Oasis Vacation: Diver's Despair

Hey there! This one, as you can probably tell, is pretty long. Part 1 is all the plot, Part 2 is all the smut. I didn't want to clutter things up and scatter it across multiple rentries, so this is the new way of doing things. (And a new record for entry length! I think the Mothgirl threesome was the old record holder for longest entry in this series)
I say new way of doing things because if I can help it I'd like to write larger non-coom chunks of the story going forward, since I have a lot of fun ideas in that area which I'm looking to explore. Hopefully you guys are on board for that as well. As always, if you've got ideas or feedback, let me know on the thread.

Part 1: Fight Night

After a night of rest with Cherry in your room, you awaken the following morning still tangled in her loving tentacles. The rays of the morning sun peek through the wooden slats of your blinds, indicating it's an hour or two past sunrise. You plant a gentle kiss on Cherry's forehead to wake her up, and she stirs slightly in response.

"Rise and shine, sleepyhead," you say.

Cherry opens her eyes and gives you a long, deep kiss, taking her time to enjoy your lips. Her tentacles curl up around you in an embrace, their grip tight and loving so that she can hold you close.

"I'm gonna miss you while you're at work out here," she says softly.

"I'll miss you too," you admit. "But I'll be back at the Husband's Hideaway soon enough, once the Retreat finds enough staff to cover everything without my help."

"Mmh, alright," Cherry murmurs, nuzzling into your neck. "Just don't be gone too much longer, okay? I hear your other regulars miss you, too."

"Sure thing," you smile.

After a few more minutes of kissing, you and Cherry get out of bed and get dressed. Thankfully you've got fresh clothes here in your room at the Retreat, so you don those while Cherry slides her tank top and waistcloth back on.

Once you're both semi-presentable, you show Cherry the way back to the front desk, where Vaughn is predictably posted up and looked over some business papers. The sound of your footfalls nearing the desk draw his attention, and he greets you with a smile.

"Morning, Ryan! How's it going?" he asks.

"Quite well, Vaughn. Cherry should be all sorted now," you nod, turning to smile at Cherry. "Isn't that right?"

"Oh yes, I was looked after quite well," Cherry giggles, procuring a small pouch of coins that she tosses to Vaughn. "Thanks for tracking down Ryan for me."

"No trouble at all," Vaughn assures with the wave of his hand. "Have a lovely trip back to the Commercial District, Miss!"

"Thank you very much," Cherry replies, giving you one last kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you around, handsome."

"See you again," you tell her with a smile.

A moment passes as Cherry shuffles out the door, after which you turn to Vaughn.

"Alright, is that all the call-ins you'll be making while I'm on vacation?" you ask him, chuckling slightly.

Vaughn raises his hands defensively, leaning back in his chair with a smirk. "Yeah, yeah. I promise, no more sudden wrangle-ins until you're officially back on the clock. I put this one down as overtime, so you'll get paid handsomely for this little detour."

"Excellent," you nod, dusting off your shorts. "Now, if you don't need anything else, I'm off to enjoy the city today."

Vaughn shakes his head. "I got nothing for ya. Have fun, kid!"

You wave Vaughn goodbye, and head out the door. Stepping back onto the streets of The Delta, you take a moment to drink in the morning atmosphere. The sun's warmth feels good on your skin, a nice change of pace from the somewhat chilly interior of the Riptide Retreat. In the Oasis District, the weather is very consistent; hot and sunny, with clear skies and a slight breeze.

The mixture of desert and coastal climes is still something you enjoy quite a lot, used to the often-changing weather of the Commercial District where it's cold and wet all too often. Taking walks down to the seafront or through one of the many canals is something you've been meaning to do more often lately. Realizing you have the free time right now, you decide to embark on a journey across the sidewalks next to the canals on your way back to Selania's house.

A check-in with her is definitely in order, since you left the house about a day ago in search of a massage, and have yet to return. Selania is the kind of girl who doesn't really sweat those kinds of things though, so you're not worried about the length of your absence. Letting your thoughts wander, you look down into the glittering canal that runs to your left, where all sorts of aquatic monstergirls are starting their days.

A group of Merrows in their school swimsuits are laughing and splashing each other in the water, attempting all manner of impressive acrobatic tricks and cheering with glee. They notice you looking down at them, flashing you a few flirtatious winks and giggling among themselves.

"Get down here and join us!" they joke, splashing the water to wave you over.

You smile back and wave. "Maybe later," you shout down to them, continuing down the cobblestones that line the canal.

A pair of humanoid fish swim by, a sensible merman and a pretty young mermaid with a shimmering tail of rainbow-colored scales. You smile at them, the merman giving you a nod and the mermaid giggling bashfully as her father tugs her away from staring up at you. Further down the canal, a sultry sounding voice calls out to you.

"Hi there, handsome. Why don't you come down here? The water's lovely."

You look over to the side and see a lovely Selkie lying on one of the sandbars beside the canal. Her fur shines like silver, and her energetic and playful personality is written all over her face. She smiles at you, flashing a pair of adorable teeth, and waves you over in a friendly manner.

"I get back to work next week," you reply with a similar smile, leaning over the railing of the canal. "You can find me over at the Riptide Retreat."

"Too bad," she replies with a playful pout. "Well, maybe I'll see you around sometime."

You smile and wave, and the Selkie does likewise before hopping back into the water. You continue your walk along the canal, spotting a few more aquatic monstergirls as you go; a couple more playful Merrow, a group of friendly Undine, and even a few curious Sirens floating around with their captivating songs, prettier than any you've ever seen.

Witnessing the many aquatic residents of the Oasis District is always a treat. It's easy to think of it as more of a desert place, but the canal area is bustling with life and activity that quickly proves otherwise. You get a few more waves and smiles as you wind your way through the district's canals, until you finally climb the stairs back up to street level. Re-orienting yourself with the streets above, you realize that you're only a few paces away from Selania's house.

Taking the short walk needed to complete the journey, you quickly arrive at Selania's front door and rap your knuckles against it.

"Selania, it's me!" you call out.

"Just a moment!" you hear her voice reply from inside. A few moments later, the door opens to reveal a smiling Selania. She's dressed in her usual casual attire; sports shorts and a tight-fitting black tank top that leaves very little of her curvy and incredibly ripped Hellhound body to the imagination.

"Hey there," you greet, returning her smile.

"Well don't just stand there with a goofy grin, come on in!" she laughs, motioning you inside.

Stepping across the threshold, you're so focused on making your way inside and replying to Selania with an explanation on where you've been that you don't even notice the other figure standing in the foyer—until you bump right into them.

"So… This must be the Ryan I've heard so much about," an amused female voice notes from above you.

Stumbling backwards in surprise and confusion, your focus quickly readjusts to the monstergirl in front of you. Judging by the textured sheen on her skin, the long, finned tail hanging behind her legs, and her razor-sharp smile, the girl before you is a Landshark of some kind. What's most impressive is her stature; the Landshark female is easily a head taller than you, if not more, and the serious amount of muscle on her scarred body is very well displayed.

"Just how many ripped monstergirls do you talk to, Selania?" you ask her half-jokingly while your gaze drifts to the Landshark girl's bright, piercing eyes.

"Fewer than you might think. Name's Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Lizzy," the Landshark girl answers, extending a webbed hand to you.

You grip it firmly and shake politely, not wanting to be rude. It's like shaking hands with a sculpted grip of muscle covered in taut shark skin.

"Oh, right! Lizzy came over for coffee this morning," Selania says, walking over. "I've been catching her up on all the raunchy shenanigans of the last few days. Just everything that's happened since I scooped you up off the docks, anyway."

"Must have been a lengthy conversation," you chuckle.

"It has been," Lizzy nods, a knowing smile revealing more of her sharp teeth to you. "You sound like a busy man these days, Ryan. Winning Selania's favor isn't easy, and neither is catching Nefret's eye without getting a few of your joints twisted, let alone both!"

"Thanks?" you reply, awkwardly accepting her compliment.

"Come on, join us in the kitchen!" Selania hollers, already having made her way there. "I'll make you some coffee. You've certainly got a story to tell after being out for a whole day in search of just a massage, right?"

"I… Yeah, actually," you sigh, realizing that Selania's read you like a book. "I guess I do."

"Hah!" Selania barks with laughter. "What'd I tell you, Liz? He's never not up to some shit!"

Lizzy chuckles under her breath, following behind you into Selania's kitchen. "All those hickeys on your body, you definitely had some fun."

