📜 ➜ Megathread

➜ Not so fast sailor! Do this first

  • Use Firefox + uBlock Origin with these optimized settings (Blocks advertisements & malware).
  • Change your DNS settings to one of these great choices (Bypasses website access limitations).
  • Use a reputable torrent client with a kill switch, such as qBittorrent (Allows torrenting).
  • Set up a VPN such as Mullvad or ProtonVPN (Changes IP address to hide identity).
  • Bind your torrent client to the VPN (Only allows torrenting when VPN is active).

➜ Quality over quantity

  • The Megathread is to subject to rigorous 👁ī¸â€đŸ—¨ī¸ Quality Control checks, and often updated.
  • Visit our r/Piracy, r/Torrents, or Lemmy communities for all the sailing discussions.

➜ Disclaimer

  • Trustworthy links that were formerly safe may occasionally turn hazardous.
  • Moderators and contributors do their best to maintain it, but always use care while voyaging.



📝 ➜ Table of Contents



🏆 ➜ Greatest Treasures

🧭 All Purpose

  • Torrent search engines, aggregators, and DHT crawlers work together to collect public content.

⭐ Anime

  • Japanese animated entertainment with diverse genres and vibrant art style.

📚 Books

  • Manga, comics, and novels are mediums that combine text and images to convey information.

🕹ī¸ Emulators

  • Simulating gaming console functions, while ROMs are digital game copies.

🎮 Games

  • Electronic games played on a screen, involving interaction and challenges for entertainment.

📱 Mobile

  • Portable devices combining computing and telephone functions into a single OS like Android or iOS.

đŸŽĻ Movies & TV

  • Visual storytelling to evoke emotions and engage viewers, reflecting the human experience.

🎹 Music

  • Art of arranging sounds creates form, harmony, melody, rhythm, and expression.

⚙ī¸ Software

  • Multitude of computer programs, files, and data tailored for desktops.

👟 Sports (Update in progress...)

  • Competitive physical activities showcasing skill and entertainment for spectators.

🧰 Tools (Update in progress...)

  • Activation aids, userscripts, download managers, assistants, extensions, and more.

â˜Ŗī¸ Unsafe Sites

  • Reputation of these malicious websites has been tarnished by numerous serious offenses.



đŸĒ™ ➜ Other Treasures

📁 Awesome Piracy

  • Compilation of all secure links to every legitimate website for all things related to sailing the seas.

📁 Champagne Piracy Wiki

  • Assortment of safeguarded links, spanning across a multitude of platforms and categories.

📁 EverythingMoe

  • Explore a range of anime streaming information including websites, apps, news, and much more.


  • Immerse yourself in the internet's colossal collection of freebies, unmatched in its scale.

📁 MediaSavvy

  • Comprehensive and versatile wiki that offers a wide range of options.

📁 Porn Dude â€ĸ NSFW

  • Unrivaled directory for the ultimate collection of top-tier free and premium adult websites.

📁 Ripped

  • Collection of esteemed websites and tools endorsed by the community.

📁 The Index

  • Extensive index that catalogs and compares a wide array of content, dedicated to Japanese media.

📁 Wiki Index

  • Variety of free resources, embracing a culture of sharing and accessibility.

📁 Wotaku

  • Plethora of resources covering Japanese media and language from various references.



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