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Eclipse (Moona, SFW)
The Sun And The Moon (Moona, Roboco, SFW, Updated)
(New Series!) Diary of a new life Ch.1: Rebirth (Calli, SFW)
Futadom Risu (Risu, NSFW, Futanari, updated/complete)

Series Subdirectory#

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Series Subdirectory


Every story in order of which they were originally archived. Slightly out of chronological order, but generally can be considered to be past 'The Pegging of Anon'.

Insecurities bubble to the surface - (Polka, SFW, greentext, abusive Chuuba)
Clowns are happy, right? - (Polka, SFW, abusive Chuuba?) ^
Time Slips By (Amelia Watson, SFW, abusive Chuuba)
Menhera (Matsuri, SFW, greentext, abusive Chuuba?)
House of Tentacles (Ina, horror-themed, abusive Chuuba)
Psychoactive Secretions (Ina, Questionable, abusive Chuuba) ^
HORN-Y! (Coco, NSFW)
Mori witnesses You cheating - (Mori, SFW, greentext, abusive Chuuba)
IMAGINE - (Aqua, SFW, autism, fluff)
Supporting me, supporting you (Aqua, SFW, abusive Chuuba/Chuuba abuse)
(Series! Several chapters within!) Working for a raise (Kiara, NSFW, noncon, reverse rape)
Lion's Den (Botan, short, SFW, abusive Chuuba)
Escape Attempt (Botan, SFW, abusive Chuuba) ^
Self-hatred (Okayu, SFW, abusive Chuuba)
Entrapment (Rushia, SFW, abusive Chuuba)
Hematolagnia (Mel, bloodkink??, noncon, SFW)
Landlubber Lover - (Marine, abusive Chuuba?, NSFW)
Bomb Defusal (Polka, SFW, short, fluff)
Harvest Season (Korone, technically Fubuki, NSFW, grooming, abusive Chuuba?, reverse rape)
Relapse (Fubuki, SFW, technically fluff)
Aftermath (Fubuki, SFW, fluff) ^
Relapse B-Side (Fubuki, SFW, Alt. Ending)
Misdirection (Aqua, SFW)
Asset Procurement (Polka, SFW, gore, abusive Chuuba, Black Ops)
Long Awaited Meeting (Reine, SFW, fluff?, Black Ops)
No longer a third wheel (Korone/Okayu, NSFW, some sort of NTR? Korone is the one doing (You), reverse rape)
One More Day (Amelia, SFW, depressing)
Knight's Vow (Noel, NSFW, gore, abusive Chuuba)
Teddy Bear (Nene, fluff technically)
Talent Retrieval (Botan, SFW, Black Ops)
Body Heat (Botan, NSFW)
Interrogation (Subaru, Marine, Luna, NSFW, reverse rape)
(SERIES! Several chapters within!)Bully Girls (Nene, Polka, Botan, NSFW)
Remembering how to love her (Fubuki, NSFW, Abusive Chuuba, alt. ending to Relapse, reverse rape)
(SERIES! Several chapters within!) Holofantasy (Coco, Marine, Polka, Fubuki, Ina, Fantasy Adventure, SFW/NSFW inside)
Drinking Buddy (Matsuri, SFW, Fluff)
Fate's Intervention (Rushia, SFW, abusive Chuuba, short)
Speaker of the word of N (Kiara, SFW, greentext, shitpost, short)
The Pegging of Anon (Your Oshi, Comedy, short, shitpost)
Lamy Transformation Media Catalog (contains Lamy Transformation Fetish material)
The Big HoloEN Abuse Story (a lot of stuff DISCONTINUED)
Anon's collective writings (Directory)
Omelas Anon's collective works (Directory)
My Last Days (Rushia, SFW, Tragedy)
"You have to take your meds!" (Subaru, gaslighting, abusive Chuuba)
Gloves Off (Suisei, Aqua, Chuuba Abuse, physical abuse, self-harm, co-dependency)
Omelas (Fubuki, SFW, abusive Chuuba, intentional emotional neglect)
Anchor (Fubuki, SFW, tragedy) ^
Step (Fubuki, SFW, tragedy) ^
Omelas fan Sequel follows Pt.1 - (Fubuki)
Luna Encounter - (Luna, NANORA KICK!!, SFW)
Yubi Yubi - (Korone, Abusive chuuba, torture, SFW)
Aka-Ina (Ina, Aki Rosenthal, NSFW)
Kiara Reincarnation Story (Kiara, SFW, Chuuba abuse)
Suisei Onee-san Story (Suisei, NSFW)
It Never Ends (Mio, NSFW)
Suisei Murder Story (Suisei, abusive Chuuba, as SFW as this shit can be)
Like Hoocha (Gura, SFW, Abusive Chuuba)
Drunken Marine Greens (Boomer Pirate, SFW, abusive Chuuba)
Honma (Honma Himiwari, SFW, abusive Chuuba)
Aqua Dependency (Aqua, SFW)
Towa's Punching Bag (Towa, SFW, Abusive Chuuba)
Drunk Lamy (Lamy, NSFW)
(Series! Several chapters within!) Watson's Tests (Amelia, SFW, abusive Chuuba, Torture)
Robophilia (Roboco, NSFW, abusive Chuuba)
Robophilia Pt. 2 w/ OVA (Roboco, NSFW, abusive Chuuba) ^
Butterfly of Death and Rebirth (Rushia, SFW, abusive Chuuba?)