"Wha—" you're about to ask, until you look down at your neck and arms to realize that every inch of your skin has blossomed into deeply-colored hickeys left by the suckers on Cherry's tentacles. "Aw, hell…"

"Told you," Selania says once again, handing you a fresh cup of coffee when you enter her kitchen. "So, how was your night?"

"Very intense," you reply, accepting the coffee and taking a seat at the table.

Selania sits across from you, and Lizzy sets herself down on one of the chairs in between. The antique gothic furniture of Selania's kitchen noisily protests Lizzy's amazonian frame, audibly creaking when she sits down. Sipping your coffee, you take another moment to appreciate the strange spectacle that is Lizzy's appearance.

She's a seven-and-a-half-foot-tall Landshark female with crimson skin and black hair, dressed in little more than a grimy tank top and cutoffs. Her face is fixed in a sneering expression, her sharp teeth jutting out at odd intervals. She is unquestionably a terrifying sight, with every aspect of her screaming 'predatory carnivore'.

"So… You gonna elaborate, or did you just come back here to sip coffee and crash on the couch?" Lizzy snickers.

With a bemused sigh, you lean back against your chair and trace back to the beginning of the last 24 hours.

"Well, Selania gave me some directions to this massage parlor, but I'm still pretty bad at finding my way around The Delta, so I went to the Retreat first, since I know where most things are relative to there," you start. "That's when Vaughn stumbled out of the front door and told me I was needed inside."

"You work at the Retreat?" Lizzy asks, raising an angled eyebrow.

"Yeah, did Selania somehow gloss over that?" you ask in confusion.

"I guess she did," Lizzy growls, shooting a look at Selania, who is currently sporting a very sheepish grin.

"I was getting there!" Selania claims defensively.

"If you say so," you reply with a roll of your eyes, turning back towards Lizzy shortly after.

"Yeah, I work at the Riptide Retreat, but I'm actually on vacation right now," you explain.

"Sounds like a fantastic job," Lizzy says in a tone that's somehow both dreamy and accusatory, her eyes flitting up to the heavens as if to beseech a deity.

"It has benefits," you admit with a smirk.

"I'll bet," Lizzy says, licking her lips and flashing you a serrated smile. "But I'm holding up your story here."

"Right," you continue hurriedly, "I wasn't in a rush, so I decided to humor Vaughn and see what he needed. Next thing I know I'm chatting in the lounge with this old regular of mine from the Commercial District; a real lovely Scylla I got to know a while back."

"I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that's where the hickeys are from?" Selania interjects humorously.

"Damn right," you reply with a chuckle. "She stopped by to collect on a real hefty rain check I'd cut her a while back, so to speak."

"So you're into the freaks, eh?" Lizzy asks, her eyes narrowing.

"Lizzy!" Selania scolds, giving her friend a whack on the shoulder. "Don't be rude!"

"What? I'm just asking," she says, shrugging her shoulders. "It's cool that he's into the weird stuff. Human men will normally bore you to tears! No offense," she clarifies, looking over at you.

"None taken," you reply, waving your hand.

"So what's this Scylla like?" Lizzy asks, leaning forward.

"Her name's Cherry. She's a lovely girl; bright and energetic, fantastic conversationalist, absolute firecracker in bed," you rattle off. "The kind of client you hope for, really."

"She sounds pretty cool," Lizzy says. "But doesn't she have, like, eight tentacles or something?"

"Sure does," you affirm with a nod.

"Damn, that's a lot of tentacle," Lizzy says, shaking her head.

"You're telling me!" you laugh, stretching your arms out to display all the hickeys on your skin from Cherry's tentacles. "The kind of shit she'll put you through in a single session, I swear…"

"That much is clear," Lizzy snickers. "I can see why Selania won't shut up about how strong you are. I don't think I've known any human men that can go toe-to-toe with a Scylla in bed and waltz over to someone's house for coffee the day after."

"Cherry's small-time compared to some of the shit my bones have scraped through," you remark with pride.

"Like what?" Lizzy asks.

"Well, take your pick. I've lived through Lamia bites, a couple tussles with a Bunyip, some freaky mind-control shit with a Kitsune, almost got my skin smoked off by a Salamander once, been in a threesome with two Mothgirls, got plastered with and manhandled by an Oni, had my back clawed up by a baby-crazy Catgirl, the list goes on…" you groan, already feeling some of the sympathy pains from drawing up all these memories.

"Damn, that is a lot. You sure do get around, human," Lizzy says with a whistle.

"That's how it is when you're a monstergirl manwhore," you grin, taking another sip of your coffee. "I wear these scars with pride."

"Let's see 'em," Lizzy says, leaning back in her creaky chair.

You raise an eyebrow, gently setting down your coffee and standing up.


"Yeah, really," Lizzy says, crossing her massive arms under her substantial bust. "All that confidence, I wanna see what the hype's about."

"Alright," you say, pulling off you shirt to reveal your torso.

Your stories almost under-sell the thick patchwork of brutal scars that cover your skin. Everything from bite marks to talon scrapes are carved into your flesh, alongside the legacies of more bizarre wounds like blotchy burn scars and ice-pick scars from punctures. Criss-crossing from your collar bones to your belly button, it's a canvas of destruction from your years of service in the industry. Selania growls approvingly, while Lizzy whistles in appreciation.

"Alright, I believe you," she says. "You're fuckin' hardcore."

"Damn right he is," Selania adds proudly. "That's why I had to get a piece of him for myself! I mean, how many humans have you met that are like him, Liz?"

"None," she says, eyeing you approvingly. "I can see why you chose him. Damn, I'm jealous."

"I'm glad you like me," you chuckle, sliding your shirt back on.

"So when are you gonna fuck him?" Lizzy asks, to your embarrassment.

"Lizzy!" Selania barks.

"What? Unless you left that out too, none of your story involved getting a proper piece of him, Sel," Lizzy observes astutely.

"He's too banged-up from work lately. I'm waiting until he's in better shape so I can fuck him into the ground without any bullshit keeping his real strength away from me," Selania huffs defensively.

"Awww, you worried you'll dent your little boy-toy?" Lizzy teases mockingly.

"He's a strong male, and I'm not going to ruin what I have going for me!" Selania barks, slightly irritated.

"Oh, lighten up, Selania," Lizzy says lightheartedly. "I'm just busting your chops. If anything it's nice to see you taking your time with a guy for once."

You smile at Selania, who rolls her eyes.

"Yeah, yeah," she says. "I appreciate the sentiment."

"…But, if you don't need him at the moment, I've got this social function happening tonight, and—"

"Tread lightly, Lizzy," Selania growls. "I'm only so flexible."

Lizzy waves one of her hands dismissively. "Relax, it's not nearly as wild as your perverted little mind is assuming. I just need some arm candy for this get-together that's happening."

"What kind of get-together?" you ask.

"Oh, some of my old buddies are going to be back in town for this reunion thing," Lizzy says. "It's gonna be this big, boring event full of small talk and shit. I need a plus one that's not going to bore the daylights out of me."

"I mean… sure, I don't have anything going on," you admit. "Selania, what do you think?"

Selania shrugs, playing with her hair as she thinks.

"Go for it, I suppose," she says. "You'll probably be back by tonight, anyway."

"Yeah, these things never last too long," Lizzy says. "I should be able to get him back to you in a timely fashion."

"Well, if there's no objections, I'll go take a shower upstairs and get myself together while you two finish catching up," you tell them both, standing up from the table.

"None here," Selania nods, waving you off with a paw. "Have a good shower. Try to soothe some of those hickeys, you animal!"

"No promises!" you holler as your ascend the stairs.

Making your way up to the second floor, you can hear the conversation from downstairs resume as if you were still part of it. You smile at that, heading to the bathroom to wash up and get dressed for your night out with Lizzy. The bathroom at Selania's place is always great, a large space decorated in black granite and crimson fabrics, with orange crystals illuminating the whole thing. The darker atmosphere is a nice change of pace from the often-bright designs of the Oasis District, something you appreciate when you need to unwind.

Turning on the shower, it's hard not to wince under the stream of hot water as it hits all the tender hickeys on your body. You quickly wash yourself, lathering up and scrubbing off the usual layer of dried slime that tends to accumulate on your skin after enough time at the Retreat. You get out, dry off, and start getting dressed.

Putting on your trousers, you look at the hickeys again. They're really going to be noticeable. Maybe you can find a shirt that'll cover them up... nah, nothing will do that and not make you sweat to death. You'll need another solution. Ruffling through Selania's bathroom cabinets, you manage to find some numbing cream, which looks like it should help.

