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update log ! MIRA⠀ mira's sign off|mari's sign offMARI

mari's sign off4/29/24 added new update log, rules to about section, red blinkies.
mari's sign off6/04/24 added 13 new dividers in made by us, updated prism's divider
and frame credit, added buttons rentry.
mari's sign off6/05/24 added a shit ton of more blinkies.
mira's sign off6/06/24 added a fuck ton of pixels !!
mari's sign off + mira's sign off6/09/24 added buttons directory to every link, and over 20 buttons !
mira's sign off6/09/24 i may have impulsively revamped pixelprism !!! how do we look :)?
mari's sign off6/10/24 added way more buttons (i have an addiction to making them.)
mari's sign off6/17/24 updated + fixed a few links, will be adding recolors link soon.
mari's sign off6/20/24 added some of my own recolors, blinkies, and some more buttons !
mira's sign off7/14/24 Mari and I are trying to see how to fix the image loading issue pixelprism has! We're also making separate sites just to have our personal creations there ! WE STILL RUN PIXELPRISM ! we both just wanted a personal site to have all of our personal ones <3

Pub: 29 Apr 2024 08:15 UTC
Edit: 15 Jul 2024 01:30 UTC
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