Prisuner (Risu, NSFW, abusive Chuuba)
Violent Expressions of Love (Kiara, SFW, Chuuba abuse)
Hard-Knock Love (Korone, SFW, abusive Chuuba/fluff)
Gaslighting, Blackmail, and Alcohol (Ayame, SFW, abusive Chuuba)
A good Nene is a bad yandere (Nene, SFW, fluff)
Bad dreams, bad time (Amelia, SFW, fluff?)
Alteration (Fan Sequel to Asset Procurement, Polka, SFW, Black Ops)
(Series! Several chapters within!) The Melancholy of Minato Aqua (Aqua, loads of fluff)
A Wolf Mom's Love (Mio, fluffy as cotton candy)
Your little troublemaker (Pekora, ARSON, fluffy)
A Fennec's Melancholy (Polka, Fluff)
A Certain Stalking Soda-chan (Sora, fluff)
A Yandere Suisei Fic (Suisei, abusive Chuuba)
Depths (Ina, Ame, Gura, Noncon, abusive Chuuba/Chuuba abuse)
(Series! Several chapters within!) Noel Bullydere (Noel, abusive Chuuba)
Rushia Story (Rushia, abusive Chuuba)
Victorian Amelia (Amelia, abusive Chuuba)
Korone in Hara Pandemonium (Korone, Chuuba abuse? NSFW?)
Korone in Hara Pandemonium 2 ^ (Korone, NSFW)
Gunned Down (Botan, NSFW, Fluff, mild gore, Black Ops)
Play in the Rain and You get Wet (Aqua, Fluffy, SFW, long!)
Matsuri's Involuntary Lover (Matsuri, NSFW, abusive Chuuba, reverse rape)
Shark Tooth (Gura, NSFW, Gore, Greentext)
A Lazy Day with Polka (Polka, SFW, Fluff)
Master and Student (Shion, SFW)
An Ayame Story (Ayame, SFW, fluff)
Reunited (Ayame, SFW, Fluff,) ^
Not Friend, Waifu! (Fubuki, SFW, Fluff)
A very short fic about Kaichou (Coco, SFW, Fluff)
Haachama Cookoff (Haato/Haachama, SFW)
Regretful Fox (Fubuki, SFW, abusive Chuuba)
Shinigami Tensei (Mori, SFW, Fluff)
An Imperfectly Perfect Meeting With Ina (Ina, Fluff, SFW)
Fubuki's Challenge (Fubuki, SFW, abusive Chuuba)
Ayame short: Glorious Nippon Feels (Ayame, SFW, Fluff)
Cellmates (Pekora, SFW, abusive Chuuba)
Fluffy (Fubuki, Fluff, SFW)
Another Lamy Story (Lamy, SFW)
Date with Lamy (Lamy, SFW)
Post-Pekora Arson (Pekora, SFW)
Golden Duck (Subaru, SFW, fluff)
Ina-ppropriate Love (Ina, NSFW)
Disciplining Nene (Nene, NSFW)
Aqua-iro Love (Aqua, SFW)
Colors (Polka, SFW)
[THE DINKY] (SFW? Noel, comedic)
Doing it for her (Gura, SFW, fluff)
Just Matsuri (Matsuri, fluff)
Friends to reluctant lovers (Fubuki, Matsuri, NSFW, gore, reverse rape)
The end of the Earth (Mori, Kiara, SFW, short, tragedy)
Guilty Caretaker (Towa, SFW, depressing)
The Most Dangerous Zatsudan: Opening Night (SFW, gore, A-chan, Miko)
Nene's Match (SFW, short, Ina, Nene)
Devilish Deeds (Towa, SFW, fluff)
Haato Vore (Haato, Gore, Vore, 'sfw')
Pekora hates gays (NSFW, Pekora, Miko, greentext)
Yandere Amelia (SFW, Amelia, abusive Chuuba)
Winner Winner (SFW, Subaru, Haachama, chess)
Car Accident (SFW?, gore, Rushia, not sure what else goes here uh)
Neverending Lust (Sora, A-Chan, Suisei, Azki, abusive Chuuba, NSFW, reverse rape)
Exposure Therapy (Fubuki, SFW, Fluff, Romance, L O N G))
The Warming of Princess Lamielle (SFW, Fluff, Lamy, long)
(Series! Several chapters within!) Cover High/Pekora (Pekora, SFW, Fluff/Romance)
A Troublesome Week (Aqua, Coco, Shion, Fluff, SFW)
Ship for Three (Marine, Noel, Flare, NSFW, long)
Pumping toKnight (Noel, NSFW)
Investigation Codeword: Newfoundland (Gura, Amelia, SFW)
Funny 'Uncle' (Matsuri, SFW for now)
FXDMN (Fubuki, Oga, SFW)
Life of the Party (Kiara, NSFW, 'snuff')
Cover Ex: Chuubas Divided (Voice work, shitpost, comedy, SFW)
A Down Day with Low Pressure Polka (Polka, SFW, fluff)
Marathon sex with my Friend! (Fubuki, NSFW)
Ryona roleplay with my Girlfriend! (Fubuki, NSFW, ryona)
Pekora and Moona NSFW greens (Pekora, Moona, NSFW, shitpost, greentexts)
Ame's Podcast (Amelia, Gura, shitpost, greentext, SFW, comedy)
Bill of Rights (Subaru, SFW, comedy, short)
Fubuki's Hero (Fubuki, SFW, Fluff)
Just a little crazy (Suisei, NSFW, abusive Chuuba, comedic)
You exist, right? (Short, Ina, fluff, comedy?)
