A document explaining WADU and JPMC's employee monitoring program is available here: https://rentry.co/wadu80
A document explaining several of JPMC's internal security protocols is available here: https://rentry.co/wadu81

How to know if you have been targeted for illegal elimination by JPMC Internal Security

If you are unfamiliar with the back story about WADU, the original post that was taken down by reddit staff a little while ago is available here: https://www.reddit.com/r/antiwork/comments/13iunzw/repost_cuz_reddit_is_evil_a_warning_for_anyone/

A YouTuber by the name of Joshua Fluke has put together a nice summary of the post here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHjgQCkpZIs (Be advised, there is an advertisement halfway through. I am not affiliated with Joshua Fluke, any of his businesses, or any of his sponsors.)

Disclaimer: This post is mainly intended for current or former American JPMC employees. If you have never worked at JPMC before, some things mentioned below may seem off-color or offensive. Please understand it’s not my intent to upset anyone. I’m only trying to help people with the time I have left.

Before I begin, I wanted to say some words for those who have suffered because they made the mistake of getting hired at JPMorgan Chase & Company and were illegally forced into resignation:

I know exactly what they did to you. It was 100% illegal. Not only did they invade your privacy, they invaded your life outside of work. The things that were done to you were specifically designed to make you sound insane if you ever tried to explain them to anyone. You are not crazy and you were not imagining things. You did not lose your mind or your grip on reality.

Unfortunately that means all of it happened. But you have a choice now. You can stay silent and accept the defeat they handed you. Or you can stand up and choose to fight back. Even if it means having to face something embarrassing. Not only will you help yourself if you do, you’ll help the others that might not be as strong.

If you know someone who works at JPMC and they don’t seem well or stressed out, please ask them what’s going on. Listen to what they have to say, and regardless of how crazy it might sound, please take it all seriously. If they don’t want to talk, give them the link to this post. It could potentially save their life. You’ll see why as you read further below.

If you or anyone you know has suffered because of their employment at JPMorgan Chase & Company, please skip to the “How To Fight Back” section at the end. I have provided helpful links and information that can get you started. It might not seem like much. It might seem impossible. Trust me, they want everyone to think that, but it’s not. Help us send JPMC a message and let them know this kind of behavior won’t be tolerated anymore.

A Warning For Neurodivergent & Talented Employees
If you are neurodivergent, hyper intelligent, genius level, or just have exceptional talent at what you do, DO NOT WORK AT JPMC! Once your status or ability is noticed, you will have a target on you at all times. It’s essentially the adult version of a “kick me” sign taped to your back. JPMC’s internal security, psychologists, and human behavior experts will force you into different office and social scenarios to see how you react to them.

The results from these experiments are then fed into the human behavior part of WADU. You will forever be a pet science project to them and they will never leave you alone. You will never know this is going on. You will only feel the effects of their staged scenarios as they play out with and around you.

Pre-employment Screening For Undesirable Employees
JPMC goes out of its way to filter out employees that don’t fit their desired criteria. The questions the recruiters ask and all of the tests you have to take have are mined for personality information. It’s not just about being able to do the job. They want a controllable mind too.

If you want to know what their ideal candidate is for any job role, think of Don West (at the beginning) from the Lost in Space reboot. Especially the part about not being too good at anything and just going with flow. JPMC does not like employees that rock the proverbial boat, even if their intentions are good.

Sometimes their filtering fails and people that don’t fit their model make it through the cracks. These people end up getting classified as “undesirable employees” by their managers, directors, or by internal security. The employee will never know this has been done and they will have zero chance to defend themselves or explain anything.

An undesirable employee is one that JPMC wants to get rid of but has no legal grounds to do so. They have been classified as undesirable because they have done or said something (usually outside of work) that they feel is unacceptable to be attributed to a JPMC employee. Once an employee has been classified as undesirable, an elimination action plan is opened on them.

Triggers For Undesirable Classification
There are several things any employee can do that will get them classified as undesirable. This is not an exhaustive list. They routinely update the criteria and amend it. This list excludes the common HR problems that would get any employee in trouble anywhere under normal circumstances.

