Oasis Vacation: Nefret, The Anubis

You lead Selania up the stairs, and see that Nefret is growing even more restless in her grip. She seems to know something is about to change. There's another muffled moaning sound, but Selania's hand across her mouth keeps Nefret quiet.
You open the door to the spare bedroom, and lead Selania inside. She keeps Nefret's body pressed against hers as they enter, but as soon as they're in the doorway, Selania drops her hands.
Nefret goes from a complete frenzy to dead calm in a split second. Her eyes dart around the room, and she seems to take in every detail. Selania wastes no time taking a wide step backward, and slamming the door shut behind her.
It's just you and Nefret now. She stares at you with a wild expression, her eyes darting and nostrils flaring. She seems to be trying to calm herself, but she's not quite there yet.

You look at the monstergirl before you. Nefret stands nearly six feet tall from clawed paw to the tips of her ears. Black fur covers her body, like a pair of elbow-length gloves and thigh-highs. The fur on her head is smooth, mixing with glossy hair that falls down in a widow's peak on her forehead. Where fur doesn't run, Nefret sports toned muscles beneath tan skin, covered in a glossy sweat.
She's adorned will all sorts of golden jewelry, from dazzling earrings and a collar to ornate bracelets carved in patterns that resemble the tattoos on sides of her midriff. The only fabric restraining her body is a two-piece of skin-tight black spandex, which is currently soaked and straining under the force of her arousal.
Nefret's face is narrow, with high cheekbones and a slender jaw. Her eyes are deep set and large, accented by dark eye shadow that makes them pop. Her ears are pointed, with a small lining of fluff at the base.
Her deep golden eyes run across your entire body, and she starts to squirm again, hugging her legs together. She bites her lower lip, and her ears lay back. Her eyes dart to the side, and she lets out a low whimper.

"You are... very strong," Nefret says.
"I've been told that," you say.
Nefret stares at you, and you stare back. You're not exactly sure what she's doing, but you remain stoic and still.
"The things I could do to you... The things you could do to me..." Nefret says, her voice trembling.
You hear a low growl, and Nefret's face contorts into a grimace. She lets out a howl, and leaps at you.
She slams into your chest, knocking you onto your back. You let out a grunt as she lands on top of you, her clawed fingers wrapping around your shoulder. Her weight is nothing to scoff at.
She draws her face just inches from yours, heated breath washing across your face as she pants heavily. You can see the drool built up inside her mouth from being gagged for so long, flowing towards the front of her mouth as she remains on top of you. Her tongue darts out, lapping up the drool and swallowing it.

"You're very strong," you say, staring back at her.
"I want you to... knock me down."
"I want you to be so domineering that you knock me off my feet. I want you to force me into a submissive position. I want you to prove to me that you're in control."
"I'm not sure what you mean." You ask, knowing full well what she means. You just want her to explain a bit more, really work herself into a frenzy.
"I want you to make me your love slave. I want you to dominate me. I want you to be so forceful that you take me right here and now."
You stare at her, and she stares back.
"Well then," you say, "I guess we better get started."
Nefret's eyes light up, and she eagerly leans in towards your face.

You take the chance to immediately throw your body weight to the side with her still locked to your shoulders, tumbling Nefret along until she's underneath you. Her head slams into the ground, but she seems to relish it. You take this moment to stare into her eyes while you have her pinned down.
"You're... so... strong..." Nefret pants heavily. "I can feel... your muscles... against me... they're so... powerful..."
"You like that?" you ask.
"Yes... but I want to touch more than just your muscles... I want to touch your... cock..."
"You want to touch my cock, do you?"
"Yes... I want to... suck on it..."
"You want to suck on it?"
"Mmh... I want to taste it... run my tongue over it... and deepthroat it..."
You bring your lips to Nefret's ear, making sure she can feel the heat of your breath as you speak. "So many demands... You been very greedy today, Nefret. Very troublesome."

