Oasis Vacation: Beaches and Wrestling

The both of you lay there for a good two hours, gently napping and enjoying each other's warmth. Selania finally stirs to wake up, stretching her limbs with a wide yawn, before snuggling you awake. "Hey there."
You yawn, stretching your arms and back. "How long was I out for?"
"Two hours."
"Wow. I must have been really tired. That was a good nap!"
"Naps are always good." She smiles coyly. "Now then, I believe it's time we continue my training."
"Alright. What's the next step?" You ask.
"A classic Hellhound pastime that will test your strength, endurance, and agility all at once." Selania says.
"That being...?"
"Wrestling!" She exclaims.

"Oh yes. It's a classic battle of strength and willpower. If you're the weaker one, you're forced into a submissive position where the other can take full advantage of you."
"And... that's how you want to train?" You ask.
"Well, not for me! I'm perfectly capable of taking you down at any moment. This is to train you!"
"I... don't think I like where this is going..."
"Oh hush. I'm not going to really hurt you. Well... unless you want me to." She winks.
You sigh, as she stands up off the bed. Selania offers you her hand, which you accept. She pulls you up as you stand next to the Hellhound.
"Change into a fresh pair of clothes. We're going out!" She says with excitement.
"Really? Why?" You ask.

"We can't wrestle around my house! Fun as that would be... We need a proper place for me to teach you. For us to duke it out!" Selania explains.
"And where would that be?"
Selania continues her explanation as she puts her sports bra back on, and dons a fresh pair of shorts. "There's this entire section of the southeast beaches dedicated to athletics! We're interested in the wrestling rings they have in this one area though, they're fantastic."
She quickly sifts through one of her dresser drawers, before tossing you another black tank top.
"You sure do have a lot of these..." You mutter
"Hey. They're comfy, they fit, and I like the look. That's all I need." She states plainly.
You give Selania a small shrug and a smile, before slipping it on alongside some gym shorts. "Alright. Let's go check it out."
"Perfect. There's not a moment to waste!"

Selania motions for you to follow her, before grabbing your hand and pulling you out of the house. It's night time outside, close to morning, judging by the moon's low position in the sky. It's a bright crescent moon, still managing to reflect brilliantly against the lapping waters of The Delta's many canals despite fading into the horizon.
"Oh, excellent! We'll be there just at sunrise!" Selania exclaims.
"Hey, do you mind if we stop by my workplace first? I just want to get a few details straight with my manager." You ask.
"Sure, sure." Selania nods.
You lead her through the streets to the Riptide Retreat, a rather impressive building that mixes ornate ancient architecture styling with more modern construction to create a building that resembles a strange desert palace. You walk through the front door and into the foyer, where you're greeted by the ever-familiar sight of Vaughn with his heels up on the front desk, reading some sort of magazine.

Vaughn notices your entrance, and raises a hand to greet you. His hand quickly droops as he notices the gigantic Hellhound behind you however, a look of mild shock on his face.
"Hey Vaughn." You greet him with the same lazy wave.
"H-Hey there Ryan..." Vaughn says cautiously. "I didn't expect to see you back so soon... Or with... company..."
"Oh yeah, I wanted to see you about my time off. How long are you giving me, exactly?" You ask.
"A... A week and a half..." Vaughn stutters, sweating slightly.
You look over your shoulder to see Selania intently studying Vaughn, a broad grin on her face that exposes her sharp teeth.
"Right. Introductions. Selania, this is Vaughn." You say, turning to face Vaughn. "Vaughn, this is Selania."
"Hello, Vaughn." Selania says, grinning as she takes a step towards the desk.
Vaughn's eyes widen in fear as he scoots back from her in his chair.