Moona's Revenge (Short, Moona, Pekora (technically), abusive Chuuba?)
The Ruler Game pt. 1 (Choco, Rushia, Mio, SFW?, spanking)
RushiBreakdown (Rushia, abusive Chuuba, SFW)
HoloEvil (Botan, Nene, Polka, Lamy, CHRIS REDFIELD, comedy, short)
Motivated Gura Greens (Gura, Mori, fluff, SFW)
Luna's Assistant (Luna, NSFW)
Pekora needs to take her meds (Pekora, SFW, short, comedy)
Feeding Strays (Gura, SFW, fluff)
Cute today too (Suisei, fluff, SFW)
Gosling Fanfiction (Suisei, SFW, fluff)
Polka and Mel's Bloody Good Collab! (Polka, Mel, SFW, fluff, vampire fetishists WW@)
Become as Cats (Fubuki, Okayu, Korone, SFW, abusive Chuuba, comedy)
A Sheep's Warmth (Watame, SFW, fluff)
Guardian Angel (Towa, SFW, fluff)
Childhood Hag (Mio, SFW, fluff)
Graduation Day (Suisei, SFW, tragedy)
While my guitar gently weeps (Kanata, SFW, tragedy)
Purple (Ina, fluff)
Young Vibes (Towa, Tragedy)
The Meme Review (Mori, Coco, shitpost, short, comedy)
For We May Or Might Never (Mori, SFW, fluff, tragedy)
Late Night Nut Delivery (Risu, NSFW)
An Idol's Meal (Suisei, SFW, fluff??)
(Series! Several chapters within!) Holocalypse - The End Of The World (Aqua, Botan, several other characters, post-apocalyptic, SFW)
Incomplete Rapture (Kanata, short, SFW, potentially unfinished?)
Incomplete Rapture pt. 2 (Kanata, SFW) ^
Getting Answers (Amelia, Gura, abusive Chuuba, Gore, Torture, SFW)
Dog Years (Korone, SFW, fluff, grooming)
Employee Benefits (Kiara, SFW????, architecture, read the rest of the tags there yourself)
Polka Tummy Teasing (Polka, SFW, architecture but not insane, fluff)
A Fox's tragic assistant (Fubuki, tragedy, sfw)
The Final Case of Amelia Watson (Amelia, Ina, NSFW, yuri, abusive Chuuba/Chuuba abuse)
Drunk Gura Greens (Gura, SFW, greentext)
Comfy Fishery Gura (Gura, SFW, potentially WIP, potentially abandoned)
Words in Water (Suisei, Amelia, SFW, short)
Crushed [Words in Water Alternate] (Rushia, Suisei, SFW, abusive Chuuba)
Ao-chan's food (Ina, SFW, abusive Chuuba, suicide)
True Colours (Ayame, Fubuki, abusive Chuuba)
She's not h*rny, she's lonely (Marine, off-screen sex, Fluff)
She's happy (Marine, Fluff, wholesome, family, SFW) ^
A Cat's Life (Okayu, Botan, Korone, SFW, tragedy)
End of the day (Kanata, SFW, short)
In the Jungle (Botan, several others but Botan-centric, SFW?, abusive Chuuba?)
Love Bites (Gura, Amelia, abusive Chuuba, gore, graphic depictions of cannibalism)
Love Bites 2: Bloody Kisses (Ina, Gura, Amelia, NSFW, futanari, graphic depictions of cannibalism)
The Final Yab (Beatani, Chihiro, short)
My Friend From Beyond The Stars (Suzuhara Lulu, NSFW, gore, fluff)
Late Night Cuddles (Fubuki, fluff, SFW)
¥15000 is ¥15000 (Matsuri, NSFW, watersports, reverse rape)
Sexy Gura Biting Greens (Gura, NSFW)
Lunch on XP Hill (Beatani, gore, what the hell is happening)
Haachama's big comeback (Haato, Haachama, gore, cannibalism, SFW)
Relapse (Haato/Haachama, gore, cannibalism, SFW; different take on the same prompt the one above used)
Say hello to my FRIEND (Matsuri, Fubuki, suggestive, gore)
As children, we all wanted nothing but candy for dinner (Fubuki, questionable, abusive Chuuba..?)
