Oasis Vacation: Cherry, The Scylla III

It's been a very long and wild two weeks. Since arriving in the Oasis District you've been hard at work as the Riptide Retreat's finest monstergirl manwhore, working your way through all manner of exotic clients. In no time at all you've taken to bed a Mermaid, an Oni, a Mershark, a Sandworm, a Catgirl, and even an Anubis—though that last one was while you were off work. In fact, the last two days you've been away from work, taking a vacation to rest your aching body.

Thanks to how generous the pay is for fucking monstergirls here in the Oasis District, you've been enjoying your vacation in comfort, crashing with a newfound friend of yours; a Hellhound named Selania. So far you've only had to deal with one sexual disturbance, an impromptu session with Selania's friend Nefret after a wrestling session at the beach between you and her got a little too rowdy and stoked her urges.

That brings you to the present, where you are shuffling down the streets of The Delta in search of a quality massage. Your joints and muscles are still roughed up from all the work you've been doing, after all. Selania gave you directions to a recommended massage parlor, but your sense of direction is still centered around the brothel where you work.

Reaching the Riptide Retreat, you barely have time to orient yourself on the doorstep of the place before the revolving door spins around behind you to reveal a mildly distressed man; your manager, Vaughn.

"Ryan! Thank God you're here. I know you're supposed to be off work right now, but I need your help," Vaughn pleads in an exasperated voice.

"Oh, hey Vaughn," you greet him casually, "Nice to see you again so soon. What's the deal?"

"Come with me, I'll explain on the way," he says, gesturing for you to follow him through the front door of the Retreat.

You nod, and fall in step behind him. "So what's going on?"

"Oh, it's terrible," Vaughn says, shaking his head solemnly. "We've got a girl here who's in heat, and nothing is helping."

You frown. "Well, I'm sure you'll find someone to help her out."

"No, no. You don't understand. She needs you to help her, specifically."

"Why me specifically? Did she ask by name or something?"

Vaughn nods, leading you through the lobby. "That she did. Won't take anyone else, despite me telling her you were out for the week."

"Any idea why?" you ask, still confused.

"She spoke real fondly of you, said she's one of your older clients with a particular attachment to your… skills," Vaughn chuckles.

That's when it all clicks. The girl waiting on you has to be Cherry, the Scylla you saw earlier this Spring. Because you were Cherry's first sexual encounter of breeding season, the two of you became 'bonded mates', and Cherry's body only feels pleasure with you until the season is over. You nearly double over in embarrassment, realizing you practically left her behind when you transferred out here to the Oasis District.

"Ah, I think I know what the situation is," you speak up, determined to make things right. "She's in the lounge, I take it?"

"Yep," Vaughn affirms. "She's been in there for about half an hour now."

"Thanks," you say. "This one's kind of my fault, sorry for all the trouble."

"Don't worry about it," Vaughn says with a wave of his hand. "Have fun, buddy."

With that, you enter the lounge.

Immediately, you spot a woman in a sea-green tank top sitting by herself in one of the sofas. She's flipping through a magazine with a bored expression, and doesn't notice you. It is unmistakably Cherry; her long brown hair, her voluptuous hourglass figure and especially those tentacles that make up her lower body, like thick blue ropes. Cherry's tentacles move about restlessly beneath her, squirming with dissatisfaction and pent-up need.

"Hey," you speak up softly from across the lounge.

She instantly recognizes the sound of your voice, and her expression immediately brightens with joy. She throws down the magazine, quickly turning towards you.

"Hey you," she greets, smiling. "It's been a while."

"Sure has," you nod with a similar smile. "How've you been?"

"I've been horny," she says bluntly. "You're a tough man to get a fix from, you know that? I picked one hell of a male to bond with for the season."

Chuckling awkwardly, you rub the back of your neck with an apologetic grin. "Yeah, sorry about that. I was told arrangements would be made to handle my regulars when I got transferred all the way out here, but your case is pretty particular."

"I understand, Ryan," Cherry giggles with a sarcastic wave of her hand, "You're a busy man, hopping between brothels. There's very little time for you keep track of all the girls who get attached to you."

"Ah, don't be like that…" you sigh, flopping down on the lounge seat across from Cherry. "You know I care about all my clients. Things are just so busy lately that my brain's been a little scrambled. I'm here to make things right, aren't I?"

Cherry's lips curl into a grin, and she nods slowly. "I suppose you are. Judging by your tone, I'm not the only one who hasn't been feeling like themselves lately."

"I feel like myself," you chuckle. "It's just that I've been put through the wringer a few times since coming to work here. I'm actually on vacation right now, trying to work all the damn aches and pains out of my body."

