !

19/10/2023 : planning to add a link to my personal
symbol stash , once it's organized !

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Pub: 29 Aug 2023 07:52 UTC
Edit: 19 Oct 2023 04:14 UTC
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