Soundbit Packs

09.21 to 09.25 JST
9.21.21 【There is No Game: Wrong Dimension】There is No Stream, I Swear
9.24.21 【Ring Fit Adventure】Another step towards a healthy lifestyle
9.25.21 【PORTAL 2】With IRyS! Will the brain cells descend?【Pavolia Reine/hololiveID 2nd gen】#2

09.26 to 10.02 JST
9.27.21 【MINECRAFT】Mining and getting materials for portal stuff!
9.29.21 【MINECRAFT】Building stuff for Portal!! (finally?)
10.02.21 【MINECRAFT】Guerilla Gotta finish up the MELON stream!

10.03 to 10.09 JST
10.03.21 【Karaoke!!】What better day to do a Karaoke Night!!
10.04.21 【Missing Children】Now that sounds alarming
10.06.21 【ASMR Microphone Arrived】Fiddling with my First Binaural
10.07.21 【Clubhouse 51】Settling the score with Bae!! 【COLLAB】
10.08.21 【Little Nightmares】How do dreams work anyways?
10.09.21 【Dead By Daylight Collab】Please don't run away

10.10 to 10.16 JST
10.10.21 【MINECRAFT】Guerrilla Minecraft!!
10.12.21 【Karaoke!!】Isn’t it time for some more Karaoke Night?
10.14.21 【Cooking Simulator】Guerrilla Cooking with Nephilim
10.16.21 【Mario Kart 8DX】Race with Me!! (after a bit of practice lol)

10.17 to 10.23 JST
10.17.21 【Luigi's Mansion 3】Why is Luigi so Cute
10.21.21 【KARAOKE PARTY】100 Day Celebration Karaoke!!
10.23.21 【MINECRAFT】Another Minecraft Adventure

10.24 to 10.30 JST
10.24.21 【HoloEN Among Us】IT'S ULTIMATE SUS TIME
10.25.21 【MINECRAFT】Adventuring to the END perhaps?
10.28.21 【Dead By Daylight Collab】Hope is coming for you
10.29.21 【Back 4 Blood Collab】Zombie Huntrys
10.30.21 【WATCH-ALONG】Scary Movie

1.29.22 【Members Only】 Typing Only Chat! IRySoSilent

4.01.22【Hope & Council April Fools】Everything Is Normal

MEGA Sound Archive

Previous posts by soundbitanon(from 8.27(?) to 9.21) or from others that are endings only and/or various soundbits are not included. Those can be found in the MEGA.

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