"Hi." He replies curtly.
"Oh and, uh, I might not be around too much during my break. Selania here is letting me crash at her place." You explain to Vaughn.
Vaughn's eyes dart between you and Selania, seemingly giving you a look to ask if you're serious. "That's... great. Yeah, fantastic. No problem at all." He says, nodding swiftly.
"Thanks, Vaughn. I seriously appreciate it. I'll be back here right on time, just as promised. Hopefully feeling a little better, too." You say.
"Alrighty. Take care with your new friend." Vaughn says with a nervous laugh. It's clear he finds Selania's appearance very intimidating.
"Bye Vaughn." You say, waving to him.
You walk out of the Riptide with your new Hellhound girlfriend in tow.
"Thanks for letting me stay at your place, Selania." You say.

"Thank me after I'm done wrestling you into a sling." She says with a chuckle. "Let's get going to the southeast beach already!"
You fall in next to Selania as the two of you walk down the street. "Sounds like a plan to me."
"You should take a dip in the water after we're done. It's really nice and warm."
"Yeah, I might just do that." You agree.
The two of you walk in silence for a moment as you make your way through town, before Selania speaks up again. "So, how did you end up working at the Riptide?" She asks.
"Oh, it's a long story." You say.
"I've got time."
You take a deep breath, thinking back to how you ended up in this situation.

"Well, I started out as a dirt-poor farmer. Only son of a peasant family, inherited the land, all that stuff. Girl comes wandering through town looking for employees to start this new brothel in the Commercial District. I had never been outside my village in my life, so I took her up on it. Left the farm in the hands of a trusted friend, shipped out to the city, and started my career." You explain, pausing to let Selania interject.
"You moved all the way from an outer village? How did you afford such a thing?" She asks.
"Oh, the girl I just mentioned? She's a succubus. She gave me a free trip to the city in exchange for my service. Contract-free too. That's how I ended up in the Commercial District." You say.
"I see. Go on. What happened next?"
You continue tracing your backstory. "Well, I've worked at that brothel ever since. About five days ago I got told by my boss I was going to be sent on an exchange. Turns out the Riptide Retreat needs extra employees to help with the demands of breeding season. Since my boss knows the guy who runs the Retreat, she set me up to be one of those helpers. I get paid a bunch extra in exchange for helping out with business there."
Selania smiles. "So, you're a rich man?"

"Well, I get paid more than I was before. But I'm not exactly rich. Still, it's nice to have money to spend on luxuries." You say with a shrug.
"What do you spend your money on?"
You think for a moment. "Not much, to be honest. Nice food, sometimes clothes. I still live pretty modestly. Old habits die hard, I guess."
"Sounds like you could live like a king! We'll have to work on this modesty issue of yours. After we finish making you stronger, of course." Selania says with a smile.
There's a lull in the conversation between the two of you for a moment, and you take the chance to observe the streets around you. The buildings are tall here, with the two of you elevated from the ground quite a bit on a bridge that runs across one of the many glittering canals of crystal blue water. The water is so clear you can see all the way to the sandy bottom.
There are plenty of people milling around down there, though most of them are monstergirls with long, scaled fish tails instead of human legs. There are a few other aquatic species you don't recognize, but they're all swimming through the water like it was a sidewalk. It's a sight that is as fascinating as it is strange, being able to witness deep sea species from a distance of just a few yards.

"Admiring the fish?" Selania says with smile.
You nod your head. "Yeah... It's crazy how many kinds of monstergirls there are here in The Delta, especially with the canals. I've never seen anything like it."
"I was pretty impressed by it all when I first got here, too! The Volcanic Reaches has some interesting sights, but nothing quite as grand as the Oasis District. Especially not here, in The Delta. This place always has something new and weird to explore!" Selania says.
"No kidding. I don't even know some of the monstergirls I'm seeing around here. That's definitely a first." You turn from observing the canal to continue following Selania as she leads you to the southeast beach.
You follow her through the streets and across several more ornate bridges, passing by a few more monstergirls in the water. You're careful not to make eye contact, but they occasionally call out to you.