"Oh really?" she replies with a wink. "Well, I can certainly help you work all those kinks out."

Your eyes drift below Cherry's waist, eyeing her glistening blue tentacles in a new light. It's no secret that Cherry is a very talented masseuse, a benefit you've enjoyed during your previous encounters with her. Your body reacts with a yearning ache at the thought of her massaging your tense muscles with those wriggling tentacles.

Cherry notices your gaze, and smiles coyly. Her fingers flirt with the edge of her ornate waistcloth, as though she's preparing to lift it up at any moment. You keenly observe this subtle action, and flick your eyes up to meet her own with a smirk.

"The last two weeks have got you pretty wound up, huh?" you ask playfully.

"You have no idea," she says, her fluttering eyes narrowing at you with a gaze that could melt permafrost.

Cherry draws herself up out of her seat, and saunters towards you with a fiery passion in her eyes. She's hungry, and you're nothing if not a full course meal.

"Let's take this back to your room," she murmurs with a smile, almost demanding. "I'd hate to cause a scene."

"Sure thing," you reply, giving Cherry a flirtatious wink.

Hopping up from your own lounge seat, you guide Cherry to your room. She's quick to exploit the chance to cling to you, hugging your arm tight as you walk. The tentacles of her lower body slither beside you with each step, and you can feel one or two reaching out to brush against your knees and calves.

"Mmmm... You have no idea how much I've missed you these last two weeks," she says, turning her face up to look at you. Her eyes twinkle like sapphires, complimenting her enthralling smile. "Every night I've laid awake in bed and touched myself until I'm too numb to feel… But every night I've craved more… The itch you've caused is unlike any other…"

You gently caress the back of Cherry's head, drawing a soft shudder out of her. "I'm so sorry, Cherry. I'm here now. I'll make it all better."

You push open the door to your room with your free hand, drawing it back to invite her in. She smiles back at you, gently biting her lip as she brushes past. You step inside and follow after her, gently swinging the door closed and locking it with a quiet click.

Just like that, Cherry is upon you. Pressing you up against the door, Cherry locks you in a sudden and heavy tongue-kiss. Her lips are hot and moist, the familiar salt-water flavor of her mouth seeping into your own. Her arms grasp you tight, one sliding around your back to pull you closer while the other strokes your hair. Her lower body presses up against your own, the top of her thighs brushing against the bottom of your stomach. Through your pants, you can feel the slimy softness of her tentacles sliding against you.

One slides higher, curling around your hip and groping your ass through your pants. Meanwhile another slides lower, rubbing over your crotch before pressing up against your cock. Cherry then carefully breaks the tongue-kiss, releasing a heavy, shuddering breath. Her forehead finds its place resting in the crook of your neck, where she pants and moans with her eyes screwed shut. She's focusing on every little sensation she can, drinking the feeling of being so close you after so long.

"To touch you again… To taste you again… Nnh…" Cherry moans in a drawn-out voice. "It's only been two weeks, but it feels like forever. My heat's never been this bad before… I missed you so much."

"I missed you too," you reply softly, sliding your hand up her thigh to gently cup the swell of her hips.

"You're so warm… So big… Hnnh… You're a lot stronger than when we last saw each other," Cherry notes, her hands and tentacles groping you through your clothes.

"Yeah, this new location has made me a lot tougher, that's for sure," you affirm in a weary voice. "But it's been torture on my body… I'm sore and achy all the time now."

"I know just how to make it feel better," Cherry says with a smirk.

Her tentacles get to work snaking beneath your clothing, and you quickly find yourself leaning up against the door for support.

"Ah… Ch-Cherry…" you moan in a shaky voice, already melting under the slippery touch of her tendrils. "Good lord…"

Cherry's eight tentacles work in perfect unison, sliding under your clothes and across your skin. Her hands reach up to your shirt, where she begins pulling it off while her tentacles rub against your flesh and squeeze your muscles. You're already hard as a rock by the time her tentacles curl into your boxers and pull them down, releasing your cock. One of her tentacles curls around your dick, carefully and slowly stroking it up and down. Her other tentacles keep busy too, playing with your balls or rubbing against your thighs and legs. Cherry kisses and nuzzles your neck, moaning gently while her tentacles work.

"You're so much bolder than you used to be," you say, groaning through heavy breaths.

"I've got a lot of built-up sexual frustration to take out on you," she says with a smirk, nibbling on your neck. "When you've got a bonded mate… nothing else satisfies. Every touch but theirs is cold and stale by comparison… I need you tonight, Ryan. I need you more than ever."

"I'm right here for you, Cherry," you tell her in a passionate, panting whisper. "I'm yours. All night long."