  • Speaking negatively about Jamie Dimon or other JPMC executive leadership
  • Mocking anyone that has joined or follows Jamie Dimon’s “cult of personality”
  • Discussing unionization or labor unions in a positive manner
  • Leading a unionization effort or simply going along with one
  • Speaking negatively about your manager or other superiors
  • Participating in any form of activism that views banking or finance negatively
  • Making racist or other derogatory comments about Indians or Indian culture
  • Openly agreeing that there is a wealth equality problem in the United States
  • Making derogatory comments about the “1%” or wealthy people in general
  • Agreeing that there is a problem with corporations having too much power
  • Organizing or participating in a protest at or near a JPMC campus
  • Not following or agreeing with the desired political ideology for your area
  • Organizing or participating in a flash mob at a JPMC campus
  • Being involved with taboo (but legal) sexual things like BDSM
  • Feeding WADU insanity to intentionally pollute its data lakes
  • Anything deemed “too weird” (even if 100% legal)
  • Plotting, scheming, or doing anything, even as a prank, to undermine anyone or anything at JPMC

Elimination Action Plans
An elimination action plan is sometimes jokingly referred to as putting someone on the “90 day plan” or the “90 day program”. This comes from idea that it will take 90 days or less to force the employee into resigning. The tactics that they use to push out undesirable employees are sinister and insidious.

Remember, they have no legal grounds to fire an undesirable employee. So they have to be very crafty about it. Only management and above will be aware this has been done in the initial stages. The progress of the target employee’s elimination is tracked meticulously.

Red Flags You Have Been Marked For Elimination
Please understand this is not an exhaustive list. If you are worried about this, you only have to ask yourself one question: If your employer was illegally spying on you and they found out <insert something here>, would they care or be upset? If the answer if yes, you probably have been classified as undesirable and are in the beginning stages of the elimination action plan that was opened against you.

  • Your manager and other superiors have become harsh almost overnight
  • Your team lead and other peers start taking hard jabs at you, but reinforce they are only joking
  • Everyone is always asking, even if in a roundabout way, if you are thinking about quitting
  • Colleagues that you once had a positive relationship with no longer want to be involved with you or have unexpectedly become standoffish
  • Your order in the cafeteria is routinely messed up, even if you were very specific and polite
  • Your work product is no longer acceptable or needs improvement, even if it was previously fine
  • Notepad++ randomly loses everything on your VDI and they tell you recovery is impossible
  • Weird coincidences start happening a little too frequently, almost as if they’re not really coincidences
  • You have started to have issues with your ID badge randomly not working
  • Your VDI session randomly slows to a crawl and then speeds back up again all throughout the day
  • Things you worked on all day either disappear or are reverted to the previous day’s version
  • You are forced to change where you are sitting the office to a different area for no reason
  • Indian or other foreign national employees that you have never seen before begin routinely sitting next to and around you (please pay extremely close attention for this)
  • You start witnessing people do things around you that no normal person would ever do at the office
  • Your manager keeps telling you stories about a person that strangely has identical personal issues or health problems that you have (and you haven’t shared these details with anyone at work)
  • Every time you go to the office, your ears begin to hurt and you feel unwell or outright sick (see Sound Nausea Attack section)
  • Changes have been made so that you are almost fully isolated from the team
  • Your manager unexpectedly offers you a new position (with substantially more pay) that you are not currently qualified to hold (surprise, it’s a trap)

Internal Security & Security Clusters
Some JPMC employees might be wondering why they would pay so close attention to the regular worker bees. JPMC wants you to think that there is just one big internal security department that’s focused only on high profile employees. This is the farthest thing from the truth.

The truth is that there are multiple security clusters throughout the organization that are responsible for watching specific areas or groups of people. No one cluster has access to everything, or is even fully aware of all the other clusters. Everyone at JPMC is monitored, not just the traders and other employees that can moves millions of dollars on a whim.

Some of these security clusters are run very professionally. It doesn’t change the fact that they are processing illegal surveillance, but they are professional about it. However, some of the security clusters are toxic cesspools that take out their frustrations by harassing the people they are supposedly responsible for monitoring. It all depends on how the security team lead runs their cluster, and it varies greatly depending on where you are located.