Nefret starts panting heavily, her legs spread and back arching. "I... I want to please you... I need to please you... I NEED IT!"
"Are you sure?"
"Please! Please let me taste your cock, Master!" Nefret begs.
You smirk, then pull away from her. You bring your hands down to the sides of her head, gripping her by the ears and forcing them backwards, arching her neck. You run your tongue from the base of her neck, all the way to her chin in a single broad stroke of your tongue. You then bring your tongue up to her ear, flicking at the edges before you begin to nibble on the tip, all while maintaining the grip on her ears.
"Mmmm... You'll get what you want... But I'll have you in a begging heap before that happens." You say.
You bring your other hand to her chin, slowly running a single finger along it. You slowly drag your finger down her throat, between her breasts and towards her navel. You then bring it back up to her chin, hooking your finger under it and pulling down. You lean down, bringing your face next to hers as you stare into her eyes.
"You're going to be a pleading mess when I'm through with you. And after that, a very well-fucked mess."

You lean your head in, slowly moving your face towards Nefret's. You feel her shudder as your lips touch, beginning a long kiss. The kiss is slow and passionate, both of you taking the moment to enjoy it. After a few moments, you open your eyes and stare into Nefret's golden eyes.
You pull you lips off of Nefret's, drawing a pained groan from her.
"How bad do you want it, Nefret?" You ask, lips curling into a smile as one of your hands starts travelling down her body again.
"Please, Master... I need it..." Nefret begs.
"Hmm... We'll see." You say, smiling as you lean in and kiss her again.
Your lips press against hers as she moans in pleasure, your other hand moving from her neck to her shoulder. You grip onto it tightly, pulling her body towards your own as you force your tongue into her mouth. You're not gentle or hesitant, you want to make Nefret feel like you're in control.
Your hand finally snakes low enough, and you press a pair of fingers hard against the soaked elastic of her spandex shorts. You slowly move your fingers forward as Nefret moans into your mouth, beginning to press them against her slit.

You slide your fingers upwards at an agonizingly slow pace, until you finally reach her clitoris, which you gently trace your fingers around. Nefret's knees buckle slightly as she moans, and you separate your mouth from hers.
"You're much too quiet to be getting what you want, Nefret. You'll get nothing more until you beg properly. Where's the greedy whore who was ready to fuck me in broad daylight?" You ask in a growling tone.
"She's right here. Please, Master. I need it so badly. I'm so empty... I'm so greedy and empty... I need to be filled. I need to choke on your cock." Nefret begs.
"That's a little better." You say with a smile, pressing your fingers back against her slit. "Now let's see how loud you can be."
You slide your hand into her spandex shorts, slowly moving your middle finger towards her clitoris. As you reach it, you gently graze it with your finger, causing Nefret to moan instantly. You slowly move your finger in small circles, causing Nefret to let out a high-pitched squeak.

"Mmmh... That's more like it. Don't keep it inside, Nefret. Let me hear what a greedy, heat-ridden slut you are." You say, increasing the speed of your finger slightly.
"Yes... Yes... So good... I'm a greedy slut for your fingers, Master. Please, fuck me with your fingers. I need it so badly." Nefret begs between heavy breaths.
You pick up the pace of your finger, moving it in a small circle and sliding it up and down Nefret's slit. You lean in to kiss her neck, gently nibbling on it as you begin working on a second finger.
Nefret lets out a quivering moan as your second finger begins working, bucking her hips forward to try and slide your fingers inside of her. Your free hand immediately moves to her left side, slamming her hips back down to the ground as your knees lock against her hips.
Nefret cries out with extreme pleasure, releasing a howling moan that's soaked in satisfaction.
You bare your teeth in anger, bringing them right next to Nefret's ear again. "You'll get what you deserve when you've earned it. Not a moment sooner." You say, giving her ear a small nibble.