Cherry practically melts against you at the sound of that. Her tentacles twist and squirm in excitement, her love juice dripping down your skin in the wake of her slimy caress. Her lips meet yours, and with the quick coiling of her appendages, Cherry is carrying you over to the bed mid-kiss. You tumble with her onto the soft sheets and plushy pillows, letting her guide you as she pleases. Her tentacles slither under you, wrapping around your upper body like binding silk and pulling you into her embrace. The feeling of her tentacles against your bare skin is a thrilling sensation, their gentle warmth made that much more alluring by the thick layer of natural mucus that keeps them slippery.

Her tentacles shift, sliding under your legs and around your thighs. One tentacle slithers its way around your hips, lovingly squeezing your waist before finding your dick. She positions your length so that the head pokes out from the tentacle wrapped around it, the long muscle coiling tightly around your shaft as if it was a handle. You groan slightly in arousal at the feeling of her tentacle around your cock, a heady mixture of slimy pleasure that has your hips aching to thrust into her grip. Another tentacle strokes your chest, while another two twist into your hair and keep your head steady as she comes in for another kiss, warming your lips with her gentle caress.

Her tentacles around your thighs tighten slightly, and then with a sudden jerk you feel yourself being pulled into her, her tentacles holding you in a tight embrace that is entirely under her control. You moan into her lips without restraint, feeling as though the tip of your cock is being gripped by a soft, wet kiss that doesn't end. Another noisy groan works its way out of your chest, and the pleasure almost becomes too much for you.

"You missed me," she says to you with a pleasure-drunken smirk, breaking her kiss just long enough to let you nod eagerly in response. "I missed you too."

Pulling you right back into her eager tongue-kiss, Cherry draws you a little deeper into her greedy embrace. Her excruciating need is obvious, with how overwhelmingly wet she is and how feverishly her insides grip your length. You give a long, desperate moan against her lips, enthralled by the feeling of her tentacles gently teasing at the base of your cock. You don't thrust into her fully just yet, as much as you are desperate to bury yourself within her.

"Cherry…" you moan, pulling away from her lips for a moment.

"Mmn~ Are you ready for me?" she asks with a gleeful smile.

"Absolutely… But could I bother you to take your shirt off?" you ask with a weak grin.

Cherry looks down for a moment, and with an embarrassed squeak she realizes that she's yet to take off any of her clothes. Hastily, she peels off her top and unfastens her waistcloth with slightly unsteady fingers, leaving her nude on the bed. She gives a little moan as she settles into the sheets, spreading her tentacles in an inviting manner and giving you a seductive look.

"Better?" she asks.

"Much," you grin.

Eagerly shuffling forward, you return yourself to her embrace, wrapped up in her tentacles as she greedily pulls you in. She looks up at you with an obvious hunger in her eyes, her lips curling into a grin. The heat of her body is enough to tell you just how aroused she is, if the feverish squirming of her tentacles wasn't a clear sign already. Lowering yourself down onto her, your lips find their way back to hers, and the two of you are right back to heavy kissing in an instant.

Cherry eagerly cards her fingers through your hair, while her tentacles gently caress your abs, waist, and thighs. As you make out, she gently tugs you closer, bringing your body right up against her own so that you can feel the warmth of her skin. The heat of her body is almost unbearable, and the scent of her sweet sweat makes your head spin. You run your fingers along her side, gently stroking along her curves as the two of you continue to kiss. Your hands eventually settle upon her breasts, which you give a gentle squeeze.

"Oh, you're good~" she giggles, snaking her hand down between your bodies and finding your cock. "But I think I can do you one better…"

You let out a pleasured yelp as her hand is joined by one of her tentacles, gently squeezing your cock.

"Mmmm~ You want me to stop?" she teases.

"N-no," you say, your breath hitching.

With that, she continues to gently rub and squeeze your dick, all the while maintaining eye contact with you. Her gaze is intense and lustful, and she watches your face to see your reaction. You let out a moan, shuddering at both her touch and the deeply intimate way she's looking at you. Maintaining eye contact under the force of this much pleasure is difficult for you. The stimulation has your entire lower body consumed in waves of blissful sensations, and the delight of it all is clearly written on your face. You're panting heavily, eyes fluttering and mouth agape while you try and cope with all the sensory input. Seeing you like this makes Cherry's core ache with lust, and witnessing your vulnerable state draws her deeper into the passionate and protective urges of her heat.