Forbidden love (Korone, NSFW, short, comedy)
Gura SFW romance (Gura, SFW, romance)
HoloEN goes to Japan! (HoloEN, Pekora, Haato, Luna, Matsuri, Marine, Suisei, short, greentext, NSFW, shitpost)
I would literally never stop. (Kanata, NSFW, shitpost)
Code 4c616d79: Barkeep (Lamy, SFW, transforming into Lamy fetish, SCP-like)
Code 77746d65: Lamb (Watame, SFW, SCP-like) ^
Code 696e61: Hierophant (Ina, SFW, SCP-like)^
A Can of Soda (Suisei, SFW)
Drastic Measures (Amelia, Gura, SFW, abusive Chuuba, gore)
Matsuri's Baby Carrot (Matsuri, NSFW, short, comedy, futa)
Matsuri's Baby Carrot Pt. 2 (WIP) (Matsuri, Futanari, NSFW, WIP)
The fight will be your own: Botan Ch. (Botan, Yagoo, Action, SFW)
The fight will be your own: Coco Ch. (Coco, Yagoo, Action, SFW)
The "Mori Everywhere" System (Mori, NSFW, humor)
Wingman Here. (Noel, Marine, NSFW)
Death's Grasp (Mori, NSFW, humor)
Shame (Mori, NSFW, coercion)
Moving on. (Coco, SFW)
Psycho Killer (Mori, abusive Chuuba, SFW)
Fucking Fubuki in the ass (Fubuki, NSFW)
Slowly (Your Oshi, SFW, short, calm)
Foxfriend and overly nice boyfriend (Fubuki, NSFW, fluff)
Cross Cultural POLination (Polka, fluff, comedy, SFW)
Zhangistan (Greentext, Shitpost, Comedy)
Reaper Forced (Mori, NSFW, noncon)
(Series! Several chapters within!) The Menhera Wrangler Series: Special Unit for Critical Caretaking (Fubuki, sfw?, abusive Chuuba)
Nenecchi's Morning Milk (Nene, NSFW, lactation fetish, fluff)
Wooden Axe, Iron Axe, Golden Axe (Suisei, SFW)
Holo Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Blain (Coco, Haachama, Comedy, SFW)
Worse than Germany Vs Brazil (Kiara, Mori, Nyanners, SFW, short, comedy)
Stage Fright (Suisei, SFW)
The Girl of Emptiness (Ina, SFW, Horror)
Bittersweet (Fubuki, SFW, fluff)
Eriatarka [In Dreams] (Ina, SFW, abusive Chuuba, horror)
The year is 2071 (Your Oshi, SFW, greentext)
Blue-eyed moment (Amelia, SFW, fluff)
Nursing Catto (Okayu, NSFW)
Sleeping Beauty (Rushia, NSFW, long)
Here to fix a broken heart (Kiara, NSFW, potentially unfinished)
Saviourfag Pt. 1 (Kiara, SFW)
Saviourfag Pt. 2 (Kiara, SFW) ^
Saviourfag Pt. 3 (Kiara, SFW) ^
Anon-chama Rrats [Saviourfag Supplementary Shitposting] (Kiara, non-canon, greentext, comedy)
Peaceful Day (Ina, short, SFW, potentially unfinished)
O CANADA (Ina, NSFW, shitpost, comedy)
Life in the Sunshine State (Amelia, NSFW, shitpost, comedy)
Summer Heat (Kiara, Greentext, NSFW)
Nanoraaaaaa! (Luna, short, comedy)
Date with kusogaki (Shion, SFW, Fluff)
Lamypocalypse Pt. 1 (Lamy, SFW, Becoming Lamy)
Lamypocalypse Pt. 2 (Lamy, SFW, Becoming Lamy) ^
Futile Lamyntations (Lamy, SFW, Becoming Lamy)
Knightly Dreams (Noel, NSFW, blackmail, NTR [Chuuba stealing (You)])
RED Hands. (Kiara, Mori, NTR [(You) cheating on chuuba)])
Sora's Ringo Accident (Sora, watersports, greentext, SFW)
Meteor Trails (Suisei, SFW, pain)
Calli's Bad Day (Mori, NTR [Chuuba cheating on her S/O for (You)], NSFW, TF2)
My Birthday Wish (Lamy, Become Lamy Fetish, SFW)
End of the Thread (Gura, Greentext, short, comedy, suggestive)
Necrophiliac (Ollie, SFW, short, fluff)
Good Boy (Ollie, SFW, short, fluff)
Bad Vibrations (Ollie, SFW, PTSD)
Body Warmth (Ollie, semi-sfw, fluff)
Lily likes a Lilycon (Lily Hopkins, NSFW, UOHH)
Lily Likes a Lilycon Pt. 2 (Lily Hopkins, NSFW, UOHHH) ^
"...with strange aeons, even Death may die.“ (Mori, Ina, Mindbreak, Futanari, NSFW)
Winner Winner Chocolate Dinner (Kiara, NSFW, scat, no seriously)
Naughty Mischief (Aqua, SFW, fluff)