"I'm sorry, Master. I... I just can't help myself around you. You're so big and powerful, such a rugged warrior. I love it when you force yourself on me." Nefret says, squirming in an attempt to get your fingers inside of her.
You squeeze your knees again, driving then against Nefret's hips to cease her squirming. Nefret lets out another lengthy and rich moan in response.
"You're getting better..." You say, increasing the pace of your fingers.
Then, you quickly pull your fingers out of her shorts, running them across Nefret's abs before removing them from her body completely.
"...but I'm not quite convinced." You finish.
Nefret lets out a whimper, desperately trying to grind her hips against your knees. You lean in to kiss her neck, gently nibbling on it as you whisper into her ear.
"Beg. With detail. What do you want? How do you want it?" You ask, pushing your fingers against the outside of her shorts again.

"Anything, everything, please! I don't care, I just need it!" Nefret begs.
You pause for a moment, gently nibbling on her ear. "Oh, but that's not good enough. Devil's in the details, puppy... and I'm feeling devilish today."
"You!" Nefret yelps. "I want you! I want your fingers, your hands, your arms, your body, your weight! I want you inside of me! I want you to fuck me! I want you to ravish me! I want you to make me scream and howl in pain and pleasure! I want you to keep me like this! I want you to... to..."
You lean in, gently kissing her neck. "To what?"
"I want you to make me... make me..." Nefret stutters.
"Go on." You say, gently nibbling on her ear.
"M-m-make me... your bitch! Fuck me like the bitch in heat I am! I want it hot and deep inside me! I want you to split me apart and nail me against the bed! I want you to pin my wrists down and take me like an animal! I want you to make me your animal, to fill me with your seed and breed me like your mate!" Nefret screams in pleasure and agony as her hips thrash inside your unmoving grip.
"Much, much better..." You growl with satisfaction. "I think you've earned a bit of attention. Keep that up and might just get what you need."

With that, your grip on her shorts tightens, straining through the fabric as you pull them off of her.
"Oh! Yes! Fuck me, fuck me hard!" Nefret screams in ecstasy as you peel off her spats.
You pause for a moment, staring into her eyes as she stares into yours.
Her eyes are deep, golden and warm. They're full of life and soul, and staring into them is like staring into a fire.
You give her a playful smile, before continuing to pull her shorts off. They make a slightly sticky noise as they part from her hot, damp skin, a sensation that draws another deep moan from Nefret.
You toss the shorts aside, gently caressing her thighs.
Nefret's thighs are well-toned, like the rest of her body. They're smooth to the touch, and you gently stroke them as she lets out a pathetic whimper. Her skin is drenched with sweat and fiery hot, as if she has a raging inferno burning inside of her.
You rub her inner thighs a bit deeper, moving closer to her core.

Nefret lets out a shuddering gasp, as you gently caress her pubic bone. She's wet enough that her pussy lips have parted, drooling with need.
"Fuck! Please, please put your fingers inside of me! I need it!" Nefret begs.
You lick Nefret's cheek with a sadistic laugh, brushing against her clit ever so lightly. "Oh, I'm sure you do. But you'll have to keep talking if you want so much as a fingertip inside you. Specifics are how you'll earn what you want."
"Please, please, please." Nefret begs.
"No, not good enough." You reply.
"Please, please put your fingers inside of me! I'm in heat, I need it! I need your cock! I want you to fill me with your dick and breed me like the bitch in heat that I am!"
You reward Nefret with a slightly harder stroke against her most sensitive spot. "Good... but I think you can do better. Beg me more, and convince me that you really need this."
"Please, please, please put your fingers inside of me!" Nefret begs. "I'm so hot and wet for you, I need it! I need to feel you inside of me! I need you to pound me like savage!"
"Good..." You smile. "Now tell me how much you want it."

"I want it so badly!" Nefret cries. "I need to feel you inside of me, fucking me! I need to feel you thrusting inside of me, your skin slamming into mine! I need to feel you breed me like a filthy, filthy bitch in heat! I need your dick!"
You bring your finger dangerously close to her lower lips, tracing against her labia just enough that she lets out an explosive gasp. "I don't hear the need in your voice."
"Please!" Nefret begs. "Please! I need it! I need your fingers inside of me, please! I need your cock, I need to feel it stretching me, filling me, fucking me! I need to feel you thrusting into me, hard and deep! Every part of my body needs your savagery!"
You turn your attention to Nefret's skin-tight top, her erect nipples poking through the spandex.
"I can tell..." You say, pushing a finger against one of her nipples. "Do you think this deserves to come off?"
"Yes! Yes! Oh God, yes!" Nefret begs.
You flick the fabric, watching her nipple bounce from the impact. "Maybe..." You say.
"No! Please, take it off!" Nefret begs.