Drawing your upper body against her own, Cherry pulls your neck to her lips and leaves several deep hickeys on your skin, much in the same way that her tentacles do. You let out a shuddered groan as she nibbles and sucks on your throat, your body almost going limp with the release of all your tension. Her warm breath against your skin sends chills up your spine, intensified by her mouth leaving your neck to give gentle kisses on your cheek and temple.

"Doesn't it feel wonderful? Mmm… I missed this… all this time without you~" Cherry whispers, her lips drifting against your ear.

She continues to work your dick while you lie against her soft body.

"I… I missed this a lot," you admit, while Cherry lovingly runs her fingers through your hair. "There's nothing… Ah! …nothing quite like this."

"Aww, you're so cute when you squirm!" she giggles, breaking eye contact and instead letting her gaze fall to your lower body. "Let me work out all that tension in your body, baby."

Her attentive hand and its partnered tentacle separate from your cock, causing a momentary rush of cold air against your skin in the absence of her touch. Before you can even vocalize your discomfort, the rest of Cherry's tentacles attending to your lower half slither into place around your hips and thighs to draw your pelvis against her. This time, Cherry takes no half-measures, and pulls you into her until the base of your cock is flush with her pubic mound. She lets out a deep, sighing moan at the feeling you filling her out, like someone who has finally soothed a torturous ache.

"There… There we go... Mmm…" she moans softly, her hands rubbing little circles beneath your shoulder blades.

She holds you in place, leaning her head back and closing her eyes. You take this opportunity to try and briefly pull your hips away, only to have her tentacles that are lashed across your hips and waist pull you back into her. She lets out a playful giggle at your feeble attempt at movement, and continues to keep you trapped against her warm body.

"Mmm… Nuh-uh~♪" Cherry hums with a playful smirk, her eyes still closed. "You're not going anywhere, mister. I've been waiting for this for two weeks… It's payback time~"

You try to reason with her, but you're cut short as her tentacles at your sides squeeze your torso in a loving hug.

"Naughty, naughty… Trying to pump your hips without me…" She scolds playfully, not letting you move more than a few inches in any direction. "Be still, baby. I'm in control tonight."

The tip of her tongue pokes out from her closed lips, slowly running along them as her eyes fixate on your trembling lips. Her hips slide back, drawing your lower half along with them. Then, with a little moan of anticipation, her tentacles draw your hips up off her body, and then drop them back down with a wet slap. You release an involuntary moan, and her eyes light up with a thrill at your vocalization of pleasure. Your hips rise again, and drop again at the command of her tendrils. You can't move more than an inch in any direction, it's like your body is trapped by a hundred soft hands.

"Mmm… I love this feeling," she whispers, her voice thick with lust. "Don't you?"

"I-It's pretty great, yeah…" you pant, head swimming from the churning mixture of sensory input.

Cherry's eyes shine with mischief, and her grin widens. Her hips begin to bounce up and down along with your own restricted thrusts into her body. Her tentacles slide up your legs as they embrace your thighs, and more begin to stroke your back, rub your shoulders, and work against the back of your neck. Your moans become more labored at this wave of fresh touches, Cherry's dexterous tentacles drawing all the aches and tension out of your tired and sensitive muscles.

"Goodness, you're tense," she whispers, her hips shifting with a mind of their own. "It looks like I'm helping you as much as you're helping me!"

"You have no ideeeaaa…" you groan heavily, shuddering as a few of the joints in your shoulders pop and crack with blissful release under the massaging touch of Cherry's tentacles.

"Oh, I'm sure I don't," she laughs, rolling her hips in slow circles, rubbing your body against her with each motion.

"You're way too good at hitting those sweet spots," you murmur with your eyes closed.

"I should hope so," the Scylla laughs, her tentacles playing around your hips and waist. "I've picked up a lot of experience in pulling the tension out of my lovers over the years."

You pant heavily, your body shuddering within Cherry's multifaceted embrace. Her tentacles hug and rub you all over, eager to please you in every way possible. Though the pace Cherry has kept your hips at so far has been slow and methodical, she's steadily becoming more greedy. The tentacles in control of your lower body begin to thrust you against her rolling hips at a faster, deeper pace, and Cherry's enjoyment is obvious. Her head is tilted back, her mouth opened wide in a silent moan, her eyes shut in bliss with heavy, euphoric shutters wracking her body every few seconds. Her tentacles continue to rub and caress you all over, keeping you tightly pressed against her while they push against every knot and hot-spot under your skin.

Your arms wrap around her upper body and you desperately pull yourself into Cherry's body with each push of her hips. With the end of every thrust, your hips are pushed up against hers, grinding against her soft and sweat-slicked skin. The tentacles around your waist and hips begin to twist and pull at your body. The more the Scylla finds her stride, the more her tentacles seem to gain a mind of their own, constantly stimulating you in new ways. One tentacle rubs insistently against your inner thighs, while another rubs along the underside of your shaft every time she pulls you into her. You feel the soft suckers pucker and pull along your skin every time they meet your body.

