There are some hopeful signs. The report notes growth in renewable energy investment, increasing media coverage of climate change and growing engagement from government leaders on health-centered climate policies. But the report warns that inequities could weaken progress. Ruslan said one of the biggest struggles had been the language barrier. After the debate, Fetterman's campaign quickly seized on the "local political leaders" part. The report accuses fossil fuel purveyors — and the governments that subsidize them — of subverting “efforts to deliver a low carbon, healthy, liveable future” and demands that world leaders pursue a health-centered approach to solving the climate crisis. But there has also been criticism of the government's handling of the issue. - ItbG2e </div> <span class="cf-footer-item sm:block sm:mb-1">Cloudflare Ray ID: <strong class="font-semibold">75e4dd702b819ba1</strong></span>

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