The people they employ in these security clusters are not typically good people. It is not beneath them to hire dishonorably discharged service members or mercenaries with the relevant experience. It would be unfair to say that all of them are bad people. Some of them probably don’t even understand the legal risk that they have taken by reviewing illegal surveillance, or at least don’t understand the actual gravity of it. They have the mindset of “I get payed for this so it must be okay.”

JPMC has already segmented and isolated internal security to a high degree with their cluster grouping strategy. To reduce the blast radius even further if something should go wrong during an elimination action plan, JPMC has put a buffer between internal security staff and the employees participating in the plan.

The buffer is an invisible boundary between the security staff and the participants. This is very similar to concept of having a “dirty team” of reverse engineers, and a “clean team” of engineers that take the specifications from the “dirty team” to clone an existing product or solution. This separation is needed to reduce legal liability and to minimize the exposure of the security cluster staff to anyone outside of the security department.

Internal security will relay “dirty” information to employees known as “eliminators” over Zoom. The invisible boundary is Zoom. The gap that Zoom provides in addition to using some specific selection criteria for eliminators, they believe this is enough of an insulator for them.

Eliminators are regular JPMC employees that have agreed to participate in an elimination action plan.
JPMC Internal Security needs regular employees to participate in the elimination action plans to accomplish their goal. Their goal is to force the target out with as little remaining liability as possible.

They need one of these things to happen:

  • Target resigns of their own volition
  • Target commits assault or battery against one of the eliminators
  • Target sexually harasses one of the eliminators
  • Target has some kind of meltdown or episode at the office
  • Target’s performance and attendance degrade to the point where they can be fired with cause

To be invited to participate, the employee must meet certain criteria. JPMC Internal Security will only invite employees to join that they think can be trusted to do what needs to be done and stay quiet. This is not something you can just throw your name in the hat for.

There are two kinds of eliminators. There are in person eliminators, and remote eliminators. JPMC Internal Security coordinate with both kinds of eliminators to form a plan to push the target over the edge and cause one of the desired outcomes.

In person eliminators are employees that will participate by interacting with the target directly. These will be the people that sit next to and around the target after their seating assignment is changed. In person eliminators will most likely be trusted Indian employees that are in the country on a JPMC sponsored visa. JPMC visa holders from other countries may be used as well.

Remote eliminators are employees that will participate by interacting with the target over a remote medium of some kind. They will typically be Indian nationals or Argentinian nationals that reside in their respective country. It can also be nationals from countries other than the United States as well.

Remote eliminators will antagonize the target over Zoom, Symphony, Skype, or now Microsoft Teams. They might also send the target provoking or confusing emails. Another way they attack the target is to bombard them with messages on WhatsApp, iMessage, or traditional texts. A lot of them are eager to participate because of the animosity they feel, because of the differences in salaries across the countries.

If American citizens are being used (naturalized or natural born) for either situation, they are considered to be of low overall value and someone above them decided it was okay to take the risk. The person that made this decision might not even be their direct manager. They will think it is an honor. It’s quite the opposite, but no one from management will ever tell them that. They need people like this for these kinds of situations.

The part that the eliminators are not told is that they are 100% legally liable for their actions. It does not matter that they were instructed to do it by a superiors. They are still engaging in what is considered targeted hostile action against and individual. This is illegal, there is nothing that changes that or makes it okay.

JPMC Internal Security lies through their teeth to these people. So it’s kinda fitting in the end. They will lie and say that they are coordinating with local law enforcement or the FBI. This couldn’t be farther from the actual truth.

They will never share anything with any branch of law enforcement. They keep everything under wraps, unless they are forced to release something by the legal team. They go to great lengths to avoid attracting the attention of law enforcement or any of the three letter agencies. Simply put, they don’t want anyone external poking around in an intimate part of their business.

A special note to the current JPMC eliminators: How does it feel to know that you have been lied to and put at great legal risk?

Also, if you are JPMC management of any level, you are expected to participate regardless of your thoughts or feelings on the situation. If they push back, then they are firmly reminded of certain paperwork they signed and the consequences for violating it. Ultimately they end up doing whatever they’re told to do. The high salaries some of them are paid are meant to quell sympathetic feelings towards their subordinates.

Elimination Process
The whole goal of the elimination action plan is to force the target employee into resignation in 90 days or less. The first thing that happens is the JPMC spyware on the target’s phone is converted from passive to active. Then they wait and watch.