Summer Nights (Lulu, short, SFW, graduation)
The Tale of Joe (Amelia, Gura, greentext, absue, snuff)
Memories Like Fireworks (Fubuki, SFW, fluff, short)
PRIMAL NEED (Mio, NSFW, greentext, shitpost, short)
HaachamachAnal (Haato/Haachama, NSFW)
Don't Worry (Coco, short, SFW)
(Series! Several chapters within!) Hating You, Hating Me (Miko, SFW, misogny)
July 1st (Kanata, SFW, fluff)
A Walk In The Woods (Lamy, Ina, Becoming Lamy fetish, horror, SFW)
Apex Hell (Choco, SFW, fluff)
The Fletcher's Princess (Luna, fluff, SFW, WIP, Father-Daughter Bonding, recently updated)
Omarun is Cute AND Funny, Pt. 1 (Polka, SFW, fluff, UOHHH)
A Deal with Death (Ollie, Mori, Futanari, NSFW)
A Deal With Death pt. 2 (Ollie, Mori, Futanari, NSFW, Watersports, Analingus) ^
Lamemes (Lamy, Becoming Lamy fetish, futanari, NSFW)
An Elf at The End of The World (Lamy, short, SFW, shitpost, greentext)
Time is Ticking (Mio, NSFW, short, comedy)
Dramatic Miopost (Mio, Fubuki, Yagoo, SFW?, Comedy, Tragedy)
Wahpocalypse (Amelia, Ina, SFW, corruption)
Onion Soup (Aqua, SFW, bloodplay/vampirism)
Ninomae Ina'nis -【Member Only】Helping Takos Jerk Off! (Ina, JOI, obviously NSFW)
Chuuba Taker (Comedy, NSFW, fluff, Moona, Pekora, Rushia, Lamy, Luna, Subaru)
Kintsugi (Mio, moderately SFW (offscreen NSFW mentioned), fluff, soft mindbreak)
Built to Last (Ollie, SFW, abusive Chuuba)
Fubuki Comfort (Fubuki, Fluff, SFW)
Fucking Goodbye, Bitches (Coco, Lulu, NSFW)
Comforting Me, Comforting You (Fubuki, Fluff, SFW)
Cuddly Fox (Fubuki, SFW, fluff)
And there, she waits (Ina, Suisei, SFW, horror, gore)
Imagine marrying Suisei (Suisei, fluff, NSFW-ish [breast milking])
A Pirate's Sea Smarts (Marine, SFW, inspirational)
Way of the Gorilla (Kanata, Coco, SFW)
Metal Gear Kaichou: Revengeance (Coco, comedy, greentext, shitpost)
Memoirs of Bunny Cunny (Pekora, poetry, NSFW, comedy)
Dense Treasure (Marine, suggestive, comedy)
Become Tarantula (Haato/Haachama, SFW, vore?)
A WIP Fubuki Story (Fubuki, SFW, WIP)
A Collection of poems by /wg/ (Several Holos, comedy, NSFW)
As Classmates... (Shion, NSFW, Futanari)
Cold Steel (Suisei, SFW, abusive Chuuba)
Cold Steel pt. 2 (Suisei, SFW, abusive Chuuba)
Doomsday Durex Delivery (Amelia, Lamy, suggestive, comedy)
PAINting (Ina, SFW, abusive Chuuba, horror)
Suddenly, I want to stuff the shark. (Gura, SFW, Chuuba abuse, comedy, TF2)
Bibi's Valiant Battle (Towa, Bibi, Futanari, NSFW)
Literature of /ag/ - Architecture General (Architecture, screencap album)
Fat Cat Soul Trap - (Okayu, SFW, abusive Chuuba, gore, vore)
Eiswein (Lamy, alcoholism, SFW, abusive Chuuba)
Twapper's Akrasia (Towa, Bibi, Futanari, NSFW)
Hidden Sea Buried Deep (Marine, SFW, alzheimer's/dementia, tragedy)
Salt and Shadow (An Unknown Tomorrow) (Marine, SFW, fluff, tragedy, alzheimer's/dementia)
Rain Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (Okayu, NSFW, futanari, fluff, WIP)
Poison Pill Kiss (Pekora, Moona, SFW, tragedy)
Milking Moori Cowiope (Mori, NSFW, comedy, greentext)
Hime wa really cute (Honma, fluff, SFW, short)
Disinterested Noel Greens (Noel, NSFW, greentext)
(Series! Several chapters within!) Grab As Much (As You Can) (Mori, NSFW, abusive Chuuba)
Flare's Flair (Flare, SFW, abusive Chuuba)
Woops (Shion, Aqua, NSFW, futanari)
Sail Into the Night (Pyxis Nautica) (Marine, NSFW?, fluff, tragedy)
Strangeness and Charm (Coco, SFW, fluff, incomplete)
Become Lamy (Lamy, SFW, short, post-apocalypse, Become Lamy fetish)
Knife Ears (Flare, SFW, Racism, Fluff, Romance?)