You rub some of it on your arm experimentally, and it seems to soothe the bruise somewhat. Though it doesn't do much to hide any of the marks on your body, you apply plenty of the cream anyway so they'll stop bugging you. You finish getting dressed in a decently casual outfit, slinging on some jeans to keep off the chill of the desert at night, plus a short-sleeve shirt paired with a light jacket.

Ready for action, you head back downstairs to see Lizzy and Selania finishing up their conversation. Lizzy is wearing a black tank top and beat-up cutoffs, revealing most of her figure and clearly displaying the muscled body that would normally lurk under more conservative clothes. It's easy to see that she takes care of herself, though you notice that she looks especially intimidating tonight.

Lizzy turns towards the sound of your footsteps on the stairs, her face displaying a slight look of surprise when she sees you.

"You look..." She struggles to find the right words. "Nice? Clean?"

"Presentable," you offer, "I hope."

She smiles. "Of course. I'm sure you'll be a hit."

"I sure hope so," you say. "I'd hate to be a boring plus one for a friend of Selania's."

"You are anything but boring, Ryan," Selania says with a smile. "Now go have some fun!"

"Will do!" you tell her cheerfully, following Lizzy out the door.

Falling in step behind Lizzy, you make your way down the street, turning towards the bustling action in the Oasis District. The streets are alive with monsters and people, all gathering in the clubs, bars, and myriad of other entertainment venues that dot the streets. You walk through the crowds with Lizzy, noting with interest all the different styles of dress and mannerisms of the various races and subspecies of monstergirls. Following her lead you turn the corner, exiting the side-street Selania lives on and entering the main strip of the Oasis District; the Oasis Promenade.

It's a wonderful sight, especially at nighttime, when the multi-colored pieces of jeweled sea glass that take the place of the cobblestones are illuminated by the amber glow of the crystal streetlamps. Spanning almost the entire length of the Delta, gilded with luxuries, and decorated with statues of the region's Succubi founders in a variety of showgirl poses, the Oasis Promenade is the main drag of the Oasis District. Everything you could want is here: food, booze, drugs, gambling—even sex. A lot of sex. You regularly walk down this street on your way home from work at the Riptide Retreat, but simply admiring it as a visitor is a whole different experience.

You follow closely behind Lizzy, her amazonian build easily taking up two side-by-side spots on the glittering cobblestones as she walks down the street. While both of you are tall enough to stick above the crowd, Lizzy is a part of the few monstergirls on the Oasis Promenade tonight that stand well above the rest. You keep close behind her, trying your best not to get separated in the thick crowd. You're not sure where she's taking you, but she's definitely walking with purpose.

"Where are we going?" you ask, trying to make conversation to pass the time.

"Like I said, I'm taking you to a get-together," Lizzy says, not turning her head to acknowledge you. Her voice is loud enough to hear over the murmur of the crowds, but she isn't shouting. "Just stick close."

You raise an eyebrow. "A 'get-together'? What kind of get-together?"

Lizzy huffs with a short spell of laughter, a mischievous smile exposing her usual jagged grin. "You'll see."

A sense of apprehension grows in your gut, one that only gets more distinct once Lizzy finds her way off the Oasis Promenade and onto the backstreets of The Delta. After a little more walking, she dips off the surface streets and leads you down to the canal pathways, which are similarly busy with the night life of The Oasis' aquatic residents.

"I thought you said we were going to a party," you say, your nerves starting to get the best of you. "It's pretty quiet down here."

"Relax, it's just out of the way," Lizzy assures you, turning another corner with you in tow.

That's when you're brought face to face with two Landshark females posted up on whatever feeder canal pathway Lizzy has lead you down, guarding what looks to be a rusty, locked pair of cellar doors. Though they are smaller than Lizzy, both of these Landshark girls look to be just as strong. The notice Lizzy's approach, and immediately acknowledge her presence respectfully.

"Lizzy! What's up?" the first one, a tough-looking teenager with spiky hair asks.

"Lizzy," the other, a more mature looking woman says in greeting. "You're here."

"You're late," the teenager points out to Lizzy accusingly.

"I was busy catching up with a friend. I've got something to make up for it though," Lizzy says in a low voice, looking over her shoulder at you.

The two Landsharks shoot each other some kind of look, before turning to Lizzy.

"A guest, huh? You know what the house rules say about guests like him," the teenager says with a sly grin.

"I'm well aware," Lizzy states confidently, returning the teenager's sharp smile. "Now quit holding us up."

With a shrug, the teenage Landshark girl nods to her older accomplice, who produces a key from her waistband and uses it to unlock the heavy cellar doors. As soon as the doors are pulled open, a wave of loud music and raucous partying hits you in the face, and the teenager smiles at you eagerly.

"Welcome to Diver's Despair!" she declares, gesturing for you to enter ahead of her. "You're a friend of Lizzy's, so you're welcome any time. And if you got some time to spare..." The teenager winks at you lasciviously. "The name's Cara."

"I'll keep that in mind… Lizzy, this doesn't look like a boring get together!" you exclaim, looking at the cellar steps hesitantly.

"It's not!" she says excitedly. "Come on, I'll show you!"

Before you can even object, Lizzy has grabbed your hand and is tugging you down into the cellar. It now occurs to you that Lizzy was never taking you to some stale reunion, and that's probably why she wasn't dressed like it either. The two of you quickly descend a flight of stairs, and soon find yourselves in a much more lively setting.

The first thing that hits your senses is how noisy it is. Patrons chatter, cheer, holler, and roar all through the crammed underground space, making it difficult to hear anything except the mixed cacophony of it all. The second thing you notice is that everyone here is a Landshark of some kind, and they're all females. The third thing that catches your eye is the gigantic steel cage at the center of the space, which absolutely looks like a gladiatorial enclosure.

"Welcome to my little slice of paradise!" Lizzy cheers loudly, apparently not bothered by the noise.

"That cage… is this a gladiator ring?" you ask, hearing the roar of the crowd as a new combatant enters the ring.

"Sort of! They have a fighting system that's like professional wrestling, but we augment it with all sorts of fun stuff. Looks like we're just in time for the final round of warmups!" Lizzy shouts excitedly, dragging you along towards one of the spectator tables that sits a short distance away from the battered steel cage.

Still trying to take everything in, you do your best to observe some of the other Landshark girls that are packed into this bizarre mixture of an underground bar and a wrestling club. From what you can tell, there's a shocking amount of variety among Landsharks. While most of them have a similar amazonian build like Lizzy, their other features have a wild amount of diversity. There are more shark-skin colors present than you can count on your fingers, and body types that range from even larger and more intimidating and Lizzy's to smaller and leaner Landshark girls that are built like lithe ambush predators rather than fierce warriors.

You spot some of them eyeing you with their sharp, intent gazes, and it occurs to you that you are the only non-Landshark—and in fact, the only male—in this entire place right now. You instinctively look to Lizzy and grip her hand a little harder than usual. Lizzy gives you a quick glance, and then looks at you with surprise when she sees that you're clearly nervous. She gives a faint smirk, seemingly growing fond of your anxious energy.

"Don't sweat the looks, man!" Lizzy assures you with a confident wave of her hand. "As long as you stick next to me, nobody's gonna fuck with you!"

You nod hastily, uncertain if you can even speak loud enough for Lizzy to hear you over the incredible noise that surrounds everything. The chairs and short tables surrounding the main mat-lined fighting pit within the cage are packed with onlookers cheering on the combatants, while the bar and larger surrounding tables seem to be just as full. Lizzy guides you over to an empty short table near the cage, where you're able to get a good look at the final warm-up match of the night.

On the mat are two Landshark girls, both on the smaller side compared to their more imposing sisters. They are still clearly experienced fighters, exchanging shrewd moves that exude power and confidence. The near one is a blonde with primarily yellow shark skin accented by jagged white stripes, taking advantage of her opponent's confusion by smashing a tight-fisted punch into her foe's side.

The other girl is a brunette with jet-black shark skin accented by streaks of bright green scales carving lines across her body, who is staggering back from the blow but manages to grab her opponent's extended arm. She takes advantage of the blonde's forward momentum, spinning her around by the arm and knocking her off her feet with a sweeping kick to her legs. The crowd cheers as the match ends, and the victor raises her arms in a pose before returning to her corner.

Lizzy leads you over to one side of the cage, where she leans over the wooden railing and calls over to one of the girls, "Hey, Trish! How'd Ashley do?"

"She did good! Real amped up tonight, but I think the initial excitement is what made her sloppy," the black and green Landshark girl replies, before her gaze settles on you. "Who's he?"