A security staff member will start by reviewing the illegal surveillance they have collected from the target’s phone. They will take note of repetitive actions the target performs throughout their day while not at work. They pay extra close attention whenever the target isn’t decent or doing something intimate with another person.

The target’s repetitive actions are then mimed by internal security to eliminators over Zoom (usually in a private conference room). The eliminators will then go take their places on the office floor around and next to the target. Then they will begin to repeat the actions that were mimed to them by JPMC Internal Security after they have attracted the attention of the target.

What they want to happen is for the target to connect the dots in their mind and realize that their phone is compromised. They want the target to realize that they have been observed and recorded during their most private moments, and that JPMC Internal Security has this saved “for safe keeping”. All of them get off whenever the harrowing effect washes over the target and they realize what has happened.

Usually after the target connects the dots, they quickly leave the office and won’t return. This force drains the employee of any remaining vacation days or other time off that they might have left. JPMC management does not want to pay any of those days out.

The target’s manager and other superiors will casually drop hints in a roundabout way that they know certain details that were gathered from the illegal surveillance, but they will still conduct themselves in a professional manner. The target may ask about WFH options, but they will all be denied. Some targets have tried to come up with creative medical reasons on why they have to WFH, but ultimately JPMC human resources will defeat this.

There are no good people that agree to participate in these elimination action plans. Most of the eliminators have probably been lied to about the target to encourage their participation. From their WADU profiles, the target’s manager will know the employees that are most likely to get under the target’s skin.

It may sound like I’m on JPMC’s side because I’m encouraging you to give them what they want and to leave. The reason I’m telling you this is because there is no happy ending if you try and stay and fight it. They will continue to make your life miserable until you break. You cannot win, at least not right now.

And the longer you stay, the worse the actions the eliminators will take against you will get. These people don’t see you as a human being anymore. They only see a target that they get to intentionally cause pain, and they enjoy it. I’m not joking whenever I say they are the worst of the worst.

Live Email Editing
Everyone that works or has worked at JPMC has had to do multiple email phishing tests. You will routinely get emails trying to trick you and get you to click the embedded link. Once you’ve identified one, you use the JPMC Outlook plugin to report the email and you get a success notification.

Well, the JPMC Outlook plugin has a few other features that most people don’t know about. A long time ago, upper management got tired of having to deal with people (sometimes among themselves) that kept sending emails that were causing problems. They were never able to solve the “people” part of the bad email problem.

So the solution was to develop something that allowed “bad” emails to become “good” emails. That’s where the JPMC Outlook plugin comes in. It allows JPMC Internal Security staff to edit emails that were sent to you on the fly, without your knowledge.

It doesn’t matter if the email has been opened in a separate window, the plugin is still able to update it. If you were ever sent something that made you think about taking HR action, and then it magically changed to something else...now you know how it happened. This might be clever (ab)use of the Microsoft Exchange and Outlook APIs, but it’s also blatantly illegal. I shudder to think how this has been used to thwart e-discovery.

If you’re wondering how they’re so bold with this, think about the context. What would you say to HR? What would you say to your manager? What would you say to your attorney? “The damning email magically changed into something harmless?” No one would believe you. And it’s designed to be like that. That’s why they don’t care, even if you end up trying to make noise about it.

Screenshots of “bad emails” will magically disappear from your VDI’s H drive. If you try to email the screenshot to your personal address, it will be blocked by DLP. If you try to take a picture of the email with your phone (at the office), you will be fired.

Catfishing Employees
Just some small notes here. Internal security performs catfishing using phone calls, text messages, and emails. But what’s not commonly known is that they will try and catfish you on social media and dating apps as well.

The security team member’s goal is to try to get you to do something that will get you fired. If they are using social media or a dating app as the platform, they will send enticing pictures and messages to the person they are catfishing. If they successfully get you to share JPMC information, you will either be reprimanded or terminated.

Pro tip: If someone out of your league shows up out of nowhere and is a little too eager to hear details about where you work and what you do, say hi to JPMC Internal Security! They get bonuses if they manage to get a valid RSA 2FA code from you. And you get fired.