"Hey, cutie! You should come in the water with us!" one with a fishtail says.
"You look like you could use a good time!" another with a longer, more serpentine body exclaims.
"I can see why you'd be popular with the ladies." Selania says, smiling.
You blush. "Well, I do have my job for reason. Aren't you a little upset at that, though?"
Selania snorts with amusement. "Of course not! It's defining proof that you're a strong male. You need to be desirable to other women, and capable of conquering them in order to be a powerful and worthy mate."
"I suppose so..." You say.
"Here we are," Selania says.
You look at where you've arrived, and your jaw drops.
The beach is full of dozens of monstergirls of various types. A group of harpies are having a volleyball game, using their wings to serve the ball without tearing it to shreds. Some Mermaids are sprawled out on a sandbar just beyond the shore, sunning themselves with pleased expressions and chatting to each other. The water itself is home to all sorts of other monstergirls, splashing about and enjoying the waves.

As Selania guides you towards the athletics section of the beach, you witness more fascinating sights.
A gathering of Oni roar with excitement as one of them demolishes a watermelon with a surprisingly large quarterstaff. Two Scylla are leaning against a lifeguard chair, talking to the nervous human sat inside with flirtatious expressions. What appears to be a cobra-species Lamia lies under the shade of an umbrella while her lower half enjoys the warmth of the sand and sun.
You've never seen such a broad array of monstergirl species in one place before, let alone at a beach this vibrant and beautiful. It's quite a lot to take in. You and Selania finally arrive in athletics portion of the beach, and the sights immediately differ.
Dozens of monstergirls are gathered here, all of them competing in various events. The air is filled with the sounds of cheering, whooping, and roaring. It seems several different open events are being held, which differ in both purpose and participants. You notice a few Amazonesses engaged in what looks like a weight lifting competition. Some buzzard harpies whoosh a few feet over your head, flying laps around this section of the beach in a high-speed air race.

With a little more walking, the wrestling rings Selania talked about make their appearance. There's no less than six of them, each impressively large platforms ringed by elastic ropes.
Several of them are occupied, with various scenes of close combat taking place. In one ring, two gigantic Oni struggle against one another in between primal roars of combative rage. In another, a trio of Lamias are caught in a very strange mix of martial arts and tail combat. A third ring is home to a monstergirl you don't recognize, wrestling a sharkman with considerable skill and power.
Selania seems to recognize the monstergirl though, perking up at the sight of her. "Holy shit! Nefret's here! I haven't seen her in forever!"
You turn to ask her who that is, but she's already walking towards the ring.
"Come on, I'll introduce you!"
You give a shrug and follow after her.

As you approach the ring, Nefret's features become a little clearer. She's a very large and well-muscled Anubis. She's tan skinned with short black fur and golden eyes. Her face is covered in a heavy sheen of sweat, outlining her sharp facial features in glossy detail. She wears a pair of golden bracelets around her wrists, both of which feature intricate engraved patterns. She also wears a thick collar with a sun emblem on it, along with a pair of earrings which resemble jeweled ankhs.
A bountiful black mane flows down her back, a wet combination of fur and hair. Her muscled stomach is also flanked by intricate tattoos that flow across her midriff like runes.
You and Selania approach the ring right as Nefret and the sharkman seem to be taking a break, each retreating to a different corner. Nefret notices Selania's approach, greeting her with a nod and a smile. Now that you're but a few feet apart, you realize Nefret is almost as tall as you are, which is impressive considering your above average height for a human. Her clothing is extremely minimal, wearing nothing but a two-piece of what looks like skin-tight black swimwear. You're almost convinced there's more jewelry on her body than fabric.

"Selania. It's good to see you again." Nefret says in a commanding voice, her sharp eyes peering at you.
"And you as well." Selania says, reaching out a hand.
Nefret grips Selania's arm at the elbow, and she does likewise in a sort of warrior's handshake. Pleasantries exchanged, Nefret turns her full attention towards you, gold eyes focused intently on assessing your figure.
"And who might this... human male... be, Selania?" She asks in the same tone.
"His name is Ryan, and he's my boyfriend."
Nefret intensifies her gaze, and you feel as if you've had a spike driven down your spine. You manage to hold eye contact, but you can already feel your knees growing weak.
"Oh?" Nefret asks in a pointed tone. "Is that so?"