You unfasten the skin-tight top, pulling it off to reveal her tan breasts and erect nipples. You bring your mouth towards her chest, gently sucking on her right breast while kneading the other with your hand. You feel Nefret's thighs clench around your waist as she lets out a full-body moan.
"Oh, God! Yes! More!" Nefret begs.
You flick your tongue against her nipple, moving to the other breast and giving it the same treatment. You gently bite down on her soft, tender flesh, eliciting a pleasured yelp from her. "How sensitive are these?" You ask, flicking your tongue against her nipple.
"Very... Sensitive." Her tongue hangs from her mouth, and she begins to pant heavily, losing the final shreds of her composure. Her eyes roll back into her head as she loses herself in the moment.
"Please..." Nefret begs. "I need to cum so badly. I want your dick inside of me, please!"
You slide a hand down her body, gently teasing against her inner thigh. You feel the heat emanating from her pussy, and you slowly move your fingers towards it. You gently trace your fingers along her labia, drawing out the moment as she moans in agonized bliss.
You release Nefret's nipple from your mouth, and withdraw from her body completely. "Not yet."

"No! No! No!" She says, her voice trembling as you deny her pleasure.
Naked, Nefret lies on the ground, chest heaving as she stares at you pleadingly.
You're already shirtless, so you decide to pull off the loose-fitting shorts you're wearing. That leaves you in nothing but your underwear, but the arousal brewing beneath them is quite obvious.
Nefret stares at your underwear, licking her lips. "I've been such a good girl, Master... Let me see it... Please..."
Her eyes dart down to the strained cloth, ears twitching. Her eyes widen, and her nostrils flare as she takes a deep breath. She's still got her mouth hung open, tongue lolling out to wet her lips.
"Oh please... Oh please..." She breathes.
You slide your underwear off, letting your arousal spring free. Nefret's eyes fixate on it. She licks her lips slowly, staring at it with glazed eyes. Voice quivering, she speaks up. "It's so big... So powerful... I want it inside me."
"Bed. Now." You command, voice low and threatening.

Nefret lets out a pleasured gasp, quickly scrambling to her feet and tossing herself onto the bed. She wastes no time in rolling over on her back, wrists above her head and legs spread in a silent invitation for you ravage her.
You get up on the bed as well, hovering above Nefret on all fours. She's trembling with anticipation, dripping with readiness and hunger. Her fur is standing on end from the sheer power of her arousal, ears flushed and twitching rapidly.
"Look at you... So heated... So greedy... You're just aching to be handled, aren't you?" You ask in a teasing voice.
"Oh yes... Please, yes..." Nefret moans, rolling her head around as she tries to control her breathing.
You shift your hands to take control of her wrists, sliding her golden bracelets out of the way so you can assert your grip. You pin them down with your frontal weight, sinking her wrists into the mattress above her head.
"Fuck, yes! Oh god, oh please! More! Harder! I'm your slave! Do what you want with me!"
You sink your teeth into your lip, fighting back a groan. You're usually only like this under the effect of some monstergirl's poison, so pent up and ready to go. You grit your teeth, trying to hold yourself back from just pouncing on her.

