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Vincharles burger            Yum. Mikaela ( or Yeva ) 。 15 it she him transneutral fujinshi︰unlabeled ✶ (・_-。 ) ﹒ ‎ ﹒ ‎

BYI i talk abt a lot of graphic topics as they make up most of my interests, i wont use tone tags but will clarify my tone if asked/needed, my humor is a bit crude so just let me know if i say smth that u dont like ill shut up, i indulge in genuine toxic yaoi/yuri, i dont care for pointless internet or pride discourse, i like (drawn) gore and dont typically censor when w/friends (im not annoying about it i promise)

NO DNI idrc that badly but ill avoid you if ur an edgeball or genuinely freaky, just have a sense of morals and we should be fine

i dont hold real grudges. its wasteful Idgaf time is Fleeting Lets all hold hands
if u have an issue or question come to me i am civil Thank u

Pub: 17 Jul 2023 21:39 UTC
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