"It sure is!" Selania says, providing you shelter from Nefret's interrogating question. "I found him on the docks two days ago, and decided to get to know him. He's a very strong male, especially for how weak humans usually are! In any case, he's not quite at his peak potential, so I'm here to put him through the paces." Selania explains.
Nefret returns her cold glare to you, seemingly dissatisfied with what she can see. "I doubt that."
"Doubt what?" Selania says, cocking her head in confusion.
"Human males are always soft. They're breakable. Poor communicators. Stringy little playthings, with a shelf life." Nefret states with confidence.
"Well, not all of us." You mumble under your breath.
"What was that?" Nefret says, squinting her eyes.
"Uh... Nothing!" You say, shrinking back a bit.

"Hmm. I suppose you're right. But I still doubt that this one is up to snuff." Nefret says, turning back to Selania.
"That's where you're wrong, Nef!" Selania shouts with excitement as you feel her paws on your sides.
You don't even get the chance to protest before Selania tears your shirt off you with her claws, exposing your lean and scarred body.
"He's a fighter! Look at all his scars! And his body is lean, yet muscular!" Selania says, tracing her claws along your abs.
Looking back to Nefret, you see that her eyebrows are now raised with curiosity as she intently studies your body. You can't help but feel like she's dissecting you with her eyes.
She bites her lip for the briefest moment, before turning to Selania again. "So he's built a little tougher than the usual ones. You said he's a fighter. Can he fight?"

"In bed? Absolutely. In the ring? We're here to test that." Selania replies with a grin.
Nefret's ears flatten against her head as she looks at Selania with widened eyes and a flushed face. "Selania!"
Selania cackles to herself, before clapping you on the shoulder. "Relax, Neff. I haven't even properly sampled him yet. That's why we're here! I want him at peak condition! He's too good to waste on the usual breed-and-snap."
"The what?" You interject with a hint of fear in your voice.
"Bah, don't worry about it." Selania says with the wave of a paw.
Nefret still looks very taken aback, but quickly wipes away her startled expression once she notices you looking at her. "Regardless of what you see in this... male... I believe your faith in his strength is misplaced. You need to test his prowess in the ring."

"Easy for you to say. He hasn't rubbed your ears yet!" Selania says with glee.
Nefret's ears flush and flick against her head as she takes a step back. "I... I don't see how that's relevant! J-just get started with initial assessments, alright? We won't know until we've actually seen him fight, and that won't happen if we're standing around blathering about... n-nonsense..." She says, rubbing her neck.
You look to Selania, who smiles at you. "Well, I suppose we should get started. There's a free ring over there, let's go!"
She waves you along, before turning to Nefret. "You can watch. If you're interested." She says, wiggling her eyebrows.
Nefret shoots Selania a powerful glare, before huffing angrily. "I'll watch! But only because you seem to have an odd fixation on this male."
"Riiiight." Selania says, turning on a heel and heading over to the ring before Nefret can respond.

Nefret stomps her foot with a small growl, before following Selania to the ring.
You follow, though you're a lot more hesitant.
"What's with her?" You ask.
"Oh, Nefret?" Selania looks back over her shoulder, ensuring Nefret is out of earshot. "I think she likes you."
"Wh-what?" You ask, startled at Selania's opinion.
"It's pretty obvious. She only gets embarrassed around people she likes. You've already caught her eye, clearly." Selania remarks with a chuckle. "Can't blame her."
"That's... nice?" You say, feeling incredibly awkward.
"You should go for it. I think she'd be into it."
"You do?" You ask, confused.

"Sure! Just go for it, and don't be afraid to be rough with her. She'll love it."
"Seriously? How do you feel about that?" You ask with a tone of concern.
"Nefret is fine test of strength. If you manage to please her, I'll know I've got a solid male on my hands." She says with a confident nod.
"You sure do have an interesting view of close relationships..." You mutter.
"Just don't be afraid to push a little! Nefret looks all serious and icy, but she's a raunchy fucking freak once you get your hands on her." Selania says.
"H-how do you know that?" You ask with even more concern.