"Harder! More! I can take it, Master! I promise! I need it! I need it so bad! Fuck me, you savage! I'm yours!"
You're about to give in. You're about to just slam into her and give her the fucking of a lifetime. But you stop yourself. You want to make sure you wring every drop of agonized pleasure and anticipation from Nefret. You're not some cheap stud. You're a professional. And professionals know how to do a job right.
"Tell me what you want next. Beg for it. Scream for it. Slaves know how to grovel properly." You say in a deep voice.
"Please, Master! I need your thick human cock! Your hot human semen! I need it in my belly!" Nefret begs, beginning to pant. "I need it! I need it so fucking bad!"
"Is that it? Do you want me to just push inside and get this over with? Do you want me end this right now with something gentle and soft?" You ask with a dark grin.
"No! No! Please, no! Don't do fucking do that! Don't do that to me!" Nefret screams, pulse pounding beneath your hands.
You press your forehead against hers, your lips brushing against her as you speak into her ear. "That's what I thought. I think you want me to do more than just stick it in you."

"Please, please, please! I need you to fuck me! I need to feel your thick human cock thrusting inside of my tight pussy! I need to feel your weight on top of me! I need you to split me open and make me scream in pain and pleasure! I need to be fucked like an animal! I want you to pound my heat out of me!"
Nefret is panting even more heavily now, her body quivering.
With a pleased chuckle, you release one of her wrists and reach your hand down to her trembling stomach. Her abs tense and release under your touch, Nefret gasping as your fingertips trace along her tattoos. You feel her hips instinctively try to push against yours, threatening to take hold of your cock.
With a rapid shift of your weight, you slip your knees beneath Nefret's thighs, and clamp them down on her hips. You're strong enough to lock her in place, completely halting Nefret's ability to thrust or grind. Her thighs clench and squeeze against your sides in protest, but she can't overpower you. Nefret seems to find this fact incredibly arousing.
"Oooh... Such hunger. You're even greedier and hornier than I thought, aren't you?" You say, tsking as you push your fingers against the soft flesh just above her navel.
"P-please! Please, Master! I need it so bad! I can't take this anymore! It hurts how much I need it! I need more! I'm going insane just thinking about it! You have to finish me off!" Nefret begs.

You give her a sensual, long lick from the base of her neck to the tip of her chin, and finally bring your lips to hers.
Nefret immediately slams her unrestrained hand against the back of your head to lock you in the kiss. She plunges her tongue into your mouth with the force of a woman driven absolutely insane. You feel her tongue rolling against yours, and her lips sucking on your own. You hand slips down to her side, and she immediately grabs a fistful of your hair.
Nefret's other hand strains against your wrist pin as she rolls her hips, fruitlessly attempting to grind her heat against you. Her hips thrust and strain, but you keep her locked down.
You pull your lips from hers, creating a string of saliva that connects for a brief moment before snapping. Nefret gives a long, drawn out moan as you speak.
"Naughty Anubis. You'll have to wait for me to enter you."
Nefret screams in agony. "No, no, no! Please, Master! I can't take it anymore! I'm going to snap if you keep me like this! I'm fucking dying! I have to have it! I'm so empty without your thick cock to fill me out!"
You press your lips against Nefret's, and she kisses you back with the force of animalistic possession.

"You're not going to break me so easily. You're going to learn that I'm in charge, and I'll do with you as I please." You punctuate your statement by seizing her free hand once more, brutally slamming it into the mattress above your head as you sink your fingers into both her wrists.
Nefret screams in ecstasy, throwing her head back against the pillow. She bucks her hips against you in a frenzy, but you keep her locked down. You can feel her pussy growing wetter and hotter against your crotch as she begins to grind.
"Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck! You bastard! I fucking hate you so much! I fucking love it! You fucking bastard!" Nefret screams through heaving breaths.
You let out a deep, sadistic laugh as you lick Nefret's cheek. "Scream and struggle all you want. You won't be bred until I know you're good and ready."
Nefret lets out a scream as you bite down on her neck.
"Oh! I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready! Fucking give it to me!" Nefret screams.
You pull your head back, giving her a long stare. You give her a long, deep kiss, and she thrusts her head forward to push her lips against yours as she moans desperately.
You relent, pulling back and staring into her eyes as you finally lower your hips to grind against her.