"You're about to find out!" Lizzy cackles with a broad grin. "Find me the microphone, would 'ya, Trish?"

Trish quickly picks up the microphone from her corner of the ring and tosses it over to you. Lizzy catches it and smiles at you. "I'm gonna be doing a little improv here, okay? Just react naturally, and you'll have a great time."

"What's this all about?" you ask in confusion.

"Don't worry!" Lizzy reassures you, before tapping the mic with a sharp finger to catch the crowd's attention.

The crowd's volume remains high for a moment, until they realize someone is waiting to speak, at which point they quiet down do a dull murmur.

"Good evening ladies!" Lizzy shouts excitedly. "As always, it's good to see all you harlots assembled here for another night of drinks and throw-downs. But tonight, I've got something real special for you!"

At this, all tangential conversation stops, and every Landshark girl in the place has their eyes on Lizzy, who promptly gestures beside her, to you. "I'd like to introduce you all to someone special. This is Ryan, who I'm sure some of you have heard is one of the Riptide Retreat's finest employees!"

"Wait, what?" you sputter, just now realizing that you're at the focus of everyone's attention.

"…and if you win tonight's tussle bracket, he's all yours!" Lizzy proclaims boldly.

At this point, the room goes wild with the uproarious cheers of the girls in the crowd. You're dragged over to a waiting area near the side of the ring as you hear Lizzy's announcement roll over the assembled Landsharks. The usual announcer rapidly begins going through the rules, but you're focused on other things. Namely, your immediate future.

"Lizzy!" you hiss, trying not to attract attention. "What the hell is this?! Why have I just been offered up like some kind of grand prize!?"

"I've heard a lot about your reputation, and you talk a big game, so I'm here to see it for myself. If you manage to bed whoever comes out on top of tonight's fighting bracket, I'll know Selania actually has a quality boyfriend on her hands," Lizzy explains, like her idea is both obvious and rational.

You're still a little overwhelmed with everything that's going on. You look around the room and see that there are already small groups of Landsharks stripping off their shirts and assembling around the fighting cage to determine starting brackets, making bets with each other on who's going to win. All the while, they look up from their preparations to you, sitting at the table closest to the cage with glances that make you feel like a scrap of meat being dangled before a horde of hungry predators.

Your eyes quickly move to Lizzy, who seems to be the only one not looking at you like dinner.

"So do we have a deal?" she asks.

"Uh... sure, I guess," you say, a little bewildered. "Do I really have a choice here?"

Lizzy winks at you. "Sure you do. You can always decline. It's just that you'll need to explain that to all my friends here."

You look away from Lizzy and back to the teeming crowd of Landshark women that are making preparations for the multiple cage matches that will soon be underway. There must be a hundred girls packed into this cavernous cellar, if not more. They're all impressive monstergirls; shark-like humanoids with the fine musculature and powerful bodies of top-level professional athletes, covered with fine scales that shimmer like jewels in the low light. Some of them wear casual clothes and sports attire, others wear light cloths around their midsections, and some barely even have a few wraps around their glossy skin to keep them from being completely naked.

The moment you try and worm your way out of this arrangement, you're a dead man for certain. To piss off a group of fighting monstergirls like this who've been promised your body as the grand prize for tonight's combative entertainment would no doubt end with you in a much worse situation than you're in now. You look back to Lizzy, and then the other Landsharks in the room again, realizing that there is no way out of this. You've been had, and now the only way out is to roll with it and accept that a very intense night of intimacy with one of these Landshark females is in your immediate future.

"Well, there's no going back now," you say aloud.

"No, there isn't," Lizzy says with a smile. "You ready?"

You let out a sigh. "…yeah. As ready as I'll ever be."

"Great!" Lizzy smiles. "Just sit back and enjoy spectating the fights for a while! They're a real spectacle."

"What about you?" you ask. "Won't you be fighting?"

"Me? Nah," she says with a smile. "Since I'm the one doing the organizing tonight, I'm not gonna be in the ring. Look on the bright side, that means you don't have to worry about me stealing you away to bed!"

"Silver linings, I guess…" you grumble unappreciatively.

"Alright, eyes on the cage, first match is going down!" Lizzy shouts, directing your attention with a quick wave of her hand.

The first fight of the night is between two impressively large Landsharks. The shark-girl on the right side of the cage sports a muted complexion of sleek gray scales that alternate between light and dark shades, with her messy hair colored chalk-white. The shark-girl on the left side of the cage is much darker in hue, with bright blue eyes and auburn hair that sports a long ponytail. Her skin tone is somewhere between red and orange, with a few dark patches of color in contrasting shapes across her body. The rules are explained simply by the announcer: the two Landsharks will enter the ring from opposite sides, and they must fight until one of them is held to the ground for three complete seconds.

The match begins with the two Landsharks eyeing one another from either side of the ring. The gray-and-white shark-girl rushes forward and swings a punch at the auburn-and-orange one, who slips to the side and attempts to latch onto her with a grapple. The gray shark moves out of the way and sends her elbow crashing into the other's chin, sending her staggering backwards before she can get a good grip. They trade a few more blows before the gray one barrels into her opponent, knocking her down to the ground. She attempts to keep her there, but the auburn one wraps her powerful legs around her opponent and flips her over with a strength that seems at odds with her stature.

The two of them begin to get up, when the gray one makes another lunge, knocking her opponent back down to the ground. She then leaps on top of her and presses her large body against her, holding her down for the count of three. The announcer calls out, "And the winner is… Cassie!"

The gray shark-girl leaps out of the arena alongside her auburn adversary, and a new, even larger shark-girl enters. This one is dark green all over, with a long mane of bright red hair that flows freely behind her as she dives into the ring. Her eyes are a vibrant purple that seem to draw you in, and her teeth are sharp and deadly looking. Her opponent is an average-sized light blue shark-girl with dull silver scales and blonde hair she keeps cut short. Her eyes are a piercing green, and she smiles sweetly at her opponent as she leaps into the ring.

The two circle one another, and then the green monster strikes, barreling into the smaller blonde, who only narrowly dodges. She grabs her by the arm and exploits the momentum of the charge to slam her into the edge of the cage, causing it to rattle spectacularly. The green one recovers quickly and charges again, but this time the blue shark-girl is ready, and she leaps onto her back as the larger girl lunges across the ring, throwing her off. The blue one takes advantage of this position, locking her legs around the bigger shark-girl's midsection and beginning to throttle her with both arms. The green one rears back, struggling to deal with the lighter, more nimble frame of her opponent that's latched onto her from behind.

The announcer shouts, "Mara has the back, looking for the choke!"

The crowd roars, but it looks like she's struggling to keep the green one down. Mara grimaces as she struggles to keep her locked in place, and then, just when it looks like she's about to do something transformative, the green one manages to twist around and hurl her off with surprising strength. Mara is sent sprawling across the ring, impacting against the mat some distance away with a heavy thump.

"And Mara is down!" the announcer shouts, as the crowd boos heavily.

The green one leaps onto her, pouncing on top of her as she tries to catch her breath. She tries to get her by the neck, but Mara rolls out of the way and scrambles to her feet, only to be intercepted by her opponent once more. They struggle against one another, neither one gaining the advantage over the other.

You look over at Lizzy, seeing what she thinks of the fight. She's clearly quite enthralled, studying both fighters intently.

"Who do you think is gonna win this one?" you ask her, curious to hear where her prediction will land.

"Mara's got this," she replies confidently, eyes never leaving the cage. "Sally's bigger and tougher, but all she knows how to do are those grappling moves. Mara can exploit her more diverse move set and lighter body to take her out, as long as Sally doesn't land a solid hit on her."

"What happens if she does?"

"Then it's all over for Mara."

The announcer shouts, "And the fight continues!"

Mara immediately closes the gap between the two of them, trying to get inside her reach. She attempts to strike her several times, but Sally is faster and heavier, easily dodging or blocking her attacks. Mara might have better technique, but she can't compete with the raw power that is Sally's sheer strength. Mara's faster, but she can't trade with the hits that the larger, stronger shark-girl can hand out.

"Come on, Mara! Tear her to pieces!"

"Beat her to a pulp!"

"You got this!"

Mara lands a heavy hit on Sally's side, knocking the air out of her and sending her to her knee for only a moment. That's all Mara needs to kick off into a swift front-flip and lock Sally into another brutal choke-hold. She doesn't let up this time, refusing to give Sally a break. The crowd is on fire, roaring with cheers and shouts as they encourage Mara to go for the win. Sally is struggling to remove Mara from her back, and she's getting weaker by the second.