I don’t think it’s necessary to list every social media and dating app out there, but here are some of their favorite targets:

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Mastodon
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook & Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp (and others)
  • Tinder
  • Bumble

Custom Smart Phone Spyware
I know a lot of people are going to be skeptical of what’s in this section. And that’s okay, they should be. But before anyone says “that’s not possible” or “that’s not practical”, I want you to do two things. One, do some searching on the capabilities of modern cell phone malware and spyware. Two, remember how much money JPMC has to throw at things.

JPMC Internal Security has developed custom phone spyware that is capable of the following:

  • Camera capture
  • Mic capture
  • Audio playback capture
  • BT mic capture
  • Fake airplane mode
  • Hide activation dots for both mic and camera
  • Listen to and record phone calls
  • View/edit SMS/MMS messages
  • View iMessages (iPhone)
  • View RCS messages (Android)
  • View/edit contacts
  • View/edit call log
  • Support for viewing messages of popular apps like WhatsApp and others
  • View live screen
  • Prevent system or firmware updates from being installed
  • Upload or download files
  • Remote file management
  • Scan for vulnerable phones or other devices nearby
  • GPS tracking
  • Tone generator 18-25Khz (actual output frequency limited by playback device)
  • Upgrade persistence (doesn’t always work)
  • Reboot persistence
  • Factory reset persistence
  • Passive monitoring for both audio and video threat criteria specified by JPMC
  • Kill switch (starts a low level format of the internal flash)

Now that may seem like spyware with features from a science fiction or Tom Clancy novel. I wish it was. Unfortunately it is all very possible. JPMC has the money to buy the latest 0-day iPhone and Android exploits as soon as they are put on the open (darknet) market.

The internal security developers will work quickly to integrate the latest exploits into their spyware platform because people update their phones much more frequently now. The spyware is broken into two parts. The first part is the delivery payload. The second part is the actual spyware application itself.

They will know the exact model of your phone and the exact versions of software and firmware it is running from either the Workplace App or the Chase Mobile Banking App. They use this information to craft a delivery payload specifically for your phone. The spyware might be delivered using a messaging exploit, or by utilizing a WiFi or Bluetooth vulnerability whenever you are at the office and connected to corporate WiFi.

Now here is the part most JPMC employees don’t know. There is a good chance this spyware is silently running on your phone right now and it is passively monitoring you. You might think that sounds far-fetched. JPMC has the infrastructure to handle millions of installs of its banking app. Why would it have an issue handling an “app” that was only rolled-out to its employees?

This spyware is JPMC’s last line of defense against employees that are trying to take action against the firm in any way. If internal security identifies a whistle blower, the spyware can be used to make whatever evidence they have collected disappear from the whistle blower’s phone. If they find a threat actor, the spyware can be used to neutralize their phone. Or if they find someone trying to take confidential or sensitive information out of the office, it can be used to delete the files or pictures from that person’s phone.

Whenever passive monitoring is in place, the spyware will randomly sample audio and video from the cell phone’s microphones and cameras. These samplings are encrypted and saved on the phone. Whenever the employee returns to the office, these samplings will be moved off the phone and into the automated security review queue. The sampling and other data are only transferred whenever the phone is connected to corporate WiFi. This is to help the spyware to remain undetected by not causing a big data bill for the phone’s owner.

A person could probably go through their entire career at JPMC and never cause the passive monitoring to flag anything, but this would be rare. Usually what happens is sampling groups get flagged, they’re manually reviewed, and then dismissed. However, if a security team member discovered something of concern during the manual review of a sampling, the employee’s phone could be converted to active monitoring.

If active monitoring is in place, a security team member is most likely reviewing the audio and video live whenever the phone is connected to WiFi. They try to avoid using cellar data as much as possible because it can reveal that something is running on the phone that the owner doesn’t know about. A good indicator that you’re being actively monitored is if your phone is randomly sending encrypted data to an unknown AWS IP address.

I have been working with a security researcher to isolate the JPMC internal security spyware by using multiple forensic dumps of my cell phone. There is another nameless person that has been providing backups of their phone too so both the iPhone and Android variants could be studied. The steps JPMC has taken to make this spyware undetectable are unreal. They really have put a lot of work into it to make it as lean and efficient as possible.