Your cock slides between her thighs, the head rubbing against her wet pussy as it passes by. You pleasure yourself like this for a few moments, before you begin to push your hips forward, sliding your cock up and down against her labia.
"Oh, fuck! Please, please, please put it in! Do it, you fucking bastard!" Nefret begs.
You can feel her hips straining against your grip, threatening to break free with how hard she's struggling against you. You reassert your grip with a powerful squeeze of your knees, drawing another pained and pleasured howl from Nefret.
"I neeeeeed it! Force yourself into me! Give me every last ounce of your big, strong body! Fill me with your brutality!" She cries out, loud to the point of harshness.
You preparations are complete. Nefret's ears are clamped against her head, her thighs almost crushing you with how hard they're squeezing your sides. She's shaking like she's possessed, sweating profusely. Her drool is even more abundant, above and below. Every inch of her fur is standing on end, bristling with anticipation and arousal.

You've never pulled it off before, but you know with absolutely certainty that if you go all the way in right now, she's going to cum with mind-breaking force.
That's exactly what you do.
With the shift of your weight and the squeeze of her wrists, you bury your entire cock inside Nefret in a single, brutal thrusting motion.
"YES! YES! YES! FUCK, YES!" Nefret screams in ecstasy.
Nefret's walls are tight around your dick, but her fluids are flowing so freely that you can slide back and forth with ease.
Her eyes roll back into her head as she begins to lose all control of her muscles. She shakes and shudders, every muscle in her body twitching with orgasmic bliss. You decide to keep your movements halted for the moment, simply keeping your cock as deep inside Nefret as it can go.
You're enjoying the warmth and tightness of her pussy, but at this point you're more interested in just how far you can toss Nefret off the edge of masochistic insanity. You can always cum later.
Feeling Nefret's walls starting to let up on their grip, you begin to pull yourself out of her. She screams with pleasure as the sensations of your movement inside of her resonates through her entire body. She's instantly broken into another deep orgasm, but now that you've started moving you have no intention of stopping.

Nefret's howls of ecstasy are like a song to your ears. Her body is shuddering and convulsing with every single thrust. The room is filled with the sounds of wet slapping and Nefret's screams.
You throw her down onto the mattress, aggressively pressing your weight onto her while you continue to fuck her as hard as you can.
Your grip finally slips, and Nefret's legs wrap around your hips, locking together with an iron grip. You can barely move, and her pussy tightens around your dick as you try to pull out.
Just as you manage to pull out, Nefret's legs squeeze together, trapping your dick between her thighs.
She begins laughing like a madwoman. Her laugh is high-pitched and childish, but also deep and sharp. It's a cackle of insanity and mania.
"Yes! Yes! Do it! Fuck my thighs like a sleeve!"
Your hands release Nefret's wrists, immediately clamping down on her thighs and pulling them apart with a surge of power. Legs opened, you slam back into Nefret with hostile force.
"I've decided what I want. And it's not your thighs." You growl as you feel her squeeze around your cock again. "You wanted to be fucked. And that's what I'm going to do."
Your hands grip around Nefret's neck, tightening around it in a chokehold. She moans, instantly going limp, as the lack of oxygen sends her into a state of euphoria.

You quickly start up your thrusting again, your hands immediately finding their way to her wrists. You pull her back with every thrust as you drive yourself deeper and deeper inside of her.
You shift your grip on her wrists so that you can dig your fingernails into her skin, and then rotate your wrists to carve deep marks into hers. Paired with another hard bite on the fresh side of her neck, and Nefret is hurdled into another brain-shattering orgasm. All the while you keep mercilessly thrusting in and out of her, not letting up for a moment. The adrenaline is keeping you restrained from the edge as you feel her entire body enter an ecstatic seizure of pleasure once more.
You can feel yourself getting close, but you've got to hold on a little longer. Nefret continues to spasm, moaning, howling, screaming, and begging incoherently as she's fucked silly. Each time her orgasm dies down, you relocate your forceful attention somewhere else on her body, and she erupts all over again. Each fresh climax is a step deeper, a notch more powerful, and it's like you're slowly liquefying her brain with raw orgasmic force.
The next time she comes down from her plateau, she's a gibbering mess. Her eyes are unfocused and hazy, and her speech is incomprehensible. You're not doing too great yourself, but you manage to keep your head clear enough to focus on the task at hand.

