easy read

Vincharles burger            Yum. Mikaela ( or Yeva ) 。 15 it she him transneutral fujinshi︰unlabeled ✶ (・_-。 ) ﹒ ‎ ﹒ ‎

mainly like hgsn, hello char, itigo, tye, pgr, evangelion, & my ocs
^^ plus i read a copious amnt of webcomics, addicted Need dat daily dose

im into soooo much shit cus Everything is awesome and cool i need to experience it awl

chief sosa, genitorturers, mimideath, garbage, fiona apple, bladee, kittie, kendrick lamar, +

my main hobby is writing i love literature. reading is kewl. Open to book recs
interested in sociology and flower language Too

full interests list if u evennn Gaf
mostly so i dont blank when smbdy asks... Dent in my brain

Pub: 17 Jul 2023 21:10 UTC
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