Inches from victory, Mara begins to slow down. Her arm trembles as she fights to keep the hold locked, and it's painfully obvious that she isn't going to be able to keep it for much longer. Still, Mara refuses to give up, bringing her arm back around for one last attempt at choking the life out of the larger Landshark.

With a heavy thud, Sally falls to the ground, and the crowd erupts in outrageous celebration. Mara rolls off of her and collapses onto the floor, exhausted.

"And the winner is... MARA!" the announcer's voice booms through the underground space as the crowd goes wild.

Mara lays there on the ground, eyes wide open, taking in deep breaths. A few other shark-girls are already crowded around her, offering their hands in support as she gets up off of the mat.

"That's Mara for you, always ready to outsmart you in the process of kicking your ass," Lizzy chuckles, nodding with approval at her friend's hard-fought victory.

You let out a low whistle, watching the next match queue up. "I'm impressed, this little fight club of yours is some serious shit."

Lizzy flashes you a bright smile. "Damn right it is. We got this together so that we could have proper fights and fun under the same roof without any bullshit. It's been a blast since day one."

The next several fights pass in a high-octane blur, and before you know it the final match of the bracket has arrived. The two shark-girls that step into the cage are both impressive specimens: Mara, the light blue and sliver shark-girl who's fought several times already tonight, and Trish, the black and green shark-girl you saw at the warm-up rounds earlier tonight. Both are startlingly tall and possess sleek, lean builds optimized for a mixture of strength and flexibility.

"Who do you think is gonna win?" you ask, leaning over so Lizzy can hear you above the din of the crowd.

"Hard to say…" Lizzy hums thoughtfully, studying both fighters while they size each other up inside the cage. "They're almost perfectly even in terms of size, and their builds are pretty similar. Mara's a bit faster, but she's also had some more difficult fights than Trish tonight, so she's worn-out."

"So who do you think is going to win?" you ask again, almost nervously.

Lizzy flashes you a razor-sharp grin in response. "Trish is going to win."

You look back over at the two fighters, watching how they circle one another. The buildup doesn't last much longer, as Trish and Mara begin to strike at each other with raking claws and wide, hooking punches. Trish manages to dodge all of Mara's blows, before landing a hook to her ribs. It doesn't seem like much, but it sends Mara toppling to the floor. She lands with a heavy smack against the mat, struggling to breathe. After Mara collapses, Trish wastes no time in pouncing on the blue and silver girl, trying to lock her down for the win.

As you watch them fight, you can't help but notice how enthusiastic the crowd is. They're loud and raucous, and they're following the fight very closely. You can't help but get swept up in it, especially when the fights starts to really drag out. Trish and Mara exchange punch after punch, grapple after grapple, with neither of them obtaining a decisive lead for a serious amount of time. Both of them are quite slippery, managing to tank heavy hits and worm their way out of what seems like match-ending choke-holds and pins. By the time Trish has her opponent in a solid lock, you're on the edge of your seat.

"Come on!" you shout excitedly to nobody in particular, "She's got her! She's gonna win this thing!"

"Hell yeah! Trish is the best!" Lizzy shouts back at you as she joins in your cheering with gusto.

The fight doesn't last much longer after that. The cheering of the crowd reaches a fever-pitch, and Trish's hold on Mara lasts just long enough for the announcer to call the match.

"And the winner of tonight's tussle is… Trish!"

The crowd goes wild as Trish lets out a loud roar of victory. Mara pushes herself up off of the floor and wipes the sweat from her brow. You applaud along with the crowd, swept up in the hype of the moment. Trish turns to face the audience, basking in the applause of her friends. After a brief moment, she turn to Mara, and exchanges a strong warrior's handshake with her. The two trade a few encouraging words that go unheard thanks to the noise of the crowd, before they part ways.

Trish emerges from the cage, and the other shark-girls are quick to swarm around the night's victor. They hug her and offer their congratulations. Lizzy turns to look at you with a mischievous grin, and that's when the reality of the situation returns to you—you are Trish's grand prize, as promised by Lizzy at the start of the night. Suddenly, you're very aware of the fact that you're a man out of his element, surrounded by predatory females.

Before you even have the chance to voice a final round of useless objections, Lizzy has you pulled into the crowd of celebrating Landsharks, who are quick to push you towards Trish. Her pointed grin is predatory and her eyes bear down on you with a fervor you've never seen.

"There's my prize!" she shouts proudly over the noisy crowd. "Get him over here!"

Before you even have the chance to process what's happening, a pair of Trish's friends drag you over to her, lifting you up off of the ground and forcing you into her arms, where she receives you with a bone-crushing hug.

"This has to be the best thing I've won in a fight for ages," Trish growls, her grin growing even wider. "I've always wanted a boy-toy."

Trish's smooth, glossy lips press against your own, and you can't help but kiss her right back. Her long, powerful tongue quickly invades your mouth, which is just as strong and forceful as the rest of her. She wraps her arms around your body and holds you in place, the crowd of onlookers cheering and whooping while her tongue begins to explore every inch of your mouth. Her tongue massages and caresses your own with a distinct, wild hunger. You never thought that you'd be smothered and tongue-kissed in the embrace of an amorous shark-girl, but such is the reality of the present moment.

Trish breaks the kiss and holds you out at arm's length to admire her prize. She growls approvingly, before turning her vicious gaze to the crowd gathered around her.

"What do you think, girls? Is he a good catch?" she muses rhetorically.

The lusty, cooing jeers of the Landshark girls provide a clear answer.

"He's a fine catch!"

"If you won't, I will!"

"Sharing is caring, Trish!"

"Don't let him go to waste!"

With a slight giggle, Trish scoops you up bridal-style in her arms, and makes her way towards the exit. The crowd eagerly parts to let her through, making all manner of obscene congratulatory catcalls directed at the two of you. You're so dazed by the events that you can't even muster a single word of protest. She's quick to ascend the steps that lead back to surface-level, stepping through the cellar doors that you entered through some time ago. There, on the cobblestones that abut the canal, stands a smiling Lizzy.

"Evening, Trish," she greets her with a wave. "I see you're halfway to enjoying your prize already."

"The best is yet to come," Trish winks, setting you down and allowing you to stand under your own power. "You always did pick nice guests for our fight nights."

"I try," Lizzy says with a wink of her own, "just make sure you hand him back over to me by sunrise, alright? Otherwise I'll have some serious trouble coming my way."

"So, I have to dump him back at your place on a time limit?" Trish snorts, her mouth twisting into an amused sneer. "That seems like a lot of strings attached for a grand prize."

"Hey, if you want to deal with a Hellhound tearing up half of The Delta looking for him, be my guest," Lizzy retorts.

Trish's expression turns pensive for a moment, until she comes to some kind of conclusion, and her wicked grin returns. "Tell you what, Lizzy… If it means I don't have to deal with the logistics, I'm not opposed to sharing him with you."

"What?!" you blurt out, utterly taken aback by the suggestion. You are barely mentally prepared to fuck one shark-girl tonight, let alone two!

"Don't worry, cutie," Trish smiles, stroking your cheek with surprising gentleness for a creature her size, "it'll be fun. If Lizzy feels like it, that is."

Your panicked gaze turns to Lizzy, who is now regarding you with a predatory stare. Your breathing hitches in your throat, and you can't help but imagine yourself sandwiched between these two shark-girls in bed.

"Well…?" Trish asks, quirking an eyebrow at Lizzy.

Lizzy's eyes trail up and down your frame, your body going tense under her gaze. It feels like she is undressing you with her eyes, peeling away your clothes to get a good, thorough look at your form. Your skin prickles in mild alarm when her gaze briefly flicks to your crotch and stays there for a moment.

"Yeah… We can share him," she says, sauntering forward to study you at a much closer distance. Her presence is even more intimidating up close, and your cheeks burn under her intense stare. You feel like a lamb trapped in a den of hungry wolves. "I'm not one to turn down a good thing when it's right in front of me."

"Sounds like a plan to me," Trish grins, "lead the way back to your place, Lizzy."

Part 2: After Hours

You voice no objections, understanding that your fate is out of your hands. Better to just go with the flow and try to survive this with as few additional injuries as possible, you think to yourself, than risk upsetting these two shark-girls with any noisy objections. Besides, the more you're thinking about this, the more enticing it sounds. You're a bit ashamed to admit it, but the idea of sharing these two curvy, sexy shark-girls is a very alluring concept.