You squeeze Nefret's wrists and hold them in place so you can sink your teeth into her neck once again. You feel the last dregs of resistance fade away from her as she lets out a final, almost silent howl. You can feel the last of her rational mind shatter as you continue to thrust into her. Now she's a puppet, strings pulled by the pace of your ministrations, an absolute prisoner to pleasure.
You let go of her wrists to relocate your hands, sinking them deep into the muscular flesh of her thighs. A fresh squeeze of this unattended area easily draws another, even deeper climax out of Nefret. You feel the muscles of her legs contract and convulse, and you hold on tight to keep her from crushing your hands in her quaking legs. She doesn't even seem to notice anymore, as she continues to climax for what seems like an eternity.
Your cock lets out a powerful twitch, and Nefret immediately feels the signal. With an incredibly deep gasp, her eyes briefly return to focus.
"Please! Pllleeeeeassseeee! Cum! Cum! F-Fuck! Oooohhhh! Do it! Haah! Aaaahhh! Cum! Cum! Fuck, please!" She screams, stitching words together with every ounce of tattered focus she can muster.

You let go of her thighs, instead wrapping your arms around her legs. You pull them up and towards you, lifting her ass off the ground. She instinctively wraps her legs tightly around your waist, as you continue to fuck her senseless.
You can feel your own orgasm quickly approaching. The room is filled with the sound of skin-on-skin slapping and Nefret's endless orgasmic wails.
You grit your teeth and focus on the task at hand, holding on for dear life as Nefret's convulsing body tries to force you out. You give one, two, three final thrusts before you finally release.
Nefret howls one last gasp of orgasmic ecstasy as your cock twitches and spasms, marking the start of your violent release.
You drop her legs, and she collapses backwards onto the bed. You're following in the grip of her legs however, which leads to Nefret's impact against the sheets driving your cock deeper inside her than you ever thought possible. You're pretty sure you managed to tap her cervix, but the blistering pain associated with such an action only serves to completely drown Nefret in her most soul-rendingly powerful orgasm yet. Her entire body is baked with pain, pleasure, sweat, shivers, heat, and the surging warmth of your cum flooding into her womb.
You collapse forwards, struggling to breathe as you feel your own body try to shut down. You've run yourself completely dry, and the convulsing of her muscles around your cock only drives you towards another smaller, but still powerful orgasm.

Nefret lays motionless on the bed, her entire world dissolved into a puddle of bliss. Her legs are still wrapped around your waist, keeping your cock tightly wedged inside her while various parts of her body twitch at odd intervals. Her legs pump against your waist with a powerful spasm, and you dropped into a second wave of release.
The sensation of even more seed filling her causes Nefret to briefly flare to life again, back arching upward as she cranes her neck back with a deafening howl.
Your body's regained some of its energy, but you still collapse onto Nefret's chest as you finish, panting heavily. You feel her arms wrap around your shoulders, and her head nestle into your neck.
"Th-thank you," she whispers.
You give her a drowsy nod, too tired to speak.
"I think I'm in love with you."
"Easy to say... after a fucking like that..." You manage to groan.

"But I'm serious. I've never felt this way about anyone, and I don't care if it's the heat talking. I want to feel like this forever."
You sigh.
"Nefret... we just met. And you're in heat. You probably don't even mean any of this-"
You feel a soothing caress on your neck, and your eyes roll into the back of your head as you feel yourself being drawn to sleep.
"I've meant every word."
You wake up on a bed, with your arms wrapped around a warm body. There's a feeling of bare skin against your chest and legs intertwined with yours.
You slowly open your eyes, taking in the sight of Nefret's sleeping face. You gently begin to extricate yourself from her grip, but she stirs.
"Five more minutes..." She mumbles.
You run a gentle hand through Nefret's long black hair and plant a tender kiss on her forehead. "Alright. Take as long as you need."

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