Another tentacle snakes up your chest, coiling around your arm and wrapping itself around your bicep in an affectionate hold. Another tentacle works its way upwards to rub against your cheek. That one you wrap around your free hand, pulling it towards you for a kiss on its sticky, rounded tip. Cherry suddenly squeaks sharply in pleasure, followed by a noisy, involuntary moan. She doesn't like to reveal it, but the single most sensitive spots on her body are the tips of her tentacles.

"R-Ryan!" she squeaks desperately, her body alight with sudden and unexpected pleasure. "D-Don't kiss there!"

"Or what?" you ask playfully, giving the tip of her tentacle another wet smooch. "I think you like it. You're just upset I found a weak spot, hm?"

"N-No! Ah! Shit!" Cherry moans, quickly starting to melt under your kisses. "Ryaaann…!"

Your observation is more accurate than you realize. Cherry enjoys playing the dominant captor during sex, so now that you've found one of her sweet spots to do a little exploitation of your own, a dent has been put in her control over you—but it feels too good for her to stop you. Her moans grow louder and more desperate as you apply more pressure with your lips.

You smile to yourself with mischievous pride, slathering affection all over the tentacle you've got trapped in your hand. After planting a few more kisses on it, you go for the ultimate sweet spot, and lightly suck on the tip of the tentacle. Cherry desperately squirms the tendril around, trying to wrench it from your hand, but soon the stimulation becomes too intense, and the tentacle ceases its struggling.

"Oh god… Oh fuck…" Cherry moans deliriously, her entire face glazed over with pleasure.

At this point, her entire lower body is acting on its own, each of her tentacles working diligently to keep your hips pushing into her own at a steady pace. They even start to turn on Cherry, the one in your hand giving you a little more leeway to stimulate it while two others start to massage her chest. Her arms are wrapped around you, her hands gripping your back and shoulders tightly while her moans grow louder and more desperate.

"Harder! Ah~ Fuck me harder!" she commands you, her tentacles obeying her wishes and pounding your hips into her.

"I-I don't think I'm the one setting the pace here, Cherry!" you moan, trying to hold out against the feeling of being driven into her at a savage pace.

Cherry's face is a twisted mixture of lust and desperation, her cheeks red and her mouth open as she gasps for breath. She's squirming her hips around in circles, her entire upper body shuddering uncontrollably. Her tentacles are moving around so much that it's a miracle she's even keeping their motions coordinated.

You feel yourself getting closer, and you can tell she is too by the feverish pitch of her voice. You try your best to hold back, but with her body wriggling around in so many ways, it's hopeless.

"Nnngh… Cherry… I can't keep this up much longer," you grunt through your teeth as your body tenses up.

"Don't hold back, darling…" she moans out in a lascivious tone. "I need it… I need you to cum…"

Needing no further encouragement—and absolutely no further stimulation—your body breaks under Cherry's assault of caresses. With enough force that a few of unmassaged joints in your back audibly pop, you give her eager body everything you have. The apex of your reunion is forceful enough that Cherry shatters as well, her arms and tentacles holding you tighter than ever through her own climax. Your each find shelter against each other's shoulders, neither letting go as the blistering sensations of orgasm tear through your bodies. Waves of euphoria crash over you, your muscles going slack and your bodies shuddering from head to toe in a bid to deal with the almost painful sensations.

Once your noisy moaning abates, there is a moment of silence punctuated only by the pair of you panting for breath.

"Good lord," you groan, feeling like your entire body has been put through a cold press juicer. "You are always something else, Cherry."

"Mmm… Happy to hear it," she purrs, still delirious from the release of her heat.

Her tentacles embrace you tightly, which you return just as eagerly. Even in her currently dazed state, she manages to caress your body with her tentacles in a loving manner.

"Feeling better?" you ask with a chuckle, noting her exhausted condition.

"Oh, I feel wonderful," she answers with a grin. "Especially thanks to you."

Cherry's tentacles slowly slither off your body and back onto the bed, at last resting in a more dormant state beneath her. Freed from her grip, you roll off of her to take your place next to her on the mattress. Unsurprisingly, Cherry is quick to snuggle up to your side, wrapping her arms around your chest and tangling your legs in her lower body. She's asleep in moments, breathing softly and giving you a last hug before her slumber.

You stay awake a bit longer, reflecting on your state of affairs. As it turns out, you did get a pretty good massage today, you think to yourself with a chuckle.

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