Lizzy leads you and Trish up from the canal paths back to street-level, chatting casually along the way. She seems much less threatening when she's not eyeing you like a piece of meat, and the same goes for Trish. The three of you discuss the many cage matches of the night, particularly Trish's stunning victory in the final match.

"Mara put up a good fight, but once I got ahold of her I knew it was over," Trish laughs.

"I could tell!" you add enthusiastically. "There was so much adrenaline building up to that last tackle, it was outrageous!"

Lizzy nods in affirmation. "I'll say. I was on the edge of my seat. Must have been a hell of an experience being the one inside the cage."

"It always is, but it's what I live for," Trish says proudly.

"To the left here," Lizzy calls out.

The three of you turn down a street lined with simple residential houses and bordered by quietly rustling desert palms. After a short walk, you reach Lizzy's home: a small one-story house with a wrought iron gate protecting its front porch.

"Well," Lizzy smiles, fishing inside her denim cutoffs to withdraw a brass key. "Here we are."

Lizzy swiftly unlocks the front gate and swings it open. "C'mon in," she smiles, waving you inside.

Needing no further invitation, you step onto her porch with Trish following close behind. As soon as you're inside, Lizzy shuts and locks the front gate, leaning against it and looking at you.

"So, what do you say?" she asks, eyeing you lecherously and licking her lips. "Ready to head inside and give the winner what she's owed?"

Trish places her hands on your shoulders from behind, rubbing them sensually. "I sure hope you are," she says softly in your ear. "Because I'm ready to put my prize to very good use."

Without waiting for a response, Lizzy strides forward and unlocks her front door, whereupon Trish seizes you by the wrist and drags you inside. Lizzy follows, locking the door behind you.

"God, I'm gonna fuck your brains out," Trish whispers in your ear, pushing you up against one of the foyer's walls.

"Trish isn't the only one who needs a good fucking," Lizzy laughs from a similarly close distance.

Trish presses up against you, pinning you to the wall so that she's free to caress your sides with her powerful hands. She leans her head forward and licks your face, tasting your skin. Enjoying what she's found, Trish leans down so that her mouth is at your level, and starts to make out with you. She thrusts her wet, rough tongue in your mouth, massaging your own with it. In response, you put your arms around her neck and massage the back of her neck with your fingers.

Trish suddenly grabs your wrists and pulls your arms around her body, holding them behind her back so that she's holding you tightly against her. She releases your mouth for a moment so she can kiss her way along your jawline and bite down on your earlobe. That's when Lizzy makes her appearance on the other side of your head, scratching the back of your scalp and kissing at the ear Trish isn't busy with.

"Mmm… What do you think, Trish? Is a bath in order after all our hard work tonight, or should we skip right to the real fun?" Lizzy growls in a voice that's dripping with carnivorous lust.

"Oh, I think we should definitely take the time to have a nice bath," Trish says in startlingly seductive voice, "If only to help clean off all this sweat and grime before we get anything started."

"I like the way you think. Come on," Lizzy says, her voice just as commanding as it is sultry.

You soon find yourself being dragged into the bathroom by both of the eager shark-girls. You never thought you'd be in this situation, and to be quite honest you're a little terrified at how aggressive they're being, but you can't say that's it not a serious turn-on.

The bathroom you are lead into is unlike any of your expectations. It's nearly as large as a master bedroom in some other houses, with a circular tub sitting at the center of the room that's easily large enough to fit several humans inside. It's an impressive centerpiece, made of what appears to be dark granite with crystalline insets. Three sliver taps sit grouped together on one side of the tub's circumference, already pouring steaming hot water into the body of the tub. You get the impression this thing is running all the time, which would make sense for a semi-aquatic monstergirl like Lizzy.

The rest of the room is just as impressive. The floors are smooth, polished wood that has been expertly crafted, and the walls are covered by waterproof wallpaper that has a subtle, undersea pattern to it. More crystalline insets provide electrical lighting in the room that give off just the right kind of illumination, which tops off the very soothing atmosphere the whole room possesses.

"Man, this is really impressive," you note with wonder, walking towards the edge of the tub. "Shark-girls take their bathing setups pretty seriously, huh?"

"You bet!" Trish says, already starting to undress. "It's part of our heritage. We're practically born in water, we take baths regularly and for long periods of time, it's something that's always a big part of our lives."

"That's right," Lizzy agrees, pulling her cutoffs down her sculpted legs. "We might not be as hydrophilic as our Mershark cousins, but Landsharks are still creatures of the water, first and foremost. Now get your clothes off."

"R-Right," you sputter sheepishly, starting with your shoes.

Once your shoes and socks have been kicked off, you pull your shirt away from your torso. That's when your attention is grabbed by a low whistle coming from Trish, who is eyeing your heavily-scarred upper body with interest.

"Would you look at that…" she purrs, the lust in her eyes quite obvious.

"Impressive shit, right?" Lizzy says with a smirk. "Apparently they're from all the monstergirls he's been with. I could scarcely believe it myself."

"So do shark-girls have a thing for scars, or…?" you ask, noting their unusual levels of interest while you work on undoing your belt.

"Oh, absolutely," Trish answers with a grin. "Scars are a very common desirable trait among our kind. For a human to have so many... You're quite the catch."

"Well, I'm glad it's a point of attraction," you say appreciatively.

Now in just your underwear, you take a moment to study the bodies of the two shark-girls who are undressing in front of you. Trish is taller than Lizzy, with a more slender frame and a narrow waist. Her body is very much like that of a swimmer's, or a runner's. Her breasts are smaller than Lizzy's, but they're just right for her build, which adds to her attractiveness. Her shark skin is a glossy jet-black, layered by dark green markings covering nearly all of her body. They look like tribal tattoos, and seem to shimmer slightly when she moves.

Lizzy has the body of a warrior, tall and muscular, intimidating. Her body has the natural grace of a trained fighter, with broad shoulders and a wide hips. Her breasts are much larger than Trish's, impressively voluptuous for even her considerably large frame. Her shark skin is a scarlet red with brilliant white markings covering her body. Her scarlet red scales are darker and more maroon near the base of her tail, which extends from the small of her back and is long enough to rest on the floor behind her legs.

Trish is the first to approach the lip of the bathtub, lowering herself into the water with a smile. "Come on in," she says. "The water's lovely."

Needing no further encouragement, you make your way across the bathroom and take a seat on the edge of tub, dropping a foot into the water to test the temperature. It's right on the edge of being too hot, but the temperature feels better against your skin than you thought it would. With a deep, slightly apprehensive breath, you take off your underwear and quickly slip into the water next to Trish.

Lizzy follows you, lowering herself into the water and placing her hands on your shoulders from behind. You lean back against her, feeling the pressure of her breasts against your back as she rests her head beside yours.

Trish moves forward, pushing you against Lizzy's body and bringing her face in front of yours. There's a brief moment where she seems to study your features, followed by her aggressively tasting your mouth with her tongue. You return her kiss, feeling Lizzy's hands aggressively grinding the small of your back into her crotch.

Trish pulls her face away from yours, looking you in the eyes for a moment before turning her head, pulling your head down to her neck and saying, "Bite me."

"Aren't you the one who's supposed to be doing the biting here?" you ask sarcastically, giving her neck a few teasing nibbles.

"Do it," she insists.

You lean in, gently biting down on the side of her neck. She closes her eyes and sighs happily as your teeth softly hold on to her wet, warm, and rough skin. You lap at the shark skin of her neck, only for its silky-smooth texture to turn coarse and grating the moment your tongue runs in the opposite direction along her skin. It's a bit startling, and you make a mental note to go with the grain so you don't end up with any unpleasant scuffs.

Trish wraps her arms around your head, pulling you as close to her neck as her grip will allow. You begin working your mouth up and down her neck, gently nibbling for a moment, then running your tongue along the length of her salty skin. Her grip on your head tightens as you keep working at her neck, and she begins to groan quietly.

You quickly work your mouth down the side of her neck, experimentally biting at different tender spots along her shoulders and collarbone. Lizzy, who is still spooning you from behind, has let her hands wander down to your midsection, gently rubbing your stomach with the tips of her sharp talons. She pinches your skin and growls softly, feeling you jump at her touch. She moves her hands around to your chest, groping and massaging your pectorals.

She leans against your back, digging her sharp teeth into your earlobe as she whispers, "Give Trish's chest a little attention."