As soon as the security research is finished with their analysis, they will be publishing STIX2 modules to the Mobile Verification Toolkit project repository. They are burning the candle at both ends to complete this as quickly as possible, but it is taking time. A detailed report about the spyware will be released at an upcoming security conference that focuses on mobile vulnerabilities.

JPMC management realized that everything they could ever want to know about a person could be harvested from their phone. Getting employee details from their phones was a big part of the Metropolis project (precursor to WADU). They also know at a minimum, every JPMC employee will have an smart phone capable of running the RSA token app so that they can login, pull passwords, or access other sensitive information.

Sound Nausea Attack
This attack comes from the brains behind the Metropolis project, Peter Cavicchia (from Palantir Technologies). It gets its roots from once restricted US government technology. It borrow concepts from LRAD/AHD and other riot control devices.

Most adult ears have a ceiling frequency response between 13KHz and 17KHz. That range is more realistic than the commonly quoted 22Hz to 22KHz. Any frequency above the ceiling will not be heard. But that does not mean that it cannot be felt.

Now here is where things get really dark. JPMC Internal Security will use the tone generator baked into their spyware to find the ceiling of your ear’s frequency response. Ever notice a random sharp noise from your Bluetooth headset? So lets say after poking around, they find out your ceiling is 17KHz.

They will then use 18KHz to MAX for the attack (MAX is the highest frequency the playback device is capable of emitting, this is normally 22KHz or just slightly higher). The attack uses the spyware’s tone generator to generate an oscillating pattern that rises and dives between the specified frequency range.

The target the attack is being used on will not hear this oscillating pattern. However, their autonomic nervous system will feel the sound waves as the oscillating pattern is blasted into their ears. The way that people react to this varies, but it is almost always negative.

Some people have thrown up at their desk. Some people develop temporary incontinence and soil themselves. In some cases it can cause strong headaches or even migraines. It has been known to trigger seizures. In some rare cases it can induce auditory psychosis.

It’s sickening that they would use this on anyone. Prolonged or repeated exposure may have unknown long term health consequences. They don’t care about that though. If they discover that you are susceptible to this attack, they will continue to use it until it drives you insane and ultimately out.

Coordinated Zoom Freak Out Attack
This is going to sound made up, but I promise it’s a thing. And to the people out there that have had this happen to them, feel free to chime in and tell your story. It also shows me just how much trust JPMC places in Zoom’s end-to-end encryption.

If a target is having trouble getting the hint that it’s time for them to move on, JPMC Internal Security may opt to involve several of the target’s team members for a coordinated psychological terror attack. This will usually take place over Zoom during the next team meeting.

Each eliminator is given a different repetitive action of the target to repeat while on the Zoom team meeting. The manager and team leads will be acting normal, and they will pretend not to notice that several team members are going bonkers. If the target asks, “What’s going on?” or “Hey, why are they all doing that?”, the manager or teams leads will ask, “What are you talking about?” and then smile.

Eventually the eliminators will stop and return to normal. Then they will all smile at you. The point of this is to send you a message. The message is this is how many people are currently against you and trying to push you out.

I have been told that this attack has induced psychosis in some individuals and they have run screaming out of the office. I don’t know if that is true or not, but it sounds plausible. I have to wonder about the paid supposed mental health professionals that come up with all these dark terror tactics. They must just love money and nothing else. They obviously don’t care about their fellow man anymore.

The Misread Email Attack
One trick that JPMC Internal Security will use to provoke you is an angry email. This attack will be coordinated with your manager. You’ll receive an email that contains statements intentionally designed to make you upset or angry. They want you to go to your manager and complain.

Your manager will then ask you to show them the email. Whenever you return to your desk, you’ll find that the email has changed. It will no longer contain the derogatory comments that provoked you into complaining.

This attack is designed to make you think you’re losing your mind. Your manager will then ask for you to go for a walk. They will calm you down and feed you some lines about how you can see things that aren’t really there if you are stressed out.

Make no mistake. Your manager is not being your friend right now. They are setting you up for a psychological response designed to make you quit.