The Perks of Working for Uber Sheep (Watame, SFW, fluff)
Knightly Collaborations (Temma, Noel, SFW, romance)
Knightly Collaberations Pt. 2 (Temma, Noel, NSFW) ^
Sukoya Unbirthing (Sukoya, Tomoe, NSFW, greentext)
Dustbunnychama (Dustbunny(??), SFW, fluff)
Échecs avec la petite mort (Mori, NSFW, Vanilla)
The Morning After (Ina, Gura, NSFW, Yuri)
Believe Me (Mori, NSFW, fluff)
Shion grows a spear - luckily there's a Maid to polish it. (Aqua, Shion, Futa, Anal, Long)
Captive (Ayame, NSFW, abusive Chuuba)
Receive You (Polka, SFW, abusive Chuuba)
Ice Cream (Suisei, (Your) kid, SFW)
POLlatio (Polka, NSFW, minor comedy, technically reverse rape)
POLlatio: ReLOADed (Polka, NSFW) ^
Dustbunny first chapter (Dustbunny(?), WIP, SFW)
Control (Gura, NSFW, Chuuba abuse/abusive Chuuba)
Futowa's night out (Towa, Watame, Luna, Kanata, NSFW, futanari)
Fox Family! (Fubuki, Fluff, SFW)
Fox Family Bonding (Fubuki, NSFW, Incest, oyakodon) ^
Fucking Miyuki In The Ass (Fubuki, OC, Anal, NSFW, Incest, Fan Sequel) ^
You ever just want to strangle a Fennec? (Botan, Polka, SFW, light abuse (asphyxiation))
You Ever Get Strangled By A Lion? (Polka, Botan, SFW, fluff?) ^
Mercifully Short (LITERAL) Shitpost (Kiara, Pekora, SCAT, NSFW)
Matsuri wakes up (Matsuri, Fubuki, Oga's BBC, NSFW-ish, suicide, comedy)
Petting your Fox (Petting, Fubuki, Fluff, Childhood Friend, NSFW)
Petting Your Fox Pt. 2 (Fubuki, NSFW, Fluff, Aftercare) ^
Parched at night (Suisei, family-oriented, SFW, fluff)
Desperate times, desperate measures (Matsuri, NSFW, watersports)
Holy shit, Luna has a gun! (Shitpost, greentext, comedy, NSFW, short)
Giga Zhang Slayer (Coco, SFW, action, WIP)
A Day at the Dentist with Polka (Polka, SFW, fluff)
In Love and War (Crazy) (Pekora, NSFW, action, fluff)
Imagine Mori's Smell (Mori, NSFW, collection, smell fetish)
A Brat's Punishment (Shion, NSFW, bondage, spanking, wax play, anal)
A Short Visit (Polka, SFW, abusive Chuuba)
Memories with You (Kanata, SFW, fluff)
Farmer Anon (Watame, greentext, short, comedy, NSFW)
Punch Whore (Rushia, several others, greentext, comedy, shitpost collection, NSFW)
Takeshi's Trials (Fubuki, Mio, Ayame, Kiara, NSFW, greentext collection, comedy, WIP)
Breeding Season for Pekora (Pekora, Pekomama, NSFW, greentext collection, comedy)
Candy Rush (Luna, SFW, comedy)
Several stories by Anon (Multiple stories within, directs to an Archive of Our Own link.)
Chili powder and MSG (Iofi, Risu, Moona, Comedy, SFW, fluff)
Amelia x Astel (Amelia, Astel, Gura, NSFW, pretty long)
A Walk on the Pier (Ina, Amelia, NSFW, gore)
Watangan Midnight (Watame, comedy, SFW)
Apocalypse Meow (Botan, SFW, tragedy)
See You Later, My Shooting Star (Suisei, SFW, romance, tragedy)
(Series! Several chapters within!) My hypercompetitive gamer dragon wife can't be this cute! (Elira, Selen, SFW, Fluff)
The Scrappy Doo Case (Amelia Watson, Suisei, THE GANG, Tommy Vercetti, TRANSFORMERS, SFW?, comedy gold, incomplete)
Polka and Rain (Polka, SFW, tragedy, suicide)
Smoke and Mirrors (Suisei, SFW, tragedy)
Pipi (Towa, Bibi, watersports, SFW?, comedy)
Necromancer's Miasma (Rushia, SFW, Tragedy)
Matsuri's Baby Carrot and Disastrously Tight Ass (Matsuri, NSFW, futanari, maledom, fan sequel)
Deja Vu (Polka, SFW, tragedy)
Dustbunny Ch.1 (Dustbunny, SFW, fluff?)
See the Stars (Okayu, Korone, SFW, substance abuse)
Dusted Bunny Ch. 1 (DustBunny, SFW, Comedy)
Rain Check (Dustbunny, Fluff, male and female POV)
My Sunshine, My Warmth (Amelia, Gura, Futanari, NSFW, other tags listed within)
Holofuta (Several dozen characters, descriptions of their penises.)
(Series! Several chapters within!) First Summer Memories (Flare, Fluff, SFW, amnesia/lost memories)
Life Song (Marine, SFW, fluff, tragedy)
Summer Sweet Nightmare (Mio, SFW, fluff)
Detonation: Paradise (Matsuri, NSFW, fluff, tragedy)
Insanity (Anya, NSFW(?), comedy)
Clickety Clack, Clickety Clack (Mori, SFW, comedy)
Surprise Visit (Lamy, NSFW, anal diving(???), Become Lamy)
Rivulets (Gura, cleverly-worded NSFW)
Shark Imouto (Gura, NSFW, the chum jar)
A Wish Cum True (Noel, Flare, technically every Holo, The Archivist(?!), Tapeworm Anon, NSFW, short, comedy)
Pain and Pleasure (Fubuki, NSFW, ryona)
My Fair Lady (Ninomae Ina'nis, medieval, fantasy, rape, smut)
Intertwined (Mio, Tapeworm Anon, Comedy, NSFW)
Holohybrids (Nene, Polka, Lamy, Botan, Aloe NSFW-ish, Become Lamy/Tapeworm Anon fusion)
Fucking Aqua in The Ass (Aqua, dropped/WIP, eventually NSFW)
Ameranthine ( Amelia, Fluff, Tragedy, SFW)
Coffee Stained Lips (Matsuri, NSFW, abusive Chuuba, noncon, watersports)
Amelia's Personal Assistant (Amelia, Ina, NSFW, futanari)
First and Last (Suisei, NSFW, /ss/, snuff)
Ride (Fubuki, NSFW, noncon, /ss/)
ERROR.exe (Sora, NSFW, noncon(?))
A Special Occasion or Five (Amelia, NSFW, noncon)
Only Friend (Fubuki, SFW, short, tragedy)
AmeTori (Amelia, Kiara, NSFW, yuri)
Fuck is this? (Aqua, NSFW, horse dick, centauress, comedy?)