Lizzy releases your ear, and you comply, letting your hands lazily find their way to Trish's chest. The shark-girl giggles as she feels your fingers begin groping her chest. Her tits are small and firm, just enough to fill your hands. You squeeze them carefully, fondling and groping their curvature in a pleasurable manner. Trish begins to pant and moan softly at your touch, squirming to cope with the pleasure. Her tail begins to slither and sway slowly in the water, almost as if it has a mind of its own. Her face is twisted into a pleasured grimace, letting out quiet moans and squeaks that coax more passion out of your continued touch.

Trish then suddenly leans into you, wrapping her arms around your shoulders and kissing you passionately on the lips. Her large tongue snakes past your teeth and massages your own, sending waves of saliva down your throat. Her thin, slippery body presses against yours, and her erect nipples poke tantalizingly against your chest. Her tail wraps tightly around your legs, rubbing up and down as she begins to grind against you.

Lizzy's hands find their way to your hips, groping and squeezing at your flesh while she continues biting and nibbling on your neck and shoulders. She leans her head back, letting out a relaxed moan that ends in steamy sigh. Her hands move from your hips to your thighs, slowly inching their way towards your more sensitive areas. You bite your lower lip, trying your best not to let out any excited sounds or squirm too much.

Trish's grinding hips and teasing tail have already worked you up quite a bit, your length painfully throbbing in arousal. Lizzy's large hands grasp your thighs, slowly inching their way towards your lap. Her fingers brush at the underside of your shaft, before slowly moving away and returning to their original place on your hips. Lizzy's tail wriggles against the underside of your pelvis, sending a tingle of tantalizing pleasure through your body.

At the same time, your attention is held by Trish's seductive gaze, her hungry eyes glaring at you with equal parts passion and carnivorous conviction. Water drips down her curvy body and rolls off of her onto your chest. The steamy bathroom only amplifies the hot atmosphere. Trish leans in and wraps her lips around your neck, kissing and licking at your skin. The feeling of her teeth gently nipping at your neck makes you shudder uncontrollably, sending a wave of goosebumps down your body. She leans in further, sliding her arms under yours and wrapping them tightly around your chest. Her skin is slippery and wet, making it easy for her to pull your body against hers.

While you're distracted with Trish, Lizzy takes the opportunity to sneak a hand back up your thigh. Your attention is quickly drawn when Lizzy firmly grabs a hold of your erect length, slowly stroking up and down with firm pressure. She's careful to let go of your shaft on the down-stroke, so that you're only treated to the silky-smooth side of the shark-skin on her hand. Lizzy moves her hand with a certain expertise, letting your arousal build up slowly.

Trish takes the opportunity to lean in and kiss at your neck once again while you're distracted by Lizzy's actions. Her wet hair dangles in your face, the water dripping down from it passing briefly over your lips in a tantalizing manner. Trish pulls back slightly and leans her head to one side, offering you easy access to her neck.

You waste no time leaning your head forward to accept her invitation, returning to nibbling on her skin with renewed fervor. Trish hums with pleasure in a low tone, one of her hands resting on the back of your head to scratch your scalp and press your mouth against her neck insistently. Taking the hint, you nibble and scrape your teeth against the shark-skin of Trish's throat with more force, and she breaks into a deep, satisfied moan at the increase in attention.

Meanwhile, Lizzy has been busying herself with stroking your genitals. She's incredibly gentle and tender in her actions, licking your cheek and slowly stroking your rod. Unlike most girls you've been with, she takes an unhurried approach to it, making the experience much more soothing than arousing. To get the best reaction out of you, it seems like she wants to draw this out as long as possible. You have no complaints.

This entire experience is a whirlwind of sensory input. At present, you are submerged in a bathtub where you are up to your chest in steaming-hot water and sandwiched between two very horny shark-girls. To say the least, you are feeling thoroughly ravished by their powerful bodies. Your mind has gone blank to everything except the input of your senses. The shark-girls continue to suck, lick, bite, and nibble every inch of bare skin on your body that they can get reach, leaving a myriad of hickeys and love bites all over you and each other for that matter.

Lizzy is the one resting behind you, her embrace making sure your hips are secure in her lap while sloppily kissing every inch of your shoulders and back she can get to. Her hands are still busy keeping your aching length on a slow-burn drip feed of pleasure with careful, teasing strokes and squeezes.

At your front—and closest to you—is Trish, who is keeping you very well engaged with her own ministrations. Her body is winding and twisting against your own in tune to the gentle flow of the water. With your faces so close together, her large, sharp eyes are staring deep into your own. Her long, wet hair cascades over both of your bodies like a royal mantle as she ravenously makes out with you.

Her hands rest upon your chest, tickling you with her long fingernails. Her fingers then slowly trail downward over your chest, rest upon your abdominals, and slide along your love-handles. Trish then gracefully brings her hands back up to your chest and slides them around your back, holding on tight.

Grip asserted, Trish slowly slides her slender body forward in your lap. Lizzy seems to pick on up on what she's up to, and her hand shifts from its languid stroking motions to grasping your length at the base. Trish's hands then smoothly maneuver over your shoulders. She gracefully brings her left hand down in front of you, while her right hand goes up around the back of your head.

Finally, her lips brush against yours and she whispers, "Are you ready?"

You don't even bother with a spoken reply, simply leaning forward to capture Trish's lips. With a muffled and deeply pleased growl, Trish then continues to slide her hips forward into your lap, inching ever closer to your throbbing length—which Lizzy has angled perfectly in her hand. You moan deeply into Trish's lips, feeling the smooth skin of her breasts pressing softly into your chest.

"Mmh, keep that up, you two," Lizzy says softly as she positions you just right.

With a quick motion, she sets her free hand on Trish's hips, and draws her forward so that your manhood sinks right into her. Trish lets out a long, wet moan as you enter her, clutching your back tightly with her sharp fingers. The friction of Lizzy pulling her forward and Trish sliding down onto you is more than enough to send tingles of pleasure racing up your spine.

Lizzy then reaches forward to slide her hands past your body and onto Trish's lower back, squeezing both of you together as her breasts press against your back and her lips reach your ear.

"Give her everything you've got, stud," she growls approvingly.

The three of you move in unison, your hips thrusting as the water splashes around you—and lewd, wet noises emanate throughout the bath. The sound of slick, naked bodies mingles with the sound of splashing water and the scent of sweet incense smoke. Hot breaths and passionate moans fill the steamy bathroom, creating an atmosphere of raw carnal indulgence.

Of the three of you, Trish's enthusiasm is the most uncontained. She clenches your shoulders tightly as her shameless moaning reverberates off the walls, and she bucks her muscular hips against you—moving in primal time to thrust with you.

You feel her slick, tight, clenching muscles massaging you from the inside, as she rocks her hips and thrusts down onto you. Even though you are quite capable of lasting quite a while during these trysts, Trish is so vigorous that you are nearly instantly put on the edge of orgasm—and pushed over it.
"Ah… Nngh… Trish—!" you groan, cut off by a wave of intense spasms.

Just like that, the pressure that's been building since the two shark-girls got their hands on you is unleashed, pushing plenty of your hot seed deep into Trish's ravenous embrace. Trish seems to vibrate with excitement as she grinds her hips into yours, pushing you deeper into her. She then coils her arms around your chest, hugging you against her tightly, breasts squishing into your chest while she shudders and moans—but does not let you slip free from her.

The waves of pleasure crashing through you are an all-consuming experience. Warm water sloshes over the edges of the tub due to Trish shaking and smacking her hips against you, tail whipping back and forth in time with her thrusts. Lizzy's hands run up and down Trish's back in admiration, squeezing at her spasming muscles to really draw the orgasmic pleasure out of her. You wrap your arms around Trish's midsection, holding onto her tight while her hips snap back against yours with a vengeance.

"Oh—!" Trish moans noisily with a wide mouth and wild eyes, her body vibrating. She sets her hips down on you with an especially heavy slap as she climaxes, marked by several twitches.

"Nnh—hah… hah… hah…" Trish pants heavily, breathing with her mouth open and her tongue hanging out. Her abs are quivering in a way that belies just how much force was behind her orgasm, and with a heavy, dreamy sigh, Trish relaxes against you.

"Man, you never do anything half-hearted, do you, Trish?" Lizzy chuckles, equal parts impressed and aroused.

"Mmm… I'm afraid not," Trish purrs quietly, still panting in the afterglow.

"As expected. Now, you two lovebirds need to get off my lap and rinse off so we can take this out of the tub. I'm ready for my turn with him," Lizzy says, licking her lips slowly.

Trish carefully pulls herself off of you, and you slide off Lizzy's lap to rest on the other side of the tub for a moment. You look at your erect member with astonishment, and quickly wash yourself clean with some of the soap that rests on the edge of the tub. Once you're clean again, you stand up and offer a hand to each of the girls, lifting them up once they both grab hold. Lizzy embraces you tightly while Trish kisses your cheek.