You’ll return to your desk, and find that you have another provoking email. Right before your eyes, you will see the email change from being provocative to something harmless. What are you going to do? Tell your manager again? No. They’re sending you a message that you can’t win and should move along.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Attack
Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP is officially classified as a pseudoscience. However, many believe that it has the power to influence both the conscious and subconscious of an individual if done correctly. Whether this is true or not is open for debate, but NLP is a tactic used by both JPMC Internal Security and all levels of management.

Managers and eliminators will repeat questions that center around quitting JPMC. They will pester the target routinely with these questions. The idea is that if the concept of quitting JPMC is repeated enough to the target, it will influence and steer them to quit of their own volition.

The NLP attack, when combined with some or all of the other attacks, can have a profound effect on the target’s psyche. Or at least this is the belief. If it didn’t contribute to the overall success of the elimination plans in the past, I don’t think it would still be used. So I have to assume they consider it to be an effective tactic because it is still being used as of now.

Quitting questions are not they only type used for the NLP attack. They may use NLP to make you aware that they know private (usually embarrassing) things about you. They have also used the phone spyware to mix-in audio hallucinations type sound bites to any audio you might be playing to your headset. The sound bites will expand on or continue the NLP attack being run against you.

Photosensitive Epilepsy Attack
This is another leftover from Cavicchia. This attack is used to to induce seizures in people that have photosensitive epilepsy. They will have an eliminator sit next to the target on the side that exposes their peripheral vision to them. The eliminator will then open a black terminal window and a Skype conversation window that has been completely filled with single line sentences.

By rapidly switching between the black terminal screen and the Skype conversation, they effectively create a light pattern that can trigger seizures. They have several variations of this and will try different patterns and sequences to see if any of them will trigger a seizure. If you disclosed that you have photosensitive epilepsy in your employment profile, this will be used against you if they want to eliminate you.

Most people, even if they aren’t photosensitive epileptic, will have a nauseous or other negative response if they are shown repeating contrasting light patterns. If through observation they discover that this attack is effective on you at any level, they will continue to use it until it drives you crazy and snap.

The Dark Truth
For the current JPMC employees out there new and old. I want you to think about something long and hard. When was the last time you remember anyone was actually fired? Firing employees is a normal part of the corporate life cycle. Don’t you think it’s strange that some people have done some things that would have got any normal person fired...and instead they just quietly disappear?

The dark truth is, firing employees sometimes costs a lot of money. The employee that was fired, regardless of the reason, can sue and sometimes win. Firing an employee, even in a right to work state, can be a very complicated and costly process.

JPMC management decided years ago that it would be best if employees would just resign regardless of the reason they needed to be removed. Believe it or not, they did a cost benefit analysis of developing a PSYOP program to force unwanted employees to resign.

The result was obvious. If unwanted employees resign, JPMC has zero liability. They will scream and lie through their teeth that these measures were necessary to protect them from threat actors. While there is some truth to that, overall, they did it to save money at the expense of the well-being of their employees.

Closing Message
I’m going to close with a special note to Jim West (not his real name) because I know there is a good chance he will see this. Your exploits are legendary. You have single-handedly turned building F in Plano into a movie set. I could not believe it whenever I heard that floor 9 had been changed to open seating because of a single person that refused to use BookIt and would not install the Workplace app on their phone.

Also, you’ve seriously scared them again. They don’t know how you keep doing it. Quite frankly, I’m a little scared myself at this point.

Some of the internal security staff think you might have found some way to “uno reverso” their own spyware. The other theory is you have developed spyware of your own that is somehow evading their own custom detection tools. And some think you’re either a mentalist or just a lucky guesser.

The fact that they don’t know the answer tells me there is much more to you than being “just some bozo python developer in GTI”. You’re always somehow just one step ahead of their traps. You don’t know how many people have slammed their hands on their desks whenever you sidestep another one.

I’ve tried to stay as far away from the “Jim West” problem as possible. However, because of the chaos you’ve caused, literally everyone is involved at this point. Your real name is like a virus that has infected all of upper management. It’s unreal. This has never happened before.

But Jim, listen to me very carefully. If you have actually rigged all of JPMC’s OBMs to shutdown everything at some point, they will kill you. Make no mistake. This is not a game. Consider this the only warning you will ever get. If it’s real, I would quickly undo whatever you’ve done and then move on.