Your Endless Summer with Sora (Sora, SFW, fluff, mystery)
CocoGura MoriShion Futa fuckfest (NSFW, Coco, Gura, Shion, Mori, Futa, Long(?), non-con at parts.)
The things we do for love (Korone, SFW, tragedy)
The Things We Do For Love pt. 2 (Rushia, NSFW, NTR (Chuuba cheating for (You), Chuuba abuse)
Matsuri x Roberu (Matsuri, Roberu, NSFW?, comedy, a lot of JP shit I can't read)
Bubblegum Wedlock (Aqua, SFW, fluff, comedy
Lies Come To Light (Matsuri, NSFW, noncon, heavy ryona/Chuuba abuse)
Marine's Curiosity (Marine, NSFW, prostate play, fluff)
A Fistful Of Suffering (Rushia, SFW, Chuuba abuse)
Unfortunate Soul (Rushia, SFW, gore, snuff, fluff)
Wanted (Fubuki, SFW, tragedy)
No Toys Around (Selen, NSFW, bestiality?)
Tako Friend (Ina?, Takodachi?, I'm genuinely unsure what's happening here.)
Foxfriend Wedding (Fubuki, SFW, Fluff)
The Caterpillar (Ina, NSFW, snuff, horror)
Kana Hornyposts (Kimiko Kana, UOHHH, NSFW, there's like seven stories here)
Time's Wish (Ouro Kronii, SFW, fluff?)
Temako Love (Temako, Comedy, Mildly NSFW?, ASMR?, Footjob??, Vegetable play???)
Milking your Wolf (Mio, NSFW, lactation, fluff)
Waterfall of Love (And Blood) Ch.1 (Nene, SFW, fluff, comedy)
Waterfall of Love (and Blood) Ch. 2 (Nene, Subaru, SFW, gore)
Loving a kusogaki (Shion, SFW, fluff)
Breakup (Suisei, SFW, gore, snuff, abusive Chuuba)
Pekoanon's Orgy will be readded if he sticks to his word.
Free Lunch (Aqua, Fluff, romance, SFW)
Resurrection (Rushia, Gore, abusive Chuuba?, Tragedy, SFW)
A Mouthful of Fox (Fubuki, NSFW, Fluff, Anal, Analingus)
La Goblina (Irys, SFW, Chuuba abuse, fluff)
Losing To The Clock (Kronni, NSFW, abusive Chuuba, femdom, timestop)
Prettier Through A Broken Window (Noel, SFW, abusive Chuuba, ryona)
Wheel of Time (Kronii, NSFW)
'Straya (Sana, SFW, comedy, short)
A Special Occasion or Five (Amelia, NSFW, noncon)
Bad Civ (Mumei, NSFW, exhibitionism)
Warming A Snow Fox (Fubuki, SFW, fluff)
Satisfaction and Finality (Amelia, SFW, snuff)
Out of Time (Kronii, SFW, fluff, tragedy)
Sloppy Seconds (Kronii, NSFW, gangbang, timestop)
Stargazing (Sana, NSFW)
Memories of a better time (Korone, SFW, tragedy/melancholic)
Ambush (Korone, Okayu, SFW, snuff, tragedy)
A Mother's(??) Love (Lamy, NSFW, futanari)
My Oshi's Breastmilk Is On The Line! (NSFW?, Comedy, Shitpost, Greentext)
(Series! Several chapters within!) Girl-boss Watson And Her Paramilitary Death Squad (Amelia, Mori, SFW, gore(?), drama, /k/ faggotry)
A Good Onion is a Clean Onion (Aqua, SFW, fluff, tooth-brushing fetish?)
Everywhere At the End of Time (Mumei, SFW, WIP)
(Series! Several chapters within!) Anon Finds A Ritual Book Ch. 0)("Bad Hakos Baelz Fanfic") (Hakos Baelz, NSFW)
Delinquent Duo (Suisei, SFW, fluff)
Fat Cat (Korone, Okayu, SFW, short, tragedy, comedy)
Clock & Ballz (Kronii, Baelz, NSFW, assisted mutual noncon, multiple endings)
Idolstar Volume 0 (Mori, NSFW, dropped series(?))