"Come on, now we all need to get dried off," Lizzy says, bringing you with her as she steps out of the water.

You find yourself accepting a heavy bath towel from her, and after a few moments you've managed to dry yourself off quite well. Both shark-girls manage to dry themselves off even faster, thanks to how quickly the bathwater naturally rolls off their sleek shark-skin.

"You ready to take the plunge again? Or have we worn you out?" Trish asks, her eyes glinting with a mixture of desire and amusement.

"Not even close," you retort with pride. "Lizzy isn't done with me, and a professional doesn't leave a job half-finished."

"That's what I like to hear," Lizzy growls, scooping you up in a bridal-style carry. "This way, Trish."

"Hey! I can walk by myself, you know!" you laugh.

Lizzy looks down at you with a playful smirk. "Where's the fun in that?"

She then carries you back to her bedroom, with Trish following eagerly behind. With a quick toss, you're dropped onto her surprisingly soft and spacious bed. As both of the shark-girls move to join you, your cock quickly stands to full attention, and Lizzy eyes it with the gaze of a carnivore who's been patiently waiting for this payoff. Trish already knows not to get in her way, quickly sliding into a supporting role. Trish eagerly shifts herself around you, holding both her hands onto your wrists as she eagerly moves her mouth towards your neck. She begins to softly nibble on it, and you can feel the pleasure mounting.

Lizzy stalks over to you on all fours, her heavy tail swishing behind her excitedly. It's not long before Trish has you leaning back into her embrace, and Lizzy is looming right over you. She's practically going to eat you alive, and that's exactly what you want. Lizzy moves forward, running her snout alongside your neck and sniffing you with a pleased growl. It's oddly thrilling, and the experience only gets better once she starts to rub her hips up against yours, grinding her pubic mound against your engorged and eager manhood.

You gasp out in pleasured surprise, and Lizzy takes this as a sign to go on the offensive. She moves her head forward once more, pursing her lips and kissing you right on the mouth. Her rough lips press up against yours as she forces her wet tongue right down your throat, deepening the kiss. She uses her clawed hands to gently stroke your chest and hips, prompting you to wrap your arms around her torso and hug her close. She lazily strokes her hands along your back, all the while never breaking her kiss. As you caress the contours of her muscular belly and sides, her own hands begin to wander lower, tracing along your waist and reaching towards your hips.

Meanwhile, you're given ample time to explore her muscled body with your wandering hands. The shark-girl's belly is surprisingly soft to the touch, but her skin is still covered in a fine layer of scales. They're not as large or coarse as you'd expect, instead being more like the small and glossy scales of a lizard. Stroking them in one direction feels silky-smooth, and stroking them in the opposite direction feels like rough sandpaper. Lizzy's breasts are an equally enjoyable experience for the tactile senses. They're large and heavy, even for Lizzy's amazonian build. The skin is soft and delicate to the touch, with small, almost unnoticeable scales dotting the surface in a blotchy alabaster-white pattern that's different from the rest of her body.

Trish, meanwhile, keeps on seductively rubbing herself against you from behind. You can feel her long, slender body rubbing up and down against your back. Her hands slide up your chest and around to your belly, then up to your shoulders and down your arms. Every now and then, she'll gently bite down on your earlobe or kiss the nook of your neck. She firmly grasps your arms with her strong hands, sometimes tightly enough to leave faint impressions of her fingertips on your forearms.

After carrying on like this for a little longer, Lizzy seems satisfied with the level of buildup, and shifts her hips so that she can sink down on your length instead of grinding against it. The penetration is sudden and unexpected, your entire shaft quickly enveloped in her startlingly hot and slick folds. You groan softly, and Trish licks her lips in a teasing manner, flicking her tongue against your ear.

"Mmmh… You like that?" Trish whispers, clearly enjoying working you up. "You like way Lizzy feels around your cock?"

Little more than a curt nod and a strained moan escapes your lips, your body too enthralled in the sensory experience of the present to form words.

Trish giggles and leans in to lick the shell of your ear. "It looks like he really likes it, Lizzy."

"Mm, I can tell," Lizzy murmurs softly, beginning to rock her powerful body back and forth.

Lizzy rolls her hips in strong, smooth motions, drawing your cock in and out of her at a rhythmic pace. It's not long before she really starts to get into it, squeezing your shoulders and curling her tail around your legs. Your own hips start to slowly thrust back against her, though Lizzy's motion is still faster and more forceful than anything you might attempt.

Trish stares on with a mixture of glee and lust at the proceedings, eagerly watching the action from her position behind you.

"That's a good," Trish whispers to Lizzy, reaching under your arms to massage her sides. "Fuck him harder, like that. Fuck him just like that."

Trish brings her face close to your ear once again, still stroking your chest. "Does that feel good? It looks like it feels real good… Having Lizzy ride you like that…" she whispers softly, seductively.

Her warm breath sends a shudder down your spine, and you feel your arousal rapidly growing. You let out a low groan, and your face twists into a mask of pleasure and concentration.

"That's it," Trish says with a devilish grin, "Let us hear you moan."

Your hips are thrusting against Lizzy's with a blind and desperate fury, the slick sound of your skin slapping against her own overtaking all else as you rut feverishly with her.

"Ohhh… fuck…" you moan.

Lizzy's breathing is becoming heavier as she twines her fingers in your hair, pressing her mouth against yours for an intense and powerful kiss. She's moaning into your mouth, a low and rumbling sound of pleasure as she arches her back.

"Ohhh… Yes… Mmmm!" Lizzy deeply exhales, still kissing you while her body sharply contracts in orgasm, wracking her senses with wave after wave of shivering delight. "Ahhhhhh… A-ahh…"

Lizzy's fingernails slide from your shoulders down your chest, her orgasmic shudders only growing more powerful. Her eyes are half-lidded and her face is twisted into a mask of overwhelming sensation. Her thighs spasm and her powerful tail contracts randomly, forcing you to thrust deeper and harder into her pussy. Her lips twist into a devilish grin as she enjoys herself atop you, her hands sliding up your arms and wrapping around your shoulders once more.

"Ohh… Ohhh… Y-yeah… Just like that! Don't stop! Feels too good… just a little more!"

Lizzy leans down, bringing her lips to your neck, leaving a trail of spit and kisses from your chin to your clavicle. She lightly bites down on your neck, her thrusts becoming even more forceful than before as the squeezing pressure around your cock grows even tighter.

"Ahh... L-Lizzy.... Ohhh..." You moan.

Your hands run across her tightly muscled back and down to her ass, grabbing ahold of her toned rear. You groan in mild pain at a wave of soreness coursing through your body, though the sensation is overridden by the intensity of the pleasure.

"Don't hold out on the girl," Trish whispers once more, kissing your ear and grinding herself against your back. "Cum for her… Fill her up like you did to me… Make the girl feel good… Give it all to her…"

Trish's words are the straw that breaks your legendary stamina, and with a loud, shuddering moan you release what feels like a crushing wave of tension. A heavy load of your hot seed explodes forth, which Lizzy's greedy insides are more than happy to accept. You gasp for air and moan without restraint, a haze of satisfaction overtaking you. Your balls tingle with fierce intensity, and your belly burns with the strength of your orgasm. Lizzy's lips curl into a smile as she ceaselessly bucks her hips into yours to squeeze out the last few drops of your seed.

A few more exhausted breaths come from both you and Lizzy, after which the apex of your intimacy finally cools off. Lizzy slowly lifts herself off of you, allowing your spent manhood to escape her grip and fall onto your belly. Both shark-girls are quick to shuffle into ideal cuddling positions, with Lizzy pulling you face-first into her chest, and Trish sandwiching herself against your back.

"I haven't had this much fun after a night out in a while…" Lizzy hums contentedly, crossing her arms over your back and hugging you into her front side.

"I'll say," Trish agrees with a yawn, nibbling on your ear as she rubs your belly. "You're one of the better things I've managed to get out of a fighting competition, human."

"Th-Thanks…" you groan, feeling utterly exhausted.

"You've held up your end of the deal, no need to work any harder. Just take a breather and rest for a while," Lizzy says with surprising softness. "I think Trish can agree that we've got a lot of cuddling time left in the night, so you're not going anywhere."

"Definitely not," Trish agrees, spooning your back a little tighter.

With a weak nod, you settle into the embrace of the two satisfied shark-girls, looking forward to a night of heavy rest.

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