If there was never an OBM threat, then you will be fired at the start of 2024 right around the time you will have normally received your bonus payout. They are going to silently change your reviews in the Oracle HR system from near perfect to garbage. Then your official 2023 review will show that you have finally burned out. They know that you have no legal resources, that you are estranged from your family, and the likelihood of you fighting this is very low.

I’m so sorry that all of this happened to you. You did not deserve any of this. But bravo on taking it like a champ, all while putting on a performance that Sacha Baron Cohen would be proud of. You truly are a crazy sonuvabitch and one helluva an engineer. And that’s the truth. But leave now and save yourself Jim. It’s your only option if you have any hope of continuing your career anywhere else.

How To Fight Back Against JPMC
The contact information below was copied from public facing sources. Moderators, please feel free to redact anything if it violates the terms of service. At a minimum, please leave the locations and web links. I feel like more people will reach out if it easy for them to find the contact information.

If you were eliminated by JPMC and still have the same phone or phone number, get rid of both immediately! The spyware is most likely still running on your phone. JPMC internal security still keeps tabs on eliminated employees after the fact. I would also highly recommend doing your banking anywhere else.

FBI New York
Assistant Director in Charge: James Smith
Phone: (212) 384-1000
Address: 26 Federal Plaza, 23rd Floor, New York, NY 10278-0004
Email: [email protected]

FBI Newark (Jersey City included)
Special Agent in Charge: James E. Dennehy
Phone: (973) 792-3000
Address: Claremont Tower, 11 Centre Place, Newark, NJ 07102
Email: [email protected]

FBI Dallas (Plano included)
Special Agent in Charge: B. Chad Yarbrough
Address: One Justice Way, Dallas, TX 75220
Phone: (972) 559-5000
Email: [email protected]

FBI Houston
Special Agent in Charge: James Smith
Phone: (713) 693-5000
Address: 1 Justice Park Drive, Houston, TX 77092
Email: [email protected]

White House’s AI and automated worker surveillance study
Email: [email protected]
Web: https://www.whitehouse.gov/ostp/news-updates/2023/05/01/hearing-from-the-american-people-how-are-automated-tools-being-used-to-surveil-monitor-and-manage-workers/

Find the FBI field office that’s nearest to the JPMC office you worked at. It would be best to call and arrange for an appointment. If you cannot bring yourself to do that, please at least send an email with the subject “JPMC Hostile Workplace Elimination Investigation” with as many details as you can remember.

It would be extremely helpful (but not required) if you could include the items listed below:

  • Legal name used while employed at JPMC
  • Your JPMC SID
  • Job title or role
  • Employment start and end date
  • Mailing address held while you were employed at JPMC
  • Office address, building number or letter, and floor number
  • Manager that you reported to
  • Executive Director or Managing Director that your manager reported to
  • All the names of the people you can remember that were involved with your elimination (even partial names or nicknames are helpful)
  • Anything else you think is helpful or relevant
  • Your current contact details and mailing address

I would also recommend emailing the same information to the White House’s email address for their study on automated worker surveillance. You may not receive a response directly, but I promise someone will read it and take note of it. Not joking about this, every little bit helps right now.

WARNING: Do not send false information to any of the email addresses listed above. Doing so is a criminal and federal offense. Just be honest and tell them exactly what happened to the best of your ability. You will not get in trouble for doing that.

I know this might not seem like much, but this is the only way right now. If more people come forward and tell the FBI what JPMC did to them, it will throw gasoline on their currently slow burning investigation. I wish there was more that I could do or that there were more options available. It also cannot hurt to talk to an attorney about what happened. You might be surprised that they’re willing to take the case.

I have personally confessed all these details to the small team that I manage in private whenever we were all without our phones. We’re all quitting JPMC soon and heading to a place where we will be treated like actual employees instead of potential suspects at all times. I regret not having done all this much sooner.

The rest is up to you and JPMC staffers. Get the word out. Friends don’t let friends work at JPMC. If you have a better opportunity elsewhere, take it. And don’t forget to take your money with you when you go.

A document explaining WADU and JPMC's employee monitoring program is available here: https://rentry.co/wadu80
A document explaining several of JPMC's internal security protocols is available here: https://rentry.co/wadu81

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