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8/9/23 Account Updates

  • I will no longer be adding accounts to this list that are only intended to replicate other sources
  • This includes those that don't at least make a minimal effort to engage with the community

Quick Reminder

  • These links have been reviewed and checked and are working at this time.
  • If at any time a link goes down, please contact me immediately.


Mark Ingalls [email protected] - Portland based renewable energy meteorologist
Gerry Díaz @[email protected] - San Francisco Chronicle newsroom meteorologist
Athena Masson, PhD @[email protected] - Meteorologist & Hurricane specialist
Jason Stiff @[email protected] - Action News Now Chief Meteorologist for Chico, Redding, and all of NorCal
Phil Baker @[email protected] - Meteorologist @ NWS Memphis, TN
Rusty L Mehlberg @[email protected] - Meteorologist KQDS-TV Fox 21 (Duluth, Minnesota)
WeatherMatrix (Jesse Ferrell) @[email protected] - Meteorologist & Senior Weather Editor at AccuWeather
Austin Burkes @[email protected] - Weekend Meteorologist CBSAustin
Matt Lanza @[email protected] - Meteorologist in energy in Houston, TX
The Eyewall @[email protected] - Atlantic tropics from Houston-based meteorologists Matt Lanza and Eric Berger
Rusty Dawkins @[email protected] - Meteorologist at KLKN-TV - Lincoln, Nebraska
Stephen Mullens @[email protected] - Instructional Professor of Meteorology at UF
Rob Mayeda @[email protected] - Bay Area Meteorologist Semi-Active
James Spann @[email protected] - AMS Certified Meteorologist in the Deep South Semi-Active
Jeremy Reiner @[email protected] - Chief Meteorologist, 7News Boston. AMS Certified Inactive

- International:


Zack Labe, PhD @[email protected] - Atmospheric Climate Scientist, Postdoc at Princeton University & NOAA GFDL
Brian Brettschneider, PhD @[email protected] - A climatologist in Anchorage, Alaska
Brett Hoover @[email protected] - Physical Scientist, Numerical Weather Prediction, NOAA GDAS/UFO Development
Dr. Katharine Hayhoe @[email protected] - Climate Scientist
Rick Thoman @[email protected] - Climate Specialist with ACCAP/IARC at UAF
Michael E. Mann @[email protected] - Scientist, Presidential Professor @ Center for Science Sustainability & the Media, U. Penn
Paul Knightly, PhD @[email protected] - Planetary & Environmental Geologist
Prof. Stefan Rahmstorf @[email protected] - Climate Scientist, Head of Earth System Analysis at the Potsdam Institute
Dr. Peter Gleick @[email protected] - Climate and water scientist and communicator
John Fleck @[email protected] - Science writer with a focus on water

- International:

Emergency Management & Disaster Relief

AE4WX @[email protected] - MD, Disaster Response

WX Media

Ian Livingston @[email protected] - Information Lead and Forecaster at The Washington Post, Capital Weather Gang


BakersRelay @[email protected] - Weather and emergency info relay
Lisa Marie @[email protected] - Shares outlooks and weather news
Karen @[email protected] - Main focus on New England weather
Technodad @[email protected] - An enthusiast focusing on the NWS Gray area, w/ special interests in forecasts/alerts in the coastal zone
Denise Gutzmer @[email protected] - Keeping tabs on drought impacts for the National Drought Mitigation Center
WXFanatic @[email protected] - Avid weather geek, aggregator of information. Shares weather outlooks, forecasts, software etc.
Global Weather & EAS Society @[email protected] - Home for everything EAS, Weather, and so much more since 2015!
Mike Wolfinbarger @[email protected] - Co-Founder of Base Velocity, LLC (RadarScope)
Jared Smith @[email protected] - Software engineering, weather, indie web - Owns @[email protected]

Localized Accounts

DMV Weather @[email protected] - Weather forecasts and severe weather alerts for central Virginia, Maryland, and DC
Charleston Weather @[email protected] - Weather forecasts and alerts for the Charleston, SC Tri-County area
Idaho Fire Info @[email protected] - The first person to put a Smokey Bear fire danger sign on the internet. Former USFS
LexMAWeather @[email protected] - Amateur weather enthusiast & spotter focusing on Lexington, MA

Specialty Accounts

Zoom Earth @[email protected] - Hurricanes, weather, wildfires, and observations of the Earth from satellite.
Joseph Elfelt @[email protected] - Developer of GISsurfer web map using the Leaflet map API

Bot creators & maintainers

AI6YR @[email protected] - Satellite imagery enthusiast, bee-keeper, python coder
Chip Kroh @[email protected] - Emergency Management, Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness
Daryl Herzmann @[email protected] - IEMBot creator, Systems Analyst, Iowa State University, USA


The official IEMBots can all be found here, however they're not currently using the necessary hashtags, as requested, for Fediverse outreach.

Hashtags of interest
#YourStateAbbreviationwx Examples: #ILwx #GAwx #CAwx
#HurricaneName - Example: #HurricaneLee - Some may also use just the name #Lee
#TSName - Example: #TSLee (This is for tropical storms)
To be continued...


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