"We have nights out on the city with a few other friends sometimes. I've had her crash at my place once or twice with some handsy creep she's snagged. Twice was enough after the fucking sounds that came through my walls." She says with an amused snort.
"Good lord! It sounds like you're shepherding me to my doom!" You say with a worried expression.
Selania waves dismissively. "She might test the limits of your strength, but don't worry about anything too aggressive. She gets off on folding like a deck of cards once you butter her up a bit."
"And you know th-"
Selania interrupts you with a tired roll of her eyes. "The walls speak wonders, Ryan. Loudly."

"Oh..." You rub the back of your head awkwardly, unsure what to make of the new information that's been handed to you.
Thankfully, your train of thought is cut short as you finally arrive at the empty wrestling ring. You and Selania hop up onto the platform after pulling the ropes aside, and Nefret appears at the edge to observe.
"Good luck." She says, giving you a smile.
You smile nervously in response before looking at Selania. "So, how do we start?"
Selania grins and slaps you on the shoulder, then points to a corner of the ring. "You take your corner, I take mine, and we start by seeing how well you handle a match blind."
You nod and walk over to your corner, trying to ignore the fact that Nefret's powerful eyes are glued to you.

"Whenever you're ready, then." Selania says, crossing her arms in front of her chest.
You take a deep breath to center yourself and try to focus on bringing all your strength to the surface.
You take a step forward from your corner of the ring, and Selania does likewise. The hellfire in her eyes blazes with power, proof of her excitement for the ensuing fight.
She takes a step towards you and you do the same. She takes another, and you match her. Soon, she's taken several steps towards you, and you've done the same.
"Are you going to just follow me around, then?" She asks, her tone filled with both curiosity and arrogance.
"I'm waiting for you to make the first move." You say, grinning.
She laughs, mixing with an aggressive growl that comes off as very intimidating.

You take a deep breath, exhaling some of the tension in your body as you slide your feet into an offensive stance. Selania notices, but makes no move to similarly ready herself.
"I've been fighting for a lifetime, Ryan. You think I can't tell when someone's going to make a move?" She asks, still smiling with that aggressive undertone.
"Then you should have no problem defending against me." You say, readying your stance.
She lets out a barking laugh, then makes her first move. She takes a step forward with her right foot, using her momentum to bring her left foot around in a roundhouse kick.
To your own surprise, you're swift enough to dip under it, taking advantage of her missed strike to lunge at her core. Your grapple hits home, and you twist your body sideways with all your might to topple Selania while she's still stuck in the arc of her kick.

You roll your body forward, twisting your hips to sling Selania over onto her back with a thud. You land on top of her, but she quickly reacts by bucking her hips up and slamming them into your stomach. The air is knocked out of you as you're thrown off of her, falling onto the mat of the ring.
You waste no time in tossing yourself forward with a violent sit-up motion, which arrives just in time for you to avoid Selania lunging at where your upper body was just seconds ago. Pushing upwards with your legs, you hang in the air for a moment before twisting around and finding your footing again.
"Not bad." Selania snarls.
There's no time for snarky banter, as she immediately leaps forward to try and grasp your shoulders. You twist away, but just barely, and she manages to get a grip on your left arm. With a tug of war, you each try to pull the other into a different direction.
You pull forward and down with all your might, and you're rewarded when her feet leave the ground just slightly. You let out a grunt of effort as you use her momentary lapse in footing to push her sideways and pull yourself away from her grip.
"Not bad at all!" She roars.