Last Moments of a Friend (Fubuki, Matsuri, Mio, SFW, greentext, tragedy, drama, gore)
Finana Exhibitionist Greens (Finana, NSFW/implied NSFW, greentext, short)
Finana teaches Petra about her favorite pastime (Finana, Petra, NSFW, greentext)
Rosemi Cooking (Rosemi, SFW, abusive Chuuba, gore)
Luna's Dentist Appointment Massacre (Luna, SFW, gore, comedy)
Bladed Feelings (Fubuki, SFW, fluff, gore)
Miko's Gaming Moment (Miko, Flare, Noel, SFW(?), comedy, shitpost, racial word of power)
Botan of This Gym (Botan, NSFW, femdom, mommy kink)
Babylon (Amelia, NSFW, Action, Domloss)
Won't You Ever Learn? (Mori, Kiara, NSFW, yuri, UOHHH(?), abusive Chuuba/Chuuba abuse, implied necrophilia]
Totemo Subarushii Natsu Deshita (Ui, Subaru, Oyakodon, NSFW)
MINNA NO RAMEN (Coco, Towa, Action, NSFW)
Mandala (Amelia, Kiara, SFW, Drama)
Beating the shit out of Sana because she won't shut the fuck up about astrology (Sana, SFW, comedy, chuuba abuse)
(Series! Several chapters within!) Detective Watson and Inspector Anon (Amelia, SFW, Mystery)
Pomufication (Pomu, SFW, Transformation, Become Pomu)
One Thursday Night (Selen, Finana, NSFW, Futanari, other tags within)
KUROFOXBDAY (Kurokami, SFW, fluff, short)
Watafag Fucking placeholder
To and Fro (Kiara, Mori, NSFW, themes of incest)
Revolving Lanterns (Suisei, SFW, Tragedy)
(Series! Several chapters within!) Private lessons with the Busty Babe from that Porno! But she's my Sexually Frustrated PE Teacher Choco-Sensei!? Part 1 (Choco, NSFW, Exhibitionism)
Idols Don't Go (Suisei, SFW, piss)
Rid(d)e(n) on (by) Time (Kronii, NSFW)
Sleepy Days (Okayu, SFW, Fluff)
One of Many Thousands (Aqua, SFW, Fluff, comfort)
Chief Executive of Making Girls Cry (Aqua, SFW, Comedy, Autism)
Written In Blood (Ayame, SFW, Gore)
Korone x Freddy Freaker x The Noid (Korone, FREDDY FREAKER!, The Noid, NSFW, Comedy, Shitpost)
The Three Meetings with Mori (Mori, SFW)
Porcelain Doll (Ayame, SFW, Gore, Tragedy)
I Glove Kronii! (Kronii, NSFW, Greentext, Short
Time Has Come (Kronii, SFW, greentext, short, comedy)
Aqua gets cucked by Suisei and Sora (Aqua, Sora, Suisei, NSFW, NTR, greentext)
I must be strong for her (Polka, SFW, Tragedy)
Rushia Femdom (Rushia, NSFW)
Corrupting Nene (Nene, SFW, Corruption)
Corrupting Nene Ch. 2 (Nene-centric, Suisei, SFW, Corruption, Gore) ^
Sora wants to be a normal girl, too! (Sora, SFW, Fluff)
The End of Time (Amelia, SFW, short)
Breaking Omega (Omega, Kronii, NSFW, greentext, gay)
Ch. 1 Beta (Suisei, Miko, SFW (eventually NSFW), WIP)
PPTenshi Vs. TENGA (Kanata, Coco, Suisei(?), NSFW, futanari, fleshlight)
Takamori - No More (Kiara, Calli, SFW, Tragedy)
Advent Of Omega (Amelia, Kronii, Omega, Action, Gore, SFW?)
Instincts of tamed beasts (Ayame, SFW)
Tako Time (Ina, SFW, Suspense, Short)
Pokemon Cards; Never Opened (Snuffy, NSFW, Comedy, Tragedy)
Trespassing (Mumei, SFW, Gore, Cannibalism)
Smile (Coco, SFW, tragedy)
Diving Lessons (Gura, SFW, Short)
The Story of a KFP Pencil Pusher (Kiara, NSFW, Gore, Snuff)
What Da Dog Doin'? (Korone, SFW, fluff, short)
Uruka Gets Buff (Uruka, FMG, Action, Comedy, Drama, SFW)
Ame? (Gura, Ame, SFW, tragedy)
Fluffballs (Kiara, NSFW, bestiality)
High-Density Comet (Suisei, NSFW)
Fucking Futowa (Towa, NSFW, Greentext, Futanari)
Polka's Beach Trip (Polka, NSFW, Greentext, Futanari)
Miss Sakura (Miko, NSFW, fluff)
The First Tako (Ina, SFW, Horror)
(Series! Several chapters within!) HoloRealm (Amelia, Noel, SFW, Adventure)
Lumi Fic (Lumi, NSFW)
Assorted Selen Imaginings (Selen, SFW, short, greentext)
Untitled Selen Sex (Selen, NSFW)
Dancing in the Moonlight (Fauna, NSFW)
Foxy Honey (Nina Kosaka, NSFW)
Azki's Day Off (Azki, SFW, 'eggs in the basket')
That Damn Fox (Fubuki, SFW, Gore)
The Mori Chronicle (Mori, SFW)
Paradise Lost (Fubuki, NSFW, SCAT)
Selen Trapped in the Apex Sex Dungeon (Selen, Uto, SFW, Abusive Chuuba, Chuuba Abuse, Short, Greentext)
Moona's Ordeal (Pekora, Moona, SFW, Abusive Chuuba, Chuuba Abuse, Greentext)
(Series! Several chapters within!) ShadowLive (Ayame, Post-Apocalyptic)
The Sun And The Moon (Moona, Roboco, SFW)
The Apple of Her Eye (Suisei, Marine, Sora, NSFW, /ss/, rape, Abusive Chuuba)
Mother Hen (Reine, SFW)
Day of the Ollie (Ollie, NSFW, Gore, Comedy)
Futadom Risu (Risu, NSFW, Futanari)
Fox Day Afternoon (Fubuki, SFW, Fluff)
Foxes Over Ducks (Fubuki, Subaru, NSFW, NTR?, femdom)
Fire Remnant (Ayame, SFW, Fluff)
A Day at McDonalds (Mumei, NSFW)
Odysseus (Fubuki, NSFW, NTR)
Union (Fubuki, SFW, fluff)

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