You whirl around in a defensive position, ready for Selania's next move as she squares up again. She takes a wide stance, and you see her prepare for an intense usage of her strength. With a mighty roar, Selania charges forward.
You leap up and out of the way of her rush. You twist in the air and land on your feet before leaning back against Selania's oncoming charge with your shoulder. Your shoulder slams into her gut, and you use the momentum to push her sideways.
She stumbles sideways, but keeps her footing. With a roar of anger she takes a half step forward and tries to hook your legs away with her right arm, and grab your head with her left. You hop backwards just out of reach of her grabbing arms, but she instead grabs at your legs. Her fingers dig into your calf as she lets out a laugh.
"Shit!" You cry out as she yanks backward, your entire body toppling to the mat with a thud.
You're laid out on your back, and you feel the air knocked out of you. You see Selania's shadow loom over you, and you roll to the side before she can pin you. You use your hands to push yourself up, and are greeted by a swift chokeslam back onto the mat.

You gasp for breath, and struggle to get out from underneath her. You manage to slam your head to the side before her fingers can get a good grip, and push yourself up just as she tries to land another chokeslam. You catch her by surprise with a quick shove to the chest, and she staggers backward.
You take the opportunity to rush forward and push her over. You both roll around on the mat, each trying to get an advantage over one another.
Your bodies twist and tumble together as each of you furiously tries to end up on top. It's about halfway through this process you realize Selania's humoring you. It takes a few more moments for you to realize she's humoring you because this makes her very aroused.
You roll over one more time, and you manage to get on top of her. You stare into her eyes, which burn a fiery orange with desire and lust. Her lips curl into a devious smile, before her entire body surges to the side and she barrels you onto your back. Selania uses all four of her limbs to pin yours, keeping you absolutely trapped beneath her weight. Her breathing is heavy from both exertion and excitement, and you can see her fighting the urge to do something perverted to you in broad daylight.

"Do you submit?" She asks in a low, lustful tone.
You squirm against her restraining grip for a few more moments, before finally going limp.
"Looks like you've got me beat." You say with a smirk. "I submit."
"Wooo! Yeah!" Selania cheers, leaping off of you and pumping her fist in the air.
You turn to look at Nefret, only find her staring at you with a vacant, drooling expression, face flushed and panting heavily. It takes her a second to register that you're looking straight into her eyes, at which point Nefret lets out a noisy yelp and covers her face.
Selania breaks into uproarious laughter at the sight of how flustered Nefret is, walking up beside you and shoving you towards her. You lose your footing from the sudden force of Selania's shove, tipping forward and landing just in front of Nefret's face peeking through the ropes.
"Don't be so shy, Nef! You're going next!" Selania shouts.
Nefret lets out a sharp squeak as her eyes widen, looking to Selania with disbelief. "What? No! I-"

"I don't wanna hear it, missy! Get your ass inside the ropes!" She roars.
Nefret slowly crawls her way through the ropes and over to you. She's blushing heavily, and her eyes are focused on anything but you. She's completely silent as she slowly inches towards you. Both of you are aware of how close your faces are to each other, and both of you are acutely aware that the other is aware.
Selania's laughter fills the air once more. "Aww, look at you two! You're so cute together!"
"Shut up Selania! We both know you're a horny mess right now!" Nefret snaps.
There's a brief silence.
"And you aren't?" Selania retorts.
Nefret cries out in a mixture of exasperation and shame.
"Alright, you two. We're going to do this the same way as before."
"Which is?" You ask.

"The male has to do everything he can to pin down the girl. The girl's job is to do whatever she can to pin down the guy. If you manage to get on top, you win." Selania explains matter-of-factly.
"Got it." You say.
"Alright! Let's begin!" Selania says, hopping across the ropes and back onto the outside of the ring so she can spectate.
You back up from Nefret and adopt a defensive position in the ring. Nefret, meanwhile, is still struggling to even get her face out of her hands, much less preparing to wrestle you.
"Come on, Nefret! Where's your honor as a warrior?" Selania says.
This seems to do the trick, and Nefret snaps out of her shame spiral with a deep breath. She still doesn't look you in the eye, but she finally slides backwards into an aggressive stance.
"Let's do this." She says.

You take up a defensive position once more, and Nefret makes her first move by quickly darting forward with one hand held out and the other held back to provide balance. She tries to hook your legs away with the hand stretched forward, but you hop over it and roll to the side, quickly popping up again on steady footing.
Nefret gives you a toothy snarl, and begins circling you. She makes a few quick dashes, each time trying a different tactic. The first time she tries to slip through your legs, the second time she tries to tackle you, but you're prepared and counter accordingly. The third time she tries a quick sweep to take you off your feet.
She's trying to end this in one move, staying outside your grip at all costs. You're not sure why this is, since she seems just as strong as you, if not stronger. Either way, you know she's holding herself out of your reach for some reason, and you need to break through her offense with a bit of your own.

You move to make a right-side lunge at Nefret to try and get a firm grasp on her shoulder in order to push her over.
As you dive forward and curve your outstretched right hand to try and seize Nefret, she moves towards you while ducking down in an attempt to dodge beneath your arm's arc of motion. However, both of you have timed your movements poorly, resulting in your arm being angled too low, and Nefret's dodge executing too late. The result is your hand impacting against Nefret's face with a thick slap.
A jolt of primal panic surges through your body, but Nefret's reaction is very different. She lets out a noisy, quivering moan, before stumbling backwards.
"Oh... Yes..." You hear her breathe, before Nefret jolts upright and slams her hands over her mouth.

You can't tell if she's shocked or turned on, but Nefret's eyes quiver and she looks away in embarrassment.
"Oh... Um... Uh..." She manages to stay, struggling to form words under the weight of her panic.
You let out a very confused sigh, before adopting another defensive stance. "Don't worry about it. Let's just get back to the wrestling, alright? I'm sorry for the sloppy mistake there."
Nefret wordlessly nods her head, before taking up another offensive stance. It's clear she's trying to focus on the fight again, but she seems distracted.
She's sweating quite profusely, despite only exchanging a few blows with you. Her ears are beet red on the inside, flicking and twitching against her head forcefully. Moreover, her entire body is quivering as her chest heaves with each breath.
Her behavior is pretty concerning, but you're trying to focus on not getting your ass kicked.

You decide to let her make the next move, whatever that may be. You know she's trying to focus on the fight, but her body language is screaming that she wants something else. You're not sure what though.
Her ears twitch as she lets out a stifled groan, before her eyes dart down to your groin and back up to your face with a flash.
You watch her eyes repeat this motion as she circles you, and you look at her with a concerned expression. "Nefret..." You say, trying to get her attention.
She doesn't answer you, instead she lunges forward and grabs your wrist. She pulls your arm down and twists, throwing you to the mat with a painful thud. You barely have time to react before she's already on top of you, straddling your waist. You don't even think, you just act.

You slam your hips upwards, impacting them against Nefret's pelvis as she lets out something between a cry of surprise and deep, howling moan. You manage to toss her body upwards slightly with the force, at which point you throw your upper body forwards. Hands braced out in front of you, they quickly find Nefret's shoulders and hurdle her momentarily airborne body backwards along your path of motion.
The final result is Nefret slamming against the mat of the ring back-first, with you above her in an all-fours pin.
"Oh..! Please! Please!" Nefret moans, squirming under your touch, hips straining upward.
Your body thoughtlessly acts upon her request, as you reach to grab her wrists, pinning them above her head. You lower your face close to hers, staring into her eyes as she stares back with boiling lust.
"Do you submit?" You ask in a lower voice than usual.
"Yes! Yes! I'm yours!" She answers, before turning her head to the side and offering up her tan, toned neck.

You barely catch yourself leaning in with a start, snapping to attention as you realize how far the moment has gotten away from you. Nefret has had no such call to clarity however, still twitching in your grip and pushing her hips upwards to try and link them with yours.
"Please! Ooh! Please! Mark me with your power!" She whimpers, craning her neck and flexing it to try and entice you.
Nefret's wet, noisy pleas are interrupted by Selania shouting from the side of the ring.
"Alright, that's enough! Ryan! Get off the poor girl!" She yells.
Taking any chance to remove yourself from this incredibly awkward situation, you fling yourself off of Nefret and stand up. Nefret whimpers and cries out as your touch leaves her, a hand immediately moving to her crotch once you're no longer restraining her.

You look on with an expression of deep concern as Nefret's hand pushes against the skin-tight black material of her shorts, pulsing with wetness as she lets out another loud moan.
This could get ugly if you don't stop her. In an Ill-advised move, you lean down and wrench Nefret's hand off of her body, picking her up by the shoulders and shaking her.
"Nefret! What's gotten into you?" You say as you look into her glazed eyes.
As you pull her up to try and get her to stand, Nefret's legs immediately wrap around your waist to try and glue her body to yours.
"Shit! Ryan! You've pushed her too deep!" Selania yells, crossing the ropes to assist you before things get worse.
Nefret's hands move from your shoulders to your head, grabbing at your hair as she pushes her lips against yours.
"Mm! Mm!" You try to protest, but Nefret's tongue forces its way into your mouth.

You can feel the slickness of her tongue as it moves about your mouth, and the wetness of her saliva. You can also feel the warmth of her breath, and the powerful muscles of her body as they move against yours.
Surprisingly, you don't find this altogether unpleasant.
Your mind is pulled into a haze as Nefret's arms wrap around your head to hold it in place, whilst her legs squeeze your waist tightly.
The glazed-over trance that your mind is stuck in suddenly breaks when Selania's paws drive between the two of you, ripping your bodies apart in a powerful outward press. You stumble backwards, but remain upright, while Nefret falls clean to the mat again.
Nefret's back hits the floor with a loud slap, drawing another outrageously soaked moan from her lips. She quickly pops up on all fours, and tries to clamber over to you, but is stopped by Selania attempting to restrain her.

"Nefret! Holy shit! You've gotta cool off!" Selania yells as she holds back Nefret's violently squirming body.
"Let me at him! Let... me... at... him!" Nefret pants, her voice filled with an uncharacteristic need.
You stand in the center of the ring, feeling a mixture of fear and arousal at what just happened. This is all a very new and deeply strange experience for you.
"Plleeeaaasee...! I need him... I need him to ravage me..." Nefret says, her voice sounding like honey and silk. "I need his big, strong, human muscles to pin me down an-"
Selania quickly clamps a paw over Nefret's mouth, which just makes her squirm harder.
"Alright. I fucked up. I'll be the first to admit that." Selania says with a stern glance. "But now we have to fix this. You have to fix this."

"What?" You ask with a twinge of apprehension to your voice.
"Nefret's toast. She's going to be like this until someone takes care of her." Selania says. "You're going to have to do it."
"What?" You ask again, this time your voice cracks slightly with a bit of shock.
"You're going to have to do it. That's how this works. You're the only one who can calm her down right now. We don't have anyone else around that could satisfy her, and even if we did they wouldn't be able to calm her down in time."
"Are you sure about this?" You ask more seriously.
Selania nods sternly. "Yes. I'll keep her restrained until we're back at my place. I'll dump her on you there and get lost for a few hours until this shit smooths itself over."
You take a moment to look at Nefret, who is still squirming and moaning in the grip of some sort of bestial insanity. Her eyes are transfixed on yours, but there's no signs of recognition. There's just need.

You throw your head back with an exhausted groan. There's no alternative. It's time to do what you do best.
"Fuck. Fine. Fine! Okay, I'll do it. Just... try to keep her in check while we get home, okay?" You ask.
Selania nods. "Come on, let's go."
You turn and start to walk back home with the two monstergirls. The walk is relatively uneventful, although you do catch Nefret staring at you a few times. You just ignore it and try not to push her any deeper.
When you finally arrive at Selania's house, you step forward and open the door to help Selania make it inside. She's still restraining Nefret with both arms, Nefret still thrashing and moaning inside her grip.
"Alright. I've got a spare bedroom upstairs that I'm okay with ruining. You'll go in first, and I'll drop Nefret at the doorway. After that, it's up to you." Selania says.
"